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Vi'ctor, Pu'blius


the name prefixed to an enumeration of the principal buildings and monuments of ancient Rome, distributed according to the regions of Augustus, which has generally been respected as a work of great authority by Italian local antiquaries, from Nardini downwards. Bunsen, however, in his Beschreibung der Stadt Rom (vol. i. p. 173, 8vo. Stutt. 1830), after a careful examination into the history of this tract and of the similar production ascribed to SEXTUS RUFUS, has arrived at the conclusion that, in their present state, they cannot be received as ancient at all, but must be regarded as mere pieces of patchwork fabricated not earlier than the fifteenth century. To this opinion Becker in his Handbuch der Römischen Alterthümer fully subscribes, and does not hesitate to characterise them as wilful impostures. (Consult the excellent papers on the Topography of Rome by E. II. Bunbury, published in the Classical Museum, and especially the remarks in No. X. p. 328.)


The De Regionibus Urbis Romae, as this production is usually entitled, was first printed by Joannes de Tridino, at Venice, 4to. 1505, in a volume containing also Beda de Temporibus; it will be found under its best form in the Thesaurus Antiquitatum Romanarum of Graevius, vol. iii. p. 37. fol. Traj. ad Rhen. 1694.


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