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Rufi'nus, Lici'nius

a jurist, who lived under Alexander Severus, which appears from his consulting Paulus (Dig. 40. tit. 13. s. 4).


There are in the Digest seventeen excerpts from twelve books of Regulae by Rufinus, according to the Florentine Index; but one excerpt (Dig. 42. tit. 1. s. 34) is superscribed Lib. Xll., which, however, proves nothing, as error easily occurs in such a numeral.

The name of Licinius Rufinus appears in the Geneva edition of the Collatio Legum Mosaicarum et Romanarum, as the compiler; but this Rufinus cannot be the contemporary of Paulus, for the Collatio was compiled after the publication of the Code of Theodosius; not to mention other arguments. (Zimmern, Geschichte des Röm. Priratrechts, vol. i.)


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