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or GROPHON, is supposed to have been the maker of the statue of Ecphauto, the daughter of Zeus, the inscription belonging to which we still possess, namely, the well-known Melian inscription. The last word of the inscription is ΤΡΟΠΗΟΝ, where it is not quite clear whether the first letter is Τ or Γ, but most scholars take it for the later. The whole inscription runs thus, when the orthography is modernized :
Παῖ Διὸς Ἐκφαντώ, δέξαι τόδ̓ ὰμεμφὲς ἄγαλμα,
σοὶ γὰρ ἐπευχόμενος τοῦτ̓ ἐτέλεσσε Γρόφων.

(Welcker. Rhein. Mus. 1848, 383.)


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