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6. ELIAS, called, from the, ecclesiastical office which he held, ECDICUS (Ἔκδικος), or "the Defender," was the author of a Greek work on the Ascetic life, extant in MS. in the Imperial Library at Vienna, and in the King's Library at Paris. The work is said to be entitled Πηγὴ ναίουσα. A Latin version of a part is given in the Bibliotheca Patrum, vol. xxii. p. 756, &c. ed. Lyons, 1677. In the catalogue of the King's Library at Paris is a Greek MS. containing, among other things, a Florilegium, or selection, said to be by "Helias, Presbyter et Defensor." (Montfaucon, Bibliotheca Bibliothecarum, p. 548; Catal. Codd. MStorum Biblioth. Regiae, vol. ii. NOS. CCCLXIL. 6, DCCCLVIII. 21, Paris, 1740; Cave, Hist. Lit. vol. ii. Dissert. i. p. 7; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. xi. p. 615.)

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