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Chapter 55: operations of the Mississippi Squadron in the latter part of 1864 and in 1865.

Acting-rear-admiral. S. P. Lee, who followed Rear-Admiral Porter in October, 1864, in the command of the Mississippi Squadron, was not fortunate on his arrival in the West.

On the 4th of November, Admiral Lee reports the loss of the “tin-clad” gun-boat Undine in an engagement with the Confederates on the Tennessee. The enemy had seven pieces of artillery against the gun-boat's four.

On the 4th of November the light-draft gun-boats Towah, Key West and Elfin had a severe engagement with the enemy, lasting several hours, when Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant E. M. King, finding it impossible to save the vessels, ordered them to be set on fire and abandoned. These gun-boats had previously recaptured and burned what was left of the Undine and also the transport Venus. The latter and seven other transports were obliged to be destroyed to prevent their falling into the hands of the enemy.

The commanding officers of these light gun-boats fought their vessels with great bravery, but they had been sent on duty that more properly belonged to iron-clads, and in contending against the enemy's works their ardor eclipsed their judgment. In their desire not to dim the record of the Mississippi Squadron, these officers held their position longer than they should have done, by which eleven steamers, including transports, were given to the flames.

Lieutenant-Commander Le Roy Fitch, a most gallant officer, was in command of the 10th District, Mississippi Squadron, which included the vessels destroyed. Had he been present, his good judgment would have led to a different result. Fitch arrived on the scene when the batteries of the gun-boats had been mostly disabled, and to have run the enemy's batteries to join the gun-boats would only have added to the disaster. So he witnessed the desperate engagement from below the enemy's works, and had time to reflect on the want of judgment displayed in sending such frail vessels against strong earth-works mounting rifled field-pieces in a narrow river full of shoals and sand-bars.

Notwithstanding it had been evident from the commencement of the civil war that Tennessee was one of the prizes for which the Confederacy would contend, and in spite of all the trouble the Federal Army and Navy had incurred to get the State under subjection, it had again been abandoned [803] to the tender mercies of the Confederate rangers. General Thomas, with a comparatively small force, was left to occupy the whole State, so that when General Sherman defeated Hood, at Atlanta, the latter fell back upon Tennessee, and but for the generalship and foresight of that sturdy old Roman, George H. Thomas, a great disaster would have overtaken the Union cause.

The Confederate General, Forrest, had invested Johnson ville, and Hood's entire army was reported as moving on that place, the scene of the late destruction of the gunboats and transports. It is not likely that Acting Rear-Admiral Lee had been apprised of the advance of Hood's army into Tennessee, as otherwise he would have sent some iron-clads to that quarter, since the “tin-clads” were entirely too light to contend against the heavy batteries opposed to them.

Soon after these events, the Carondelet was sent to Lieutenant-Commander Fitch, who, on the 3d of December, had pushed on up to Nashville in the expectation of cooperating with General Thomas against the advancing forces of Hood. The Carondelet, Acting-Master Charles W. Miller, was stationed to assist that portion of the army resting on the river, while the other vessels of Fitch's command were kept in readiness to move wherever they might be required. During the day, Lieutenant-Commander Fitch made constant trips up and down the river in the gun-boat Moose, getting everything in readiness to cooperate with the Army to the best advantage.

At 9 P. M., Fitch received intelligence that the enemy's left wing had reached the river and planted batteries at Bell's Mill, four miles below Nashville by land, but, owing to the bends in the river, eighteen miles by water. It was learned that the enemy had captured two steamers, and, although the night was dark and a storm threatening, Fitch determined to recapture or destroy the vessels, so that the Confederates would derive no benefit therefrom.

The squadron moved in the following order: Neosho, Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant Samuel Howard; Carondelet, Acting-Master Charles W. Miller; Fair Play, Acting-Master Geo. J. Groves; Moose, Lieutenant-Commander Le Roy Fitch; Reindeer, Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant H. A. Glassford; Silver Lake, Acting-Master J. C. Coyle. Acting-Master Miller, in the Carondelet, was directed to run below the enemy's lower batteries, giving them grape and canister as he passed, then round — to and fight the batteries heading up stream. The Fair Play was to follow close to the Carondelet and act in concert with her; the Reindeer was to follow the Moose, and the Silver Lake was to bring up the rear. All these vessels, with the exception of the Carondelet and Neosho, were light gun-boats, known in the vernacular of the Mississippi Squadron as “tin-clads.”

The vessels moved quietly down the river, with no lights visible, and were not seen by the enemy until the Carondelet opened fire on his lower battery and encampment. The Confederates sprang to arms, and volley after volley of musketry was poured into the Union vessels, while the shore batteries kept up a brisk fire.

The gun-boats responded with equal rapidity, and the narrow river was soon filled with smoke, which caused great confusion for a time, preventing the vessels from firing, while it was no hindrance to the enemy, who could see the position of the gunboats and kept up a galling fire upon them.

The chances of the vessels coming in collision with each other, in the thick smoke, caused Lieutenant-Commander Fitch, in his flag-ship, to back up the river past the upper batteries, as that portion of the stream was clear of the smoke. In performing this manoeuvre, the Moose was subjected to a severe fire from the enemy's 20-pounder rifles; but in a short time the fire of the Moose began to tell, and the enemy were driven from their guns by the shower of shrapnel. The Reindeer, now coming to the assistance of the Moose, the two vessels swept the field. The Moose and Reindeer were lashed side by side together, and kept up the engagement through the night. The enemy's fire was not well directed, most of their shots passing over the vessels. The latter, although a good deal cut up, were not in any way disabled, and there was no loss of life on board.

