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*)Ezekih=los), the author of a work in Greek entitled ἐξαγωγή, which is usually called a tragedy, but which seems rather to have been a metrical history, in the dramatic form, and in iambic verse, written in imitation of the Greek tragedies. The subject was the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. The author appears to have been a Jew, and to have lived at the court of the Ptolemies, at Alexandria, about the second century B. C. Considerable fragments of the work are preserved by Eusebius (Praep. Evang. 9.28, 29), Clemens Alexandrinus (Strom. i. p. 344, fol.), and Eustathius (ad Hexaem. p. 25).


These fragments were first collected, and printed with a Latin version, by Morell, Par. 1580 and 1590, 8vo., and were reprinted in the Poetae Christ. Graec., Par. 1609, 8vo., in Lectius's Corpus Poet. Graec. Trag. et Com., Col. Allobr. 1614, fol., in Bignius's Collect. Poet. Christ., appended to the Biblioth. Patr. Graec., Par. 1624, fol., in the 14th volume of the Bibl. Patr. Graec., Par. 1644-1654, fol., and in a separate form, with a German translation and notes, by L. M. Philippson, Berlin., 1830, 8vo.

Further Information

Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. ii. pp. 505-6; Weleker, die Griech. Tragöd. p. 1270.


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