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Scaurus, Q. Tere'ntius

a celebrated grammarian who flourished under the emperor Hadrian (divi Hadriani temporibus grammaticus vel noilissimus), and whose son was one of the preceptors of the emperor Verus (Gel. 11.15.3; comp. Auson. Epist. 18.27; Capitolin. Verus, 2).


He was the author of an Ars Grammatica and of commentaries upon Plautus, Virgil, and the Ars Poetica of Horace, which are known to us from a few scattered notices only.

The tract entitled Q. Terentii Scauri de Orthographia ad Theseum is not believed to be a genuine production of this Scaurus at least.

This was included in the Grammaticae Latinae Auctores Antiqui of Putschius (4to. Hannov. 1605, pp. 2250-2264), but originally published at Basle (8vo. 1527).

Further Information

Charisius, pp. 107, 110, 182, 187, 188; Diomedes, pp. 275, 305, 415, 439, 444, 450; Priscian. p. 10; Rufinus, de Metris Comicis, pp. 271], 2713, all in the ed. of Putschius; Serv. ad Virg. Aen. 3.484, 12.120, who in the latter passage quotes from " Scaurus de Vita sua ;" Ritschl, de vet. Plauti interpret. in his Parergon Plautin. vol. i. p. 357, &c.


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