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2. Terentius Valens, one of whose medical formulae is quoted by (apparently) Andromachus the younger (ap. Gal. De Compos. Medicam. sec. Loc. 9.4, vol. xiii. p. 279), must have lived some time in or before the first century after Christ. He may be supposed to be the same person who is elsewhere quoted by Andromachus and Galen (ibid. 7.6, 9.4, 5, pp. 115, 285, 292); but it is quite uncertain whether he was the Valens who is said by Scribonius Largus (Scr. Larg. De Compos. Medicam. 22.94, p. 208) to have been one of his fellow pupils under Appuleius Celsus or the " Valens physicus," whose third book of " Curationes " is quoted by Caelius Aurelianus. (De Morb. Acut. 3.1. p. 180.)

Fabricius (Bibl. Gr. vol. xiii. p. 440, ed. vet.) and Haller (Bibl. Medic. Pract. vol. i. p. 294) mention another Valens, who (as they state) is said by Marcellus Empiricus (De Medicam. 100.16. p. 310) to have been his tutor; but this is an error that has arisen from their not having noticed that the passage referred to in Marcellus is either quoted by him, or interpolated by some modern transcriber, from the chapter of Scribonius Largus referred to above.


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