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P. Conse'ntius


the author of agrammatical treatise Ars P. Consentii V. C. de duabus partibus Orationis, Nomine et Verbo.


This was published originally by J. Sichard at Basle, in 1528, and subsequently, in a much more complete form, in the collection of Putschius (Grammaticae Latin. Auctores Antiq. 4to. Hannov. 1605), who had access to MSS. which enabled him to supply numerous and large deficiencies.

Another work by the same writer, entitled Ars de Barbarismis et Metaplasmis, was recently discovered by Cramer in a Regensburg MS. now at Munich. It is of considerable value on account of the fragments quoted from lost productions, and of the view which it affords of the state of the language and of grammatical studies at the period when it was composed.


This was published at Berlin, in 1817, by Buttmann.

In the de Barbarismis we find a reference to a third essay on the structure of periods, de Structurarum Ratione, which, if ever published, is no longer extant.

Confusion as to the identity of Consentius

Consentius is commonly believed to have flourished at Constantinople in the middle of the fifth century, on the supposition that he was one or other of the following individuals.

P. Conse'ntius

1. CONSENTIUS, a poet violently bepraised by Sidonius Apollinaris. (Carm. xxiii., Epist. 8.4.) He married a daughter of the consul Jovianus, by whom he had a son, namely

P. Conse'ntius

2. CONSENTIUS, who rose to high honour under Valentinian III., by whom he was named Comes Palatii and despatched upon an important mission to Theodosius. He also had a son, namely

P. Conse'ntius

3. CONSENTIUS, who devoted himself to literary leisure and the enjoyments of a rural life, and is celebrated as well as his grandfather by Sidonius.

Fabricius (Bibl. Lat. vol. iii. p. 745) tells us, that in some MSS. the grammarian is styled not only vir clarissimus, the ordinary appellation of learned men at that period, but also quinltus consularis quinque ciritatum, which might perhaps lead us to identify him with the second of the above personages.


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