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Porphy'rio, Pompo'nius



Porphyrio Pomponius produced a commentary on the odes, Ars Poetica, Carmen Saeculare, Epodes, Sermones, Epistulae of Horace and was the most valuable among the ancient commentators on Horace. His annotations, however, in common with those of all the earlier Latin scholiasts, have been so altered and interpolated by the transcribers of the middle ages, that it is extremely difficult, and, in many cases impossible, to separate the genuine matter from what is supposititious. We know nothing regarding the history of Porphyrio, nor the period when he flourished, except that he was, if we can trust Charisius (p. 196, ed. Lindemann), later than Festus, and that he must have been later than Acro also, whom he quotes (ad Hor. Sat. 1.8. 25, 2.3. 33.) (See Suringar, Historia Crit. Scholiast. Lat.


For, the editions of Porphyrio, see the notice of the editions of HORATIUS.


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