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33. STYLITES TERTIUS, PRESBYTER ET ARCHIMANDRITA. A third pillar Saint of the name of Symeon is reverenced by the Greek and Coptic, or Egyptian Jacobite, Churches, on the 26th or 27th July. He is mentioned here only to prevent his being confounded with either of the preceding. He is perhaps the same with the Symeon Stylites of Aegae in Cilicia, mentioned by Joannes Moschus (Pratum Spirituale, 100.57) as having been killed by lightning; and with " Symeon Monachus Confessor in Sicilia" (perhaps an error for Cilicia), who appears in some ancient Latin Martyrologia on the 27th July. (Acta Sanctorum, Julii, a. d. xxvi. vol. vi. p. 310; Allatius, De Symeon. Scriptis, p. 22; Fabric. Biblioth. Graec. vol. x. p. 525.)

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