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[48] Confederate States Navy Register of 1862. Confederate States Navy Register to January 1st, 1863. Ordinances adopted by the Convention of. Virginia in secret session in April and May, 1861. Convention between the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Confederate States of America. Message of Governor Moore, of Louisiana, to the General Assembly, November, 1861. Rules and Directions for Proceedings. in the Confederate States Patent Office. Jomini's Practice of War. Richmond: West & Johnston, 1863. Proceedings of the Confederate States Congress on the announcement of the death of Col. Francis S. Bartow, of the Army of the Confederate States, and late a delegate in Congress. from the State of Georgia. General Orders from the Confederate States Adjutant and Inspector-General's Office, for 1862. Twenty-four pamphlets discussing both sides of the Slavery Question. Sixty-seven miscellaneous pamphlets on various matters of general interest. Speech of Hon. J. P. Benjamin, of Louisiana, on the right of Secession, in the United States Senate, December 31st, 1860. Four Essays on The Right and Propriety of Secession, by a members of the Richmond Bar. Secession and its Causes, in a letter to Viscount Palmerston, Prime Minister of England, by Henry Wikoff. Disunion and its results to the South. Recognition of the Confederate States considered, in reply to the letters of Historicus in the “ London Times,” by “Juridicus.” Commercial Enfranchisement of the Confederate States. Cause and Contrast, by T. W. MacMahon. Address to Christians throughout the World, signed by ninety-five Clergymen of the Confederate States. “The American Union, its Effect on National Character and Policy,” by James Spence. Richmond: West & Johnston, 1863. Reply of S. Teackle Wallis, Esq., to the Letter of Hon. John Sherman, published by the Officers of the First Maryland Infantry, 1863. Address on the Constitution and Laws of the Confederate States of America, by Hon. Robt. H. Smith. Confederate States' Almanac of 1862. “Senator Hammond and ‘ the Tribune,’ ” by, Troup. Rev. J. H. Thornwell, D. D., of Columbia, S. C., on the State of the Country in 1861. “The North and the South,” by John Forsyth, of Mobile, Ala. “Proceedings of the Congress of the Confederate States, on the announcement of the death of Hon. John Tyler, Jan'y 20th and 21st, 1862.” . Addresses of Hon. D. W. Voorhees, of Indiana, on the trial of John E. Cook, Nov. 8th, 1859, and before the Literary Societies of the University of Virginia, July 4th, 1860. Life and services of Hon. R. Barnwell Rhett, of South Carolina. The character and influence of Abolitionism. A Sermon by Rev. Henry J. Van Dyke, of Brooklyn, preached Dec. 9th, 1860. Address before the Society of Alumni of the University of Virginia, by Hon. Jas. P. Holcombe. The South, her Peril and her duty. A thanksgiving sermon preached Nov. 29th, 1860, by Rev. B. M. Palmer, D. D. “God, our refuge and strength in this war,” a fast day sermon, by Rev. T. V. Moore, D. D., of Richmond. The oath of allegiance to the United States, by the Rev. B. M. Palmer, D. D. A large number of Religious Tracts published in the Confederacy during the War.

This contribution by Judge Perkins is one of great value, and indicates the character of the publications we are most anxious to secure.

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