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Valens, Aburnus

also called ABURNIUS, a Sabinian, is one of the jurists who are excerpted in the Digest. As Valens cites Javolenus (Dig. 33. tit. 1. s. 15), and also Julianus (Dig. 4. tit. 4. s. 33), it may be inferred that he was younger than both, though Pomponius mentions Valens before Julianus (Dig. 1. tit. 2. s. 2.47). A passage of Valens proves at least that he survived Trajan (Dig. 49. tit. 14. s. 42, ex constitutione Divi Trajani). Valens was probably in the consilium of Antoninus Pius. The passage of Capitolinus (100.12), states : " usus est jurisperitis Umidio Vero, Salvio Valente, Volusio Metiano, Ulpio Marcello, et Javoleno ;" whence we may conclude that the name of Valens was also Salvius ; but in that case we ought to read " Juliano " for " Javoleno." If " Javoleno " is right we may read the passage thus : " Umidio Vero, Salvio, Valente, &c.," where Salvius will represent Salvius Julianus. There is a rescript of Antoninus (Dig. 48. tit. 2. s. 7.2) addressed to Salvius Valens. In the titles of the excerpts from Valens in the Digest, he is called Valens only. The Florentine Index mentions seven books on Fideicommissa by Valens, from which there are nineteen excerpts in the Digest; but he also wrote De Actionibus, for there is an excerpt in the Digest (36. tit. 4. s. 15) from his seventh book.

The Fabius Valens to whom one of Pliny's letters (4.24) is addressed, cannot be the jurist.

(Zimmern, Geschichts des Röm. Privatrechts, p. 334.)


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