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*Telesi/as), a Theban musician, of the time of the later Athenian dithyramb, whose career is adduced by Plutarch as an instance of the force of early education, whether good or bad. (Plut. de Mus. 31, p. 1142b. c.) He relates, on the authority of Aristoxenus, with whom the musician was contemporary, that Telesias had been carefully instructed, when young, in the works of the most distinguished musicians, such as Pindar, Dionysius of Thebes, Lamprus, and Pratinas, and the great lyric poets; and that he had become an excellent flute-player, and thoroughly acquainted with the other branches of his art: but that. in middle life, he was so taken with the dramatic and artificial style of music which then prevailed, that he neglected his old models, and gave himself up to the study of the productions of Philoxenus and Timotheus, of which he chose the most novel and artificial: but, when he set himself to the work of composition, and tried both styles, that of Pindar and that of Philoxenus, he found himself quite unable to imitate the latter successfully, so great was the power of his early training in the bitter style.


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