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Scarpus, L. Pina'rius

was placed by Antonius over Cyrene and the neighbouring country with four legions, shortly before the battle of Actium. After the loss of this battle, Antonius sailed to Libya; but Scarpus, who saw that the affairs of his former patron were desperate, refused to receive him, put to death the messengers he had sent to him, and handed over his troops to Cornelius Gallus, the lieutenant of Augustus (D. C. 51.5, 9; comp. Plut. Ant. 69 ; Oros. 6.19). There are several coins of this Scarpus extant, some of them bearing the name of Antonius, and others that of Caesar (Octavianus). From the latter circumstance we may infer that he was reappointed by Octavianus to the command of Libya, when Cornelius Gallus was placed over Egypt shortly afterwards. The following coin of Scarpus was struck when he served under Octavian. (Eckhel, vol. v. p. 272.)

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