At about midnight the enemy ceased firing, and in the morning were nowhere to be seen. The Moose then moved down the stream and met the Carondelet and Fair Play, in company with the transports the enemy had captured the day before. The enemy had been driven out of these vessels before they had time to destroy them or to remove the forage and stores with which they were loaded. The prisoners captured by the Confederates in the transports escaped from their guards and rejoined the vessels.

This whole affair, like everything else undertaken by Lieutenant-Commander Fitch, was well managed. Although his command was not a large one, this young officer was often mentioned for gallant and efficient service, and he ever displayed sound judgment, no matter in what position he was placed. His officers and men, inspired by his spirit, were conspicuous for [804] their bravery. The management of the vessels on the occasion we have just mentioned required great judgment and coolness to avoid collision. The greatest width of the stream was seventy-five yards, and it was so filled with smoke that it was almost impossible to see anything. The little flotilla arrived in Nashville with the two recaptured transports, “Prairie State” and “Prima Donna,” in tow, and also the Magnet, which had been retaken from the enemy. The loss of the Confederates in their engagement with the gun-boats was afterwards found to be considerable.

On the 4th of December the iron-clad steamer Neosho had joined the flotilla of Lieutenant-Commander Fitch. She carried two 11-inch smooth-bore guns and was well protected against shots from field batteries.

On the 9th of December Lieutenant-Commander Fitch started down the river with the Neosho and some of the lighter gun-boats of his command, together with a number of army transports. When nearly abreast of the scene of the encounter of the 3d inst., a large force of Confederates was discovered advantageously posted to dispute the passage of the vessels. Fourteen pieces of artillery at once opened on the gun-boats, accompanied by heavy volleys of musketry from rifle-pits. Fitch, with his usual judgment, had left the transports three miles in the rear under charge of Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant Glassford, and when so furiously assailed did not hesitate a moment what to do. He ordered the pilot of the Neosho to proceed slowly, while the enemy's fire was deliberately returned, until the vessels arrived abreast of the lower battery. Fitch then rounded — to and fought with his vessel's head up stream using grape and canister, while the Neosho was receiving the concentrated fire of all the enemy's batteries.

Lieutenant-Commander Fitch's position was the only one from which he could bring his guns to bear upon the different batteries, owing to the manner in which they were sheltered behind the spurs of hills. He had also great faith in the Neosho, which had been built to defy the enemy's field batteries. She was now in a position to test her strength and to allow her to use grape and canister at a distance of thirty yards. The enemy kept up a terrific cross-fire, and their shot and shell rattled against every part of the vessel; but the deliberate and accurate fire of the gunboat soon drove back the sharp-shooters and infantry, although the artillery, being strongly posted on the high bluffs with a plunging fire, was found more difficult to silence.

In a short time everything perishable on the outside of the Neosho was demolishel, yet the little vessel maintained her position for two hours and a half, until, finding that the enemy's shells were cutting away the “fair-weather pilot-house,” and letting it down so that it would hide the “fighting pilot-house,” and thus obstruct the sight of the commanding officer and pilot, Fitch steamed up the river again under a raking fire, and gained the convoy of transports. Finding it would be impossible to get the transports below the batteries, without having them cut to pieces, Fitch sent them back to Nashville under convoy of the Fair Play and Silver Lake.

But Fitch was not to be balked by the Confederate batteries as long as his ammunition lasted. He set all hands to work to clear away the debris, and then proceeded down the river to his old position, taking with him the Carondelet, a vessel which had withstood the tempest of shot and shell from Forts Henry. Donelson, Vicksburg and Grand Gulf. Having secured the Carondelet to the bank above the enemy's batteries, with orders not to open fire until after the Neosho should engage, Fitch, in the latter vessel, proceeded below the Confederate batteries, rounded-to, and opened as before.

As on the former occasion, the enemy opened also, but this time they got the worst of it, the Carondelet, with her heavy guns, dealing destruction right and left. Two of the enemy's pieces were soon dismounted, and by dark all but two of them were silenced. These were fired as the Neosho proceeded up stream, there being nothing more for her to do.

This event is mentioned as an exhibition of pertinacity and courage seldom equalled. The gallant Fitch never shrunk from the performance of any duty however hazardous. He was always under fire whenever opportunity offered, not owing to chance circumstances, to which sluggards often attribute a man's reputation for heroism, but to a determined will. This gallant officer gained little promotion for his war services, and his highest recognition was a complimentary letter from the Secretary of the Navy on the occasion when he brought about the capture of General John Morgan, the celebrated Confederate partisan leader. In the engagement with the Confederate batteries, the Neosho was struck one hundred and ten times with shot and shell, ranging in size from 20 to 30 pounders, but she received no injury that would have prevented her from going into battle immediately afterwards.

From the 7th to the 15th of December, 1864, Lieutenant-Commander Fitch's little flotilla was most active in co-operating with [805] the Army, making reconnoissances and attacks on Confederate batteries whenever they showed themselves along the river. On the 14th inst., Fitch was requested to co-operate with the Army in order to capture some artillery. By a very skillful manoeuvre on the part of the Army and Navy, a battery of four guns was captured. While the Navy were advancing in front, the cavalry surrounded and captured the battery. In the afternoon the same tactics were successful against another battery of four guns, which fell into the hands of the Federal cavalry. The loss of these guns was a severe blow to General Hood at that moment, for he was deficient in artillery

Surgeon Ninian Pinkney, fleet Surgeon, Mississippi Squadron.

In this expedition the Federals found themselves, on the 15th inst., in possession of the field.

Throughout the long and harassing operations which followed the invasion of Hood into Tennessee, the Navy co-operated most zealously with the Army, patrolling the river, destroying Hood's pontoons, and conveying troops from point to point in the gun-boats in the absence of other means of transportation. In this way General A. J. Smith, that gallant officer of the Red River expedition, was enabled to effect a secure lodgment near Hood's army.

