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4. A surgeon of Alexandria, mentioned in terms of praise by Celsus (De Med. vii. praef. p. 137), who may be conjectured (from the names of his apparent contemporaries) to have lived in the third century B. C. (See also Cels. 7.4, 14, pp. 139, 151.) Sprengel says he was a celebrated lithotomist, but of this there is no evidence.


He appears to have given some attention to the subject of bandages (Galen, De Fasc. 100.102, 103, vol. xviii. pt. i. p. 823; Nicetas, cc. 469, 482, 484), and is probably the same person who wrote some zoological works, which are quoted by several ancient authors, but are not now extant.

Further Information

Aelian, De Nat. Anim. 5.27, 6.51; Schol. Nicand. Ther. vv. 565, 747, 760, 764; Schol. Theocr. Id. 1.115 1; Athen. Deipn. 7.66, 90, pp. 303, 312.) See also Galen, De Antid. 2.14. vol. xiv. p. 184; and Gariopontus, De Febr. 100.7. (Sprengel's Gesch. der Arzneik. ed. 1846.


1 * In this passage (as Dr. Rosenbaum, the editor of the new edition of Sprengel's History, remarks) for Σώπατρας we should read Σώστρατος.

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