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or TRITOGENEIA (Τριτώ or Τριτογένεια and Τριτογενής), a surname of Athena (Hom. Il. 4.515, Od. 3.378; Hes. Theoy. 924), which is explained in different ways. Some derive it from lake Tritonis in Libya, near which she is said to have been born (Eurip. Ion. 872 ; Apollod. 1.3.6; comp. Hdt. 4.150, 179); others from the stream Triton near Alalcomenae in Boeotia, where she was worshipped, and where according to some statements she was also born (Paus. 9.33.4; comp. Horn. Il. 4.8); the grammarians, lastly, derive the name from τριτώ which, in the dialect of the Athamanians, is said to signify " head," so that it would be the goddess born out of the head of her father. (Schol. ad Apollon. Rhod. 4.1310; comp. Horn. Hymn. 28. 4 ; Hes. Th. 924.)


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