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*Cenago/ras), a Greek historian quoted by Dionysius of Halicarnassus (1.72), from whom we learn that Xenagoras related that Ulysses and Circe had three sons, Romus, Antias, and Ardeas, who founded the three cities which were called by their names. Macrobius also (5.19) refers to the third book of the history of Xenagoras.

Xenagoras father of the Historian Nymphis

If he was the same person as the Xenagoras, the father of the historian Nymphis, he must have lived in the early part of the second century B. C. [NYMPHIS.]



Xenagoras wrote a work entitled Χρόνοι (Schol. ad Apoll. Rhod. 4.262, 264 ; Harpocrat. s. v. Κραυαλλίδαι).

On Islands
(Περὶ νήσων

(Etymol. s. v. Σφήκεια; Tzetz. ad Lycophr. 447 ; Harpocrat. s. v. Χύτροι ; Steph. Byz. s. v. Χύτροι).

Further Information

Comp. Vossius, de Hist. Graec. p. 508, ed. Westermann; Clinton, Fast. Hell. vol. iii. p. 566.

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