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4. Of Tarsus, a Stoic philosopher (Strab. xiv. p.674; D. L. 7.40, 68,84, 88), two of whose works, Περὶ Φωνῆς and Περὶ Στοιχείων, are mentioned by Diogenes Laertius. (7.55, 134.) he is probably the same person as the Archedemus, whom Plutarch (de Exsilio, p. 605) calls an Athenian, and who, he states, went into the country of the Parthians and left behind him the Stoic succesion at Iabhylon. Archedemus is also mentioned by Cicero (Acad. Quaest. 2.47), Seneca (Epist. 121), and other ancient writers.

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