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3. Of ANTIOCH, a sophist, lived in the time of Constantine the Great, and wrote several rhetorical works which are enumerated by Suidas.


Commentaries on Demosthenes

The name of Ulpianus is prefixed to extant Commentaries in Greek, on eighteen of the orations of Demosthenes; and it is usually stated that they were written by Ulpianus of Antioch, but Suidas does not mention these Commentaries at all; and it is evident that in their present form they are of much later origin. The Commentaries may originally have been written by one of the sophists of the name, either of Emesa or Antioch, but they have received numerous additions and interpolations from some grammarian of a very late period. This is the opinion of Fr. A. Wolf, who remarks that there are scarcely twenty passages in Demosthenes in which the writer throws light upon difficulties, which could not be equally well explained without his aid.


These Commentaries were printed for the first time along with the lexicon of Harpocration by Aldus Manutius, Venice, 1503, fol., and are likewise printed in the 10th volume of Dobson's edition of the Attic orators, London, 1828, as well as in other editions of the Attic orators.

Further Information

Comp. Wolf, In Demosthenis Leptineam, p. 210; Westermann, Geschichte der Griechischen Beredtsamkeit, ยง 104, note 13.

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