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the name given by Pococke (in his Latin Version of Abú-l-Faraj, Hist. Dynast. p. 128) to a Greek physician in the service of Hajáj Ibn Yúsuf, the general of the chalíf 'Abdu-l-Malek Ibn Merwán, in the seventh century after Christ. He is called in Arabic , which Wüstenfeld renders Theodun (Gesch. der Arab. Aerzte, p. 9), but neither Theodun nor Theodunus seems to be a genuine Greek name. He left behind him a sort of medical compendium which he compiled for the use of his son, and which is probably not extant in any European library. One of the anecdotes told by Ibn Abí Osaibi'ah of Theodocus is by Abú-l-Faraj referred to Theodunus.


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