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9. A Jacobite Christian of Antioch, in the thirteenth century after Christ, who was well acquainted with the Syriac and Latin languages, and also with mathematics and other sciences. He went first to the court of 'Aláu-d-Dín, sultán of the Seljuks in the kingdom of Rúm, in order to become his physician ; but not receiving from the prince the welcome he expected, he went on to Armenia, to the court of Constantine the father of King Hátem, and afterwards to one of the Latin emperors of Constantinople. Here he was loaded with riches and honours; but after a time he was seized with a great desire to revisit his friends and native country, and requested permission to return home. This was refused, so Theodorus took an opportunity of leaving the city by stealth, while the emperor was absent, and set sail for Acre. He was, however, compelled by stress of weather to put into a port where the emperor then happened to be, which had such an effect upon Theodorus that he poisoned himself. (Abú-l-Faraj, Hist. Dynast. p. 341 ; D'Herbelot, Bibl. Orient.

Haller by some confusion makes two physicians out of this last Theodorus. (Bibl. Med. Pract. vol. i. pp. 311, 406.)


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