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6. (CANINIUS) REBILUS, a man of consular rank, and of great wealth but bad character, sent a large sum of money as a present to Julius Graecinus, who refused to accept it on account of the character of the donor (Sen. de Benef. 2.21). The name of this Rebilns does not occur in the Fasti, and he must, therefore, have been one of the consules suffecti. As Julius Graecinus was put to death in the reign of Caligula, it is very probable that the Rebilus mentioned above is the same as the C. Aminius Rebius, who put an end to his own life in the reign of Nero. Tacitus describes him as a person of great wealth and bad character, and also states that he was then an old man (Ann. 13.30). As the name of C. Aminius Rebius is evidently corrupt, there can be little doubt that we should change it, as Lipsius proposed, into Caninius Rebilus. (Respecting the Caninii Rebili in general, see Drumann, Geschichte Roms, vol. ii. pp. 107-109.)

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