The efficient co-operation of the Navy on the Tennessee River, in fact, contributed largely to the demoralization of General Hood's forces, as the gun-boats chased the Confederates along the banks and gave them no rest. For thirty days and nights the officers of the gun-boats had very little rest, such was their zeal in their effort to defeat Hood's army, which had come so far to be beaten, and was never again able to make headway against the Federal forces.

In this important campaign the following was achieved by the Federal army: Fourteen thousand Confederates killed, wounded, and prisoners, including nineteen general officers, seventy guns captured, over three thousand stand of arms taken, twenty ammunition wagons, and a great quantity of ammunition. The only reason that prevented the capture of the whole Confederate army was the wretched condition of the roads, which prevented any rapid pursuit.

The Confederates were also greatly aided by the water falling in the river, preventing the gun-boats from reaching Muscle Shoals, the point were Hood crossed the Tennessee. All along the river, where the vessels of the Navy could penetrate, the destruction of pontoons and ferry flats was immense, so that the main body of the Confederate Army was forced to push on to the Shoals before they could cross the Tennessee. This destruction extended from twelve miles below Florence for a distance of one hundred and seventy-five miles, and enabled the Federal troops to cut off large portions of Hood's demoralized army, and filled the woods with Confederate stragglers.

Anything which bears the signature of that glorious hero, General George H. Thomas, will ever be interesting, and a compliment from him paid to the Navy will be appreciated. General Thomas immediately telegraphed to Acting-Rear-Admiral Lee the result of his operations against General Hood, and expressed his thanks for the aid the Army had received from the naval flotilla on the Tennessee:

United States Military Telegraph, Paducah, Kentucky, Dec. 30, 1864.
[By telegraph from Headquarters Department Cumberland, Pulaski, Dec. 29, 1864.]

Sir — Your two telegrams have been received. We have been pressing the work as hard as the condition of the roads would permit, and have succeeded in taking some few prisoners — probably some five or six hundred--since the enemy crossed Duck River. From the best information I have at this time, Hood's losses since he invaded the State of Tennessee sum up as follows: Six (6) general officers killed, six (6) wounded and one (1) taken prisoner at Franklin--thirteen in all, and about six thousand (6,000) men killed, wounded and taken prisoners at same battle. On the 8th instant, at Murfreesboroa, he had one (1) general officer wounded, about one thousand (1,000) men killed, and two hundred and seven (207) taken prisoners, losing two (2) pieces of [806] artillery. In the battles of the 1st and 16th instant, before Nashville, he had one (1) lieutenant-general severely wounded, one (1) major-general and three (3) brigadier-generals, with four thousand four hundred and sixty-two (4 462) officers and men made prisoners, besides losing fifty-three (53) pieces of artillery and over three thousand (3,000) stand of small-arms.

During his retreat we have captured fifteen (15) more guns, and from fifteen hundred (1,500) to two thousand (2,000) prisoners, and a large number of small-arms have been picked up by the way. Citizens report that he passed this place with his army completely disorganized, except the rear-guard, composed of about five thousand (5,000) men. He destroyed a considerable quantity of ammunition at this place, besides abandoning an ammunition-train of fifteen (15 or twenty (20) wagons about a mile beyond. Your official co-operation on the Tennessee River has contributed largely to the demoralization of Hood's army.

Major-General A. J. Smith, commanding detachment of the Army of the Tennessee, will probably reach Clifton by Sunday next, January 1, 1865, where transports are expected to meet him to take his command to Eastport.

Please afford him every assistance in your power in effecting a secure lodgment at Eastport; and as I consider the Cumberland now entirely safe, I will be obliged to you if you will have a strong force kept in the Tennessee to keep open navigation on that river. In concluding this telegram, it gives me great pleasure to tender to you, your officers and men, my hearty thanks for your cordial co-operation during the operations of the past thirty days.

G. H. Thomas, Major-General. Rear-Admiral S. P. Lee, Commanding Mississippi Squadron, Chickasaw, Alabama.

These were about the last important events in the history of the Mississippi Squadron, as the war was now drawing rapidly to a close. The retreat of Hood left the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers comparatively free from Confederates, and there was little prospect of another invasion of the State while General Thomas remained in command. The vessels of the Mississippi Squadron were scattered along the great river, where the guerillas still carried on their operations on a small scale. Very little occurred that could embellish the pages of history. The Red River region was revisited, the Washita and Black Rivers patrolled, and every precaution taken to guard those inland waters.

At this time the Confederate ram Webb succeeded in making her way past all the vessels of the fleet and reached a point twenty-five miles below New Orleans, where she was destroyed, as we have heretofore mentioned. This episode created quite an excitement in the fleet for the time, but it appears that no one was to blame for the Webb getting so far down the river unharmed. The dash of the Webb was the last affair of the expiring Confederate Navy, and the last attempt to carry out a valuable cargo of cotton and naval stores; which, had it been left on the levee at Shreveport, La., a few days longer, could have been shipped to New Orleans, openly insuring the owners a good profit.

The Confederate naval officer in command at Shreveport, Lieutenant J. H. Carter, notified the U. S. naval authorities at the mouth of Red River that he was ready to surrender to the United States Government all the property in his possession, consisting of one useless iron-clad and a quantity of naval stores. Twenty-four officers and eighteen men surrendered themselves and were paroled, and that was the last of the Confederate Navy in the Mississippi region.

