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2. A native of Phanagoreia (Steph. Byz. s. v. Μυκάλη).

We have no means of deciding whether it is to either of these, or to some different author, that the following works are to be ascribed : -- 1. A work on Etruscan history (Τυρρηνικά, Plut. Parall. Min. 100.28; Stob. Floril. 64.35). 2. A work on animals (Athen. vii. pp. 303, b., 312, e.; Ael. NA 5.27, 6.51). 3. A work on legendary history (Μυθικὴ ἀγωγή, Stob. l.c. 100.19). 4. A treatise on hunting (κυνηγητικά, Stob. l.c. 64.33). 5. A work on Thrace (Θρακικά, Stob. l.c. 7.66). 6. A treatise on rivers (Plut. de Fluv. 100.2; Vossius, de Hist. Graec. p. 227, ed. Westermann.)


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