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*Sw/sippos), a supposed comic poet of the New Comedy, the only mention of whom is in the following passage of Athenaeus (iv. p. 133f.), Δίφιλος δὲ Σώσιππος ἐν Ἀπολιπούσῃ, where, since the name of Sosippus does not occur elsewhere, Meineke proposes to read Ποσείδιππος, adding, however, "quamquam ejusmodi conjecturis nihil incertius." Sosippus is the title of a comedy of Anaxandrides, which may perhaps account for the mention of the name as that of a comic poet ; such mistakes are frequent. (Meineke, Hist. Crit. Com. Graec. pp. 373, 453.)


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