When Lieutenant-Commander W. E. Fitzhugh proceeded to Shreveport to take possession of the Confederate naval property at that place, he was received in a friendly manner, and all seemed anxious that he should secure everything that had belonged to the Confederate Government. Above Alexandria, the few ravages made by the invasion of General Banks' army had been obliterated, and the people were living quietly on their farms, although deprived of many comforts to which they had been accustomed. They were delighted at the return of peace, and in their hearts, no doubt, welcomed the Union flag as an old and well-tried friend. They saw in the Union gun-boats the symbols of lawful authority, that would respect the rights of citizens and punish law-breakers; and so conscious were the civil authorities on Red River that it was necessary to have within reach the strong arm of power, that they requested a sufficient naval force should be stationed in their vicinity to overawe the malcontents, if there should be any, and assure those anxious to return to their allegiance that they should receive protection.

As a rule, however, the people of Louisiana were only too glad to lay down their arms and return to the pursuits of peace. Many of them had seen, from the time when the Navy obtained possession of the Mississippi and its tributaries, that it would be useless to contend against the power of the North. It is true that the Confederate forces in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas showed an indomitable spirit in resisting the advance of the Federal armies, yet they received a sufficient number of checks to convince them that the subjugation of the whole country was merely a question of time.

It is a fact, which has been little commented on, that at least three hundred and fifty thousand soldiers from the slave States fought on the side of the Union, and, had Texas and Western Louisiana been securely held, there would have been a number of recruits in that quarter obtained for the Federal Army. [807]

Mississippi Squadron, January, 1865.

Acting Rear-Admiral Samuel P. Lee, Commanding.


Lieutenant-Commander C. A. Babcock, Acting-Fleet-Captain; Lieutenant F. J. Naile, Flag-Lieutenant; Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, William G. Saltonstall; Fleet-Surgeon, Ninian Pinkney; Fleet-Paymaster, Elisha W. Dunn; Fleet-Engineer, Samuel Bickerstaff; Acting-Master, C. R. Knowles; Acting Ensigns, Wm. R. Cooper And C. C. Cushing.


Commander, Andrew Bryson; Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, J. C. Parker; Acting-Ensigns, Spencer Johnson, E. M. Wood and J. H. Barry; Acting-Master's Mates, J. A. Whitesides and R. D. Punch; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Thomas Allan; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Chas. W. Slamm; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Joseph K. Heap; Acting-First-Assistant, J. L. Hilliard: Acting-Second-Assistants, E. P. Sprague and C. H. Burt; Acting-Third-Assistant, Nicholas Sauer; Gunner, Charles Earnshaw; Acting-Carpenter, Geo. H. Stevens.


Lieutenant-Commander, E. Y. McCauley; Acting-Master, W. J. Lees; Acting-Ensigns, P. H. Randolph and P. Frazer, Jr.; Acting-Master's Mates, William Kisnei, Hiram Simonton, A. T. Bisel, R. L. Evans and Henry Clifton; Assistant Surgeon, C. J. S. Wells; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, C. J. Lowndes; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Joseph V. Starr; Acting-First-Assistants, H. W. Fairfowl and S. L. Walkinshaw; Acting-Second Assistants, Oliver Bray, A. A. Jenks and B. A. Farmer; Acting-Third-Assistant, William Hatfield; Acting-Carpenter, Richard Ratchford.


Lieutenant-Commander, Edw. C. Grafton; Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Robert B. Fly; Acting-Ensigns, G. B. Mott, J. B. Trott, C. H. Sinclair and J. L. Harris; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, H. W. Mitchell; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, H. G. Thayer; Engineers: Acting-Chief, C. L. Carty; Acting-Second-Assistants, W. H. Miller, J. B. Ferrand and Thomas Finnie.


Lieutenant-Commander, J. J. Cornwell; Acting-Master, Ezra C. Beaman; Acting-Ensigns, M. B. Muncy and H. C. Marsh; Acting-Master's Mates, A. V. Forgey, E. F. Crane and James Stoddard; Assistant Surgeon, Edw. Kershner. Acting-Assistant Paymaster, E. N. Whitehouse; Engineers: Acting-Chief, N. P. Baldwin; Acting-First-Assistants, C. E. Arbuthnot and J. Blake; Acting-Second-Assistants, J. F. Stone and H. G. Moreland; Acting-Third Assistant, S. C. Babbitt; Acting-Carpenter, John A. Stuart.


Lieutenant-Commander, James P Foster; Acting-Masters, J. R. Neeld, F. G. Sampson and J. H. Welsh; Acting-Ensigns, Paul Morgan and C. H. Slocum; Acting-Master's Mates, S. O. Lovell, Wm. E. Atkins and Edw. C. Eraley; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, D. Hayden; Acting-Assistant-Paymaster, J. P. Kelly; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Robert Tate; Acting-Second-Assistants, James Wilkins, J. W. Paul and E. H. Kidd; Acting-Third-Assistant, A. A Johnson; Acting-Gunner, Geo. Price; Acting-Carpenter, J. W. Lister.

Black Hawk--Third-rate.

Lieutenant-Commander, James A. Greer; Acting Masters, Edw. Alford and Henry Baker; Acting Ensigns, C. A. Calvert, R. T. Howell, J. A. Jones, J. C. Barr and J. B. Pratt; Acting-Master's Mates, B. R. Baker, A. S. Ludlow, D. A. Boies, A. H. Ahrens and Jay Nyman; Passed-Assistant-Surgeon, Michael Bradley; Acting-Assistant Paymaster C. H. Kirkendall; Second Lieutenant of Marines, F. L. Church; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Geo. W. Walker; Acting-First-Assistant, O. G. Richey; Acting-Second-Assistant, C. B. Adams; Acting-Third-Assistants, W. B. Richey and J. W. Cassell; Gunner, John R. Halt; Acting-Carpenter, Noah Dean.


Lieutenant-Commander, John G. Mitchell; Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, J. W. Atkinson; Acting-Ensigns, John McCleane and Wm. Hammett, Jr.; Acting Master's Mates, J. R. Hugle, H. B. Sprague, W. H. Smith and W. W. Rumsey; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, H. A. Bodman; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, T. B. Reed; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Samuel Tubbs; Acting-Second-Assistant, F. G. Seavey; Acting-Third-Assistant, W. M. Piercy.


