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Tu'llius Lau'rea

Τούλλιος Λαυρέας).



He was the author of three epigrams in the Greek Anthology. Fabricius conjectured, and Reiske and Jacobs approve of the suggestion, that he is identical with Laurea Tullius, the freedman of Cicero, from whose Latin poems in elegiac verse Pliny (Plin. Nat. 31.2) quotes some lines, which are printed also in Burmann's Anthologia. Latina (vol. i. p. 340). This conjecture is strongly confirmed by the fact, that the epigrams of Tullius had a place in the Anthology of Philip, which consisted chiefly of the poets of the Augustan age. In the title of one of the three epigrams there is a slight confusion in the different copies of the Anthology, the Planudean giving Σατυλλίου, and the Palatine Τατυλλίου, both of which variations perhaps arise from the reading Μ. Τυλλίου.

Further Information

Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. iv. p. 498; Brunck, Anal. vol. ii. p. 102 ; Jacobs, Anth. Graec. vol. ii. p. 90, vol. xiii. p. 907.


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