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Ἀριστοφῶν), a comic poet respecting whose life or age nothing is known, but from the titles of whose comedies we must infer, that they belonged to the middle comedy. We know the titles of nine of his plays, viz. 1. Πλάτων (Athen. 12.552), 2. Φιλωνίδης (Athen. 11.472), 3. Πυφαγοριστής (D. L. 8.38; Athen. 6.238, iv. p. 161, xiii. p. 563), 4. Βαβίας (Stob. Serm. 96. 19), 5. Δίδυμοι Γιύραυνος (Pollux, 9.70), 6. Ἰατρός (Athen. 6.238; Stob. Serm. 6.27), 7. Καλλωνίδης (Athen. 13.559), 8. Παρακαταθήκη (Stob. Serm. 96. 21), and 9. Πειρίθους. (Athen. 7.303.) We possess only a few fragments of these comedies, and two or three others of which it is uncertain to which plays they belonged. (Meineke, Hist. Crit. Com. Gr. p. 410, &c.)


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