Lieutenant-Commander, Robert Boyd, Jr.; Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Samuel Howard; Acting-Master, E. F. Brooks; Acting-Ensigns, James Downs and W. P. Higbee; Acting-Master's Mates, C. C. Royce and C. T. Rees; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, M. A. Miller; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, W. H. Byrm; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Wm. Mills; Acting-First-Assistant, W. C. Sanford; Acting-Second-Assistant, J. S. Miles; Acting-Third-Assistants, J. F. Humphrey, W. H. Dunning and M. C. Noland, Acting-Gunner, W. T. Devlan.


Lieutenant-Commander, George Bacon; Acting-Master, H. D. Coffinberry; Acting-Ensigns, R. H. Langslands, Geo. V. Mead and Chas. Smith; Acting-Master's Mates, J. J. Drew,W. H. English and J. T. Hensley; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, W. R. Semans; Engineers: Acting-Chief Isham J. Hardy; Acting-First-Assistant, C. W. Reynolds; Acting-Second-Assistant, C. F. Degelman; Acting-Third-Assistant, L. A. Salade; Acting-Carpenter, James McKuen.

Tennessee--Fourth rate.

Lieutenant-Commander, Edward P. Lull; Acting-Master, C. W. Adams; Acting-Ensigns, W. W. Duley, A. A. Ward and J. J. P. Zettick; Acting-Master's Mates, Henry Wyman, Thos. Kennedy and J. Canaday; Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Jones; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, P. H. Tawo; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistants, W. C. Perry and Chas. Chadwick; Second-Assistant, F. C. Goodwin; Acting-Second-Assistant, B. D. Mulligan; Acting-Third-Assistants, W. J. Mack and D. S. Clarke.


Lieutenant-Commander, LeRoy Fitch; Acting-Master, W. C. Coulson; Acting-Ensigns, John Revell, D. B. Dudley and Isaac Wiltse; Acting-Masters Mates, Daniel Molony, O. W. Miles and W. S. Holden; Assistant Surgeon, W. M. Reber; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Jas. W. Clark; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Wm. D. McFarland; Acting-First-Assistant, Thos. N. Hall; Acting-Second-Assistant, Chas. McMillan; Acting-Third-Assistant, J. D. Hedges.



Lieutenant-Commander Byron Wilson; Acting-Master, Eugene Zimmerman; Acting-Ensigns, M. M. Wheeler, R. T. Lamport and J. W. Adams; Acting-Master's Mates, Rivers DraKe, E. P. Marshall, A. W. Widup, S. A. Park and J. H. Moss; Acting Asistant Surgeon, Geo. E. Francis; Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. R. Meeker; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Thos. Hebron; Acting-First-Assistants, John S. Moore; Acting-Second-Assistants, G. T. Wilson and A. H. Tyler; Acting-Third-Assistants, Thos. Reed and F. A. Morse; Acting-Carpenter, Richard Nisbet.

General Burnside--Fourth-rate.

