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5. Of Cos, the author of a work entitled ἐπικλήσεις θεῶν. (Diog. Laert. l.c. ; Schol. ad Apoll. Rhod. 1.966; Ath. iii. p. 111b.; Schol. ad Aristoph. Eq. 959.) He is probably the writer whose treatise περὶ ὁσίων is quoted by Plutarch (de Is. et Osir. 35, p. 364f.). The exact meaning of the phrase, ἑπικλήσεις θεῶν, is doubtful. Vossius explains it as prayers to the gods, but Menagius contends that it rather means the epithets or surnames which were assigned to the several gods for various reasons. (Fabric. l.c. ; Vossius, l.c. ; Menag. ad Diog. l.c.)

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