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Apollo'nius Citiensis

5. APOLLONIUS CITIENSIS (Κιτιεύς), the oldest commentator on Hippocrates whose works are still extant. He was a native of Citium, in Cyprus (Strabo, 14.6, p. 243, ed. Tauchn.), and studied medicine at Alexandria under Zopyrus (Apollon. Cit. p. 2, ed. Dietz); he is supposed to have lived in the first century B. C.


Περὶ Ἄρθρων (

The only work of his that remains is a short Commentary on Hippocrates, Περὶ Ἄρθρων, De Articulis, in three books. It is dedicated to a king of the name of Ptolemy, who is conjectured to have been a younger brother of Ptolemy Auletes, king of Egypt, who was made king of Cyprus, and who is mentioned several times by Cicero. (Pro Dom. 100.8, 20, Pro Flacc. 100.13, Pro Sext. 100.26.)


Some portions of this work were published by Cocchi in his Discorso dell' Anatomia, Firenze, 1745, 4to., p. 8, and also in his Graecorum Chirurgici Libri, Florent. 1754, fol. The whole work, however, appeared for the first time in the first volume of Dietz's Scholia in Hippocratem et Galenum, Regim. Pruss. 1834, 8vo.; and an improved edition with a Latin translation was published by Kühn, Lips. 1837, 4to., which, however, was not quite finished at the time of his death.

Further Information

See Kühn, Additam. ad Elenchum Medicorum Veterum a Jo. A. Fabricio, &c. exhibitum, Lips. 1826, 4to., fascic. iii. p. 5; Dietz, Schol. in Hipp. et Gal. vol. i. praef. p. v.; Littré, Oeuvres d' Hippocr. vol. i. Introd. p. 92; Choulant, Handbuch der Bücherkunde für die Aeltere Medicin.

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