Lieutenant, Morean Forrest; Acting-Ensigns, David Putman; Acting-Master's Mates, Roddie Reynolds, Francis McGlincey, W. C. Mudge, Louis Hartlet, Hans Trulsen and Edw. McGaughey; Acting-Assistant Surgeon R. J. Curtis; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Geo. b. Rand; Engineers. Acting-First-Assistant, Benj. Chester; Acting-Second-Assistant, Wm. W. Smith; Acting-Third-Assistants, J. G. Burkley and Jos. Walter.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, George W. Rogers; Acting-Master, Wm. S. Pease; Acting-Ensigns, W. J. Durney and Arthur O'Leary; Acting-Master's Mates, John C. Winslow and R. W. Rogers; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. R. Bowler; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Thos. Doughty; Acting-First-Assistant, R. J. Stone; Acting-Second-Assistants, W. C. Gabbrith and Wm. Grant; Acting-Third-Assistants, Wm. Burke and J. M. Wilson; Acting-Carpenter, C. C. Gilliland.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Chas. P. Clark; Acting-Master, C. W. Miller; Acting-Ensigns, Oliver Donaldson, S. D. Jordan and T. A. Quinn; Acting-Master's Mates, L. W. Hastings, W. H. H. DeGroot, Geo. F. Bean, Wm. J. Fraks and W. D. McKean, Jr.: Acting-Assistant Surgeon, D. Curtis; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, G. W. Robertson; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Chas. H. Caven; Acting-Second-Assistants, Michael Norton and W. S. Barlow; Acting-Third-Assistants, John McWilliams and Thomas Mattingly; Acting-Carpenter, Geo. W. Kenny.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Geo. P. Lord; Acting-Master, J. M. Holmes; Acting-Ensigns J. D. Buckley, H. A. Hannon, H. Shoemaker and R. H. Day; Acting-Master's Mates, W. S. Thomas, James Harrington and John H. Ely: Acting-Assistant Surgeon, G. C. Osgood; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Hathaway; Engineers: Acting-Chief, A. W. Hardy; Acting-First-Assistant, Chas. Trotter; Acting-Second-Assistants, J. W. Hymen and Anthony Lane; Acting-Third-Assistant, J. W. Ferrell; Acting-Gunner, Wm. E. Keyes; Acting-Carpenter, J. H. Fink.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Charles A. Wright; Acting-Ensigns, John Gregg, J. H. Neely and John Maloney; Acting-Master's Mates, Henry Walters, J. D. Moore and E. W. Perry; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, J. H. Moses; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Van Cleve, Jr.; Engineers: Acting-Chief, John G. Scott; Acting-First-Assistant, J. A. Burns; Acting Second-Assistant, S. S. Patterson; Acting-Third-Assistants, Wm. Jayne and Thomas McGarrity; Acting-Carpenter, Benj. H. Brink.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, James C. Gipson; Acting-Ensigns, C. L. Meany and R. W. Brown; Acting-Master's Mates, G. T. Miller, B. F. Saunders and J. W. Clawson; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, E. M. Goodwin; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, D. Davis, Jr.; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, A. G. Perkins; Acting-Second-Assistant, C. C. Streepey; Acting-Third-Assistant, B. F. Graham.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant--Commander, Wm. R. Hoel; Acting-Master, S. B. Coleman; Acting-Ensigns, James Ovatt and Freeman Vincent; Acting-Master's Mates, John Scott, C. B. Jones and F. M. McCord: Acting-Assistant Surgeon, F. M. Follett, Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles H. Gould; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Geo. H. Atkinson; Acting-First-Assistant, E. R. Pavy; Acting-Second-Assistants, W, H. Mitchell and Robert Milby; Acting-Gunner, F. C. Green; Acting-Carpenter, Wm. C. Boggs.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, H. A. Glassford; Acting-Master, John H. Rice: Acting-Ensigns, C. W. Spooner and T. M. Lewis; Acting-Master's Mates, G. S. Upton, E. Gasa way and W. H. Burton; Act ing-Assistant Surgeon, F. A. Jordan; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, W. W. Barry; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, A. H. Bagby; Acting Second-Assistant, N. Conner; Acting-Third-Assistant, G. M. Hayiman.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Fred'k S. Hill; Acting Masters, W. T. Power and Charles Ackley; Acting-Ensigns, J. W. Lalor and W. H. C. Michael; Acting-Master's Mates, W. P. Eakle and H. S. Allen; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Samuel Mendenhall; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Geo. H. Holt; Engineers: Acting-Chief, James Fleming; Acting-First-Assistant, J. R. Ramsey; Acting-Second-Assistants, Wm. Furck and Philip Sheridan; Acting-Third-Assistants, Walter Mossington and S. H. Lancaster; Acting-Carpenter, J. M. Peabody.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Henry H. Gorringe; Acting-Masters, J. F. Reed and D. P. Slattery; Acting-Ensigns, W. Zimmerman, B. C. Wheeler and J. W. Foster; Acting-Master's Mates, L. C. Ball, John Davis, Lewis Lehman, Henry Kane and A. A. King; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, C. E. Vaughn; Actin-Assistant Paymaster, F. W. Hanson; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Thomas Cook; Acting-Second-Assistants, Chas. Tistandt, Anthony Courtway and James O'Neil; Acting-Third-Assistants, S. H. Brogan, Andrew Lusk and John Link; Acting-Gunner, Wm. H. Barton; Acting-Carpenter, James Trulty.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, J. S. Watson; Acting-Master, Wm. Neil; Acting-Ensigns, C. H. Reed and Jas. McDonald; Acting-Master's Mates, E. C. Urner and W. H. Gray; Assistant Surgeon, James M. Flint; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, P. J. Stone, Jr.; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, H. L. Juce; Acting Second-Assistants, Edwin Senior and Andrew Wilson; Acting-Third-Assistants, A. M. Wasson and Geo. W. Amsden.

Forest Rose--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, A. N. Gould; Acting-Ensigns, H. B. Graves, C. W. Johnston and Geo. G. Cox; Acting-Master's Mates, Ira Athearn. C. W. Crooker and J. M. Stewart; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, R. Cadwallader; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, A. J. Myers; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Francis Marsh; Acting-Second-Assistant, Joseph Kennedy; Acting-Third-Assistant, Silas Huskey.

St. Clair--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, James S. French; Acting-Ensigns, Joseph Sawyer, W. A. Burchard and H. O. Proctor; Acting-Master's Mates, W. S. Culbertson. James Reid and W. T. Ross; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, E. H. Johnson; Engineers: [809] Acting-First-Assistant, Wm. McLean; Acting-Second-Assistant, Edward Lozier; Acting-Third-Assistant, Michael J. Soden.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, William Flye Acting-Ensigns, Henry Booby, J. G. Megler, C. C. Briggs and Howard Hale; Acting-Master's Mates, C. W. Botten and Ezra McDunn; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, H. M. Mixer; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, T. Doane; Engineers: Acting-Chief, W. H. Meredith; Acting-First-Assistant, A. L. Mann; Acting-Second-Assistant, Reuben Story; Acting-Third-Assistants, Jacob Vittinger and Wm. T. Neal; Acting-Gunner, Louis Frederick; Acting-Carpenter, R. Carroll.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Jason Goudy; Acting-Master, J. B. Williams; Acting-Ensigns, Walter Pinner and S. J. Denight; Acting-Master's Mates, J. G. Abbott, A. B. Allen and J. B. A. Conant; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, E. Dayton; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. R. Carmody; Engineers: Acting-Chief, J. W. Hartuper; Acting-First-Assistant, E. D. Collett; Acting-Second-Assistants, T. Guernsey and G. W. Dean; Acting-Third-Assistants, Andrew Boland and John Henry; Acting Gunner, L. K. Ellis; Acting-Carpenter, John Cronan.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, John Rogers; Acting-Ensigns, Thos. Cadwell; Acting-Master's Mates, Alex. Procter, H. R. Ferris and J. P. Popejoy; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Edgar L. R. Draper; Acting-Assistant-Paymaster, Henry B. Mears; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Edward Cage; Acting-Second-Assistant, J. A. McCormick; Acting-Third-Assistant, J. R. Byland.

