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*Qeo/gilos), literary.

1. An Athenian comic poet, most probably of the Middle Comedy, as Meineke shows from the extant titles and fragments of his plays. In a passage of Poilux (9.15), in which he is represented as one of the poets of the New Comedy, most of the MSS. have the name of Diphilus, instead of Theophilus. The following titles of his plays are preserved by Athenaeus (passim) and Suidas (s. v.), except the first, which is quoted by the Scholiast to Dionysius Thrax (p. 724. 26) : Ἀπόδημοι, Βοιωτία, Ἐπιδαυριος, Ἰατρός, Κιγαρῳδός (Meineke. vol. iii. p. 628, retracts the doubt which he had raised as to this being a true title of a drama ), Νεοπτόλεμος, Παγκρατιαστής, Προιτίδες, Φιλαυλος. (Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. ii. pp. 500, 501; Meineke, Frag. Com. Graec. vol. i. pp. 434, 435, vol. iii. pp. 626-632 ; Editio Minor, pp. 816-818.)

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