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*Kleo/mbrotos), an Academic philosopher of Ambracia, who is said to have thrown himself down from a high wall, after reading the Phaedon of Plato; not that he had any sufferings to escape from, but that he might exchange this life for a better. (Callimach. Epigr. 60, ap. Brunck, Anal. i. p. 474, Jacobs, i. p. 226 ; Agath. Schol. Ep. 60. 5.17, ap. Brunck, Anal. iii. p. 59, Jacobs, iv. p. 29; Lucian, Philop. 1; Cic. pro Scaur. 2.4, Tusc. 1.34; Augustin. de Civ. Dei, 1.22; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. iii. p. 168.) The disciple of Socrates, whom Plato mentions as being in Aegina when Socrates died, may possibly be the same person. (Phaedon, 2, p. 59c.)


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