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also written TICHONIUS, was an African, well versed in sacred and not ignorant of profane literature.


Tichonius flourished under Theodosius and his sons, being contemporary with Rufinus and Augustine. Attached to the Donatists he nevertheless assailed them in his writings, and although triumphant in confuting their doctrines, refused to quit their communion. This perversity of temper calls forth the indignation of the bishop of Hippo, who while he inveighs against the author, at the same time praises his genius and eloquence, and earnestly recommends his works.

Of his works one only has reached us, entitled Septem Regulae or De Septem Regulis, being a code of Seven Rules for explaining Holy Scripture. It is analysed by Augustine at the conclusion of his third book De Doctrina Christiana, but will be found to contain little that is important, interesting, or even intelligible.


The Septem Regulae were first printed in the Monumenta Patrum Orthodoxographa of J. J. Grynaeus, fol. Basil. 1569, vol. v. p. 1352. An edition corrected from MSS. was published by Andreas Schottus, in the Auctuarium to the Magna Bibliotheca Patrum, fol. Colon. 1622, p. 152, reprinted in the Bibliotheca Patrum Max. fol. Lugd. 1677, vol. vi., and the piece will be found under its best form in the Bibilotheca Patrum of Galland, vol. viii. (fol. Venet. 1772) p. 107.

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Tychonius composed also a treatise in three books De Bello intestino, on the decrees of the ancient Synods which night be quoted in defence of his party; Commentarium in Apocalypsin, in which he expounded the vision in a sense purely spiritual ; and Expositio diversarum causarum in illustration of some arguments employed in defence of his sect ; but the whole of these are now lost.

Further Information

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