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ΤΛΕΝΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ), is the form in which the name of a maker of painted vases is inscribed twice on one of the Canino vases (Mus. Etrusque, No. 149), and again, in connection with the name of the painter Taconides, on a vase discovered by the MM. Candelori (Gerhard, Rapport. Volcent. p. 180), and thirdly on a recently discovered vase, now in the Museum at Berlin. (Neuerworbene Vasenbilder, No. 1597.) It has been disputed whether the true reading of the name is Tlepolemus or Tlesipolemus ; but the con joint evidence of the three vases is decisive in favour of the form Tlenpolemos. (R. Rochette, Lettre à M. Schorn, p. 61, 2d ed.)


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