Fort Hindman--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, John Pearce Acting-Master, J. J. Rogers; Acting-Ensigns, N. T. Rennell and Chas. Marsden; Acting-Master's Mates, C. F. A. McCord, S. N. Barker and E. C. Ellis; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, N. L. Gerould; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. R. Bowler; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Thos. Girty; Acting-Second-Assistant, John Coock; Acting-Third-Assistants, D. B. Cox, Eli Powell and R. Yocum.

Brilliant Fourth-rate.

Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Chas. G. Perkins; Acting-Master, G. D. Little; Acting-Ensign, N. F. Vaughan; Acting-Master's Mate, C. D. Griggs; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Milton James; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, B. Page; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, W. E. Willey; Acting-Second-Assistant, Jas. Cutler; Acting-Third-Assistant, C. W. Egster and R. M. Myers.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Geo. W. Brown; Acting-Master, John Powell; Acting-Ensigns, Jos. Moyer, C. M. Bragg and C. M. Fuller; Acting-Master's Mates, N. T. Brown, G. A. Ege and D. C. Fralick; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, F. T. Gillette; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistants, J. H. Everhart and A. J. Sypher; Acting-Second-Assistants, J. L. Parsons and G. M. Baker; Acting-Third-Assistants, C. Beal and South well Lyon; Acting Gunner, J. F. Riblett; Acting-Carpenter, H. J. Ervin.

Peosta--Fourth rate.

Acting-Volunteer Lieutenant, J. E. Smith; Acting-Master, J. L. Bryant; Acting-Ensigns, C. H. Gullick, R. T. Nelson, J. W. Richards and W. W. Phillips; Acting-Master's Mates. E. A. Dumont; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Isaac T. Coates; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. C. Spalding; Engineers: Acting-First Assistants, Perry South and J. Bolejack; Acting-Second-Assistant, T. M. Sloan; Acting-Third-Assistant, G. W. Marfield; Acting-Carpenter, Wm. Reid.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Thos. B. Gregory; Acting-Ensign, E. C. Williams; Acting-Master's Mates, G. A. Gregory, J. S. McCoy, G. W. Ball and W. M. Mullen; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, W. W. Wentworth; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. Linsly, Jr.; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, W. H. Hardin; Acting-Second-Assistant, J. G. Briggs; Acting-Third-Assistant, Thomas Hanna.

Kenwood--Fourth rate.

Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, John Swaney; Acting-Ensigns, J. C. Weeks, J. L. Reed and N. H. Conklin; Acting-Master's Mates, M. M. Yorston and W. R. Moffatt; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, D. W. Van Houten; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, T. J. Mallon; Acting-Second-Assistant, W. J. Milligan; Acting-Third-Assistant, J. H. Holman.


Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, James Lanning.

General Bragg--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Cyrenius Deminey; Acting-Master, W. L. Holcomb; Acting-Ensigns, M. Houston and F. H. Waite; Acting-Master's Mates, James Williams, C. L. Chapman and Wm. Dickson; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, F. A. Castle; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, L. C. Stebbins; Engineers: Acting-Chief, James Miller; Acting-Second-Assistants, Jos. Anderson and J. A. Wilson; Acting-Carpenter, J. W. Kennedy.

Generail Price--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Volunteer Lieutenant, W. R. Wells; Acting-Master, H. E. Bartlett; Acting-Ensigns, J. H. Leever and D. P. Bosworth, Jr.; Acting-Master's Mates, D. McKay, P. Barclay and W. W. McCracker; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Geo. Harvey; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, T. F. Croft; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Thos. Sheffer; Acting-First-Assistant, A. R. Calhoun; Acting-Second-Assistant, A. Campbell; Acting-Third-Assistants, J. B. Baldwin and R. A. Hyle; Acting-Carpenter, W. C. Stiver.


Acting-Master. M. V. B. Haines; Acting-Ensigns, J. H. Rivers and W. L. Constantine; Acting-Master's Mates, John Pybus and J. D. Coriell; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, O. A. Rives; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, A. S. McWilliams; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, E. Reynolds; Acting-Second-Assistant, B. S. Bull; Acting-Third-Assistant, T. K. Hill.

Prairie Bird--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Master, Thomas Burns; Acting-Ensigns, J. W. Chambers and W. M. Ernst; Acting-Master's Mates, J. B. Morton, J. K. Lull, Jr., W. D. Bangs and W. D. Carley; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Lafayette Harter; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Geo. Rodabaugh; Acting-Second-Assistant, Joseph Grippin; Acting-Third-Assistant, M. G. Marsillot.

Mound City--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Master, Frederick T. Coleman; Acting-Ensigns, W. H. Decker and T. J. Dean; Acting-Master's Mates, B. W. Herr, S. S. Spangler, W. M. Sterritt and C. B. Hapgood; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Wm. H. Baer; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Edw. Merriman; Acting-First-Assistant, Alex. Magee; Acting-Second-Assistants, J. M. Hartwell, J. B. Atwood, G. N. Heisel and F. Vanzant; Acting-Gunner, T. H. Green; Acting-Carpenter, Jerome Burns.

Judge Torrence--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Master, Jeremiah Irwin; Acting-Ensign, [810] Wm. Sill; Acting-Master's Mate, Chas. White; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Marshall; Engineers: Acting-Chief, P. R. Hartwig; Acting-Second-Assistants, Jasper Holman and E. C. Jones; Acting-Third-Assistant, John Denhart.


Acting-Master, John C. Morong; Acting-Ensigns, G. T. Hazlett and A. B. Homer; Acting-Master's Mates, Peter Lake and J. A. McCreary; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, R. E. Patterson; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Thos. Blanchard; Acting-Second-Assistant, Chas. Silvercahn; Acting-Third-Assistant, A. Donnelly.


Acting-Master, D. P. Rosemiller; Acting-Master's Mate, D. M. Stauffer; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, H. C. Shibly; Acting-Second-Assistant, J. S. Willcoxan; Acting-Third-Assistant, J. W. Morton.


Acting-Master, Thomas Gibson; Acting-Ensigns, D. D. Bond and Thos. West; Acting-Master's Mates, Wm. Arnold, E. C. Nye and W. B. Tice; Acting. Assistant Surgeon, Emile Gavarret; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Chas. R. Howard; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, A. H. Armstrong; Acting-Second-Assistant, F. A. Cramer; Acting-Third-Assistant, C. S. Hamilton.

Fair Play--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Master, George J. Groves; Acting-Ensigns, J. H. Singleton, L. R. Hamersley and J. S. De Forrest; Acting-Master's Mates, C. B. Thatcher, J. W. Harbin and W. H. Roberts; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, John G. Sankey; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Robert Mattratha; Acting-Second-Assistant, John Mayhugh; Acting-Third-Assistants, Wm. Davizley and C. C. Rusford; Acting-Carpenter, Thomas Manning.


Acting-Master, John R. Grace; Acting-Ensigns, John Sullivan and John Conden; Acting-Master's Mates, Chas. Murray, E. D. O'Bryon and J. A. Leaman; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, A. S. Apgar; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Edw. C. Peck; Acting-Second-Assistants, G. W. Gough and Michael O'Reiley; Acting-Third-Assistant, C. A. Cooper.


Acting-Master, John S. Dennis; Acting-Ensigns, J. M. Flynt and Frank Middleton; Acting-Master's Mates, H. Z. Allphin, B. F. Brumback and J. R. Thomas; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, H. S. De Ford; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, E. J. Hurling Engineers: Acting-First Assistant, John Cullin; Acting-Second-Assistant, Isaac Ackley; Acting-Third-Assistant, Johnson Crawford.

New Era-Fourth-rate.

Acting-Master, A. C. Sears; Acting-Ensigns, W B. Shilleto and C. A. Schetky; Acting-Master's Mates, W. F. Renner, A. Hamilton and Henry Ufford; Acting-Assistant-Surgeon, Geo. A. Warren; Acting-Assistant-Paymaster, Wm. B. Purdy; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Israel Marsh; Acting-Third-Assistants, A. W. Smith and J. W. Edmundson; Acting-Carpenter, Byard Martin.


Acting-Master, M. J. Cronin; Acting-Ensigns, N. A. Closson and Ignatius Daum; Acting-Master's Mates, H. C. Bates, J. W. Summers, Louis J. Marshall and Walter Lawrence; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Stephen Cushing; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, C. S. Dunscomb; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Jebin Fox; Acting-Second-Assistant, T. C. Ridgly; Acting-Third-Assistant, R. A. Halderman.

Nymph--Fourth rate.

Acting-Master, Patrick Donnelly; Acting-Ensigns, F. M. Hathaway and L. Gardner; Acting-Master's Mates, W. C. Williams, W. C. Frost, C. A. Benham, F. W. Whiteside and W. W. Hosea; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, D. P. Taylor; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Arthur Sibley; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, N. D. Smith; Acting-Second-Assistant, Z. Brickell; Acting-Third-Assistants, A. T. Horner and W. H. Poulson.


Acting-Master, Henry T. Keene; Acting-Ensigns, R. W. Alson and B. G. Van Dyke; Acting-Master's Mates, L. A. Cole, C. H. Leaman and C. E. Townley; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, M. P. Lowry; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, R. P. Morrow; Acting-Second-Assistant, C. Abbott; Acting-Third-Assistants, W. H. Collins, Edw. W. Brooks and J. H. Henderson.

Great Western--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Master, Benj. Sebastian; Acting-Ensign, D. W. Tainter; Acting-Master's Mates, A. S. Thompson, N. E. Moore, W. F. Thomas and H. P. Bosworth; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, F. W. Wunderlich; Paymaster, Geo. L. Davis; Chaplain, W. H. Stewart; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, G. W. Fulton; Acting-Third-Assistant, A. L. Sinis.


Acting-Masters, W. E. H. Fentriss and Chas. Swendson; Acting-Ensigns, J. S. Roberts, J. S. Hurlbut and C. B. Plattenburg; Acting-Master's Mates, H. A. Thoburn and James Lawler; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Geo. F. Beasley; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, H. T. Wright; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, S. H. Linn; Acting-Second-Assistant, W. H. Stiles; Acting-Third-Assistant, Lorenzo Fulton.

Silver Cloud--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Master, Wm. Ferguson; Acting-Ensigns, Robert Wilkinson, J. M. Reid and J. C. Hall; Acting-Master's Mates, J. M. Darrah, R. S. Critchell and J. H. Bentley; Acting-Assistant-Surgeon, O. B. Damon; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, W. H. Hathorne; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, B. F. Clark; Acting Second-Assistant, W. A. Collins; Acting-Third-Assistants, J. W. Shellenberger and C. M. Milligan.


Acting-Master, Thos. M. Farrell; Acting-Ensign, E. C. Higgins; Acting-Masters Mates, J. H. Carter and W. H. Haven; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, T. F. Leech; Acting-Assistant-Paymaster, C. W. Bull; Engineers: Acting Third-Assistants, J. A. Goodwin, David Pace and John W. Ross.

General Thomas--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Master, Gilbert Morton; Acting-Ensign, Richard McCallister; Acting-Master's Mates, Joseph Grenlick, A. C. Orcutt, L. D. Simonds and Hans Trulsen; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, G. W. Burrows; Acting-Second-Assistant, W. E. Cowle; Acting-Third-Assistants, Jackson Andrew and J. W. Miles.


Acting-Master, Thomas Baldwin; Acting-Ensigns, R. P. Shaw and J. E. Ernst; Acting-Master's Mates, John Winram and W. J. Franks: Acting-