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1. A surgeon, who lived at Rome shortly before the time of Celsus, that is. probably in the first century B. C. (Cels. De Med. 6.5, 7.1. pp. 117, 137.) As Celsius calls him "Tryphon pater," there would seem to have been another medical man of the same name, who lived somewhat later. This is perhaps also implied by Galen when he speaks of Τρύφων ἀρχαῖος (De Compos. Medicum. sec. Loc. 7.3. vol. xii. p. 843), who may perhaps be the same person as the " Tryphon pater" of Celsus, and who is certainly the surgeon quoted by Scribonius Largus (De Compos Medicam. 69.201. p. 227. Cf. Gal. De Compos. Medicam. sec. Gen. 4.13. vol. xiii. p. 745) and apparently his tutor (ibid. c. 44.175. p. 222), and perhaps also the physician mentioned by Caelius Aurelianus (De Morb. Chron. 1.4. p. 323). Tryphon, the native of Gortyna in Create. who is quoted by Galen (De Compos. Medicam. sec. Loc. 9.2. vol. xiii. pp. 246, 253) is also perhaps the same person; but the writer on gymnastics, mentioned by Galen (Ad Thrasyb. de Medicet Gymnast. 100.47. vol. v. p. 898) probably lived earlier.

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