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Saturni'nus, Apo'nius

the governor of Moesia at the death of Nero, repulsed the Sarmatians, who had invaded the province, and was in consequence rewarded by a triumphal statue at the commencement of Otho's reign. In the struggle between Vitellius and Vespasian for the empire, he first espoused the cause of the former, but afterwards declared himself in favour of the latter, and crossed the Alps to join Antonius Primus in northern Italy. But Primus, who was anxious to obtain the supreme command, excited a mutiny of the soldiers against Saturninus, and compelled him to fly from the camp. Tacitus calls him a consular, which we might infer from his being Legatus of Moesia, but his name does not occur in the Fasti. (Tac. Hist. 1.79, 2.85, 96, 3.5, 9, 11.)

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