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Θέων), the name of three physicians : --

1. A native of Alexandria (Galen, De San. Tu. 3.3, vol. vi. p. 182), who was originally an athleta, lad afterwards a gymnasta (ibid. 2.4. p. 114); and who wrote two works on the subject of gymnastics, one entitled Περὶ τῶν κατὰ Μέρος Γυμνασίων, De Particularibus Exercitiis, the other Περὶ τῶν Γυμναστικῶν, De Gymnasticis (ibid. 3.8. pp. 208, 209). These works are several times mentioned by Galen, butt are not now extant. With respect to Theon's date, it can only be positively determined that he lived after Hippocrates (ibid. 2.4. p. 105), and before Galen; but, as Galen does not speak of him as having lived shortly before his own time, he may perhaps be placed in the third or second century B. C.

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