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2. A native of Berytus in Phoenicia, one of whose medical formulae is quoted by Galen (De Compos. Medical. sec. Loc. 4.8. vol. xii. p. 749). He is probably the same person who appears to be quoted by Andromachus the Younger (ap. Galen. ibid. 9.5. vol. xiii. p. 290) and Asclepiades Pharmacion (ibid. p. 303), simply as Βηρύτιος, and who must have lived some time in or before the first century after Christ. Sprengel and others suppose Straton of Berytus to have been the same person as the follower of Erasistratus, which may possibly be true, but cannot be proved; while, on the other hand, it may be plausibly argued that this physician is called Βηρύτιος in order to distinguish him from his more celebrated namesake.

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