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bishop of Trent, hence distinguished by the epithet Tridentinus, flourished towards the close of the fourth century and suffered martyrdom, probably in the second consulship of Stilicho, A. D. 405. This is the Vigilius, who, according to Gennadius, addressed to a certain Simplicianus, a letter and a tract containing Gesta sui temporis apud barbaros martyrum. We cannot doubt that two Epistles still extant under the name of Vigilius De Martyrio Sanctorum Sisinii et Sociorum, one addressed to Simplicianus, bishop of Milan, the other to John, bishop of Constantinople, are the pieces here indicated. They will be found under their best form in the Bibliotheca Patrum of Gal land, vol. viii. (fol. Venet. 1772), p. 203. (Ambros. Epist. xxiv.; Gennad. de Viris Ill. 37; Galland, Proleg. vol. viii. c. v. p. x.; Dupin, Ecclesiastical History of the fifth Century ; Schoenemann, Bibliotheca Patrum Lat. vol. 1.4.26; Bähr, Geschichte der Röm. Lit. Suppl. Band. 2te Abtheil. § 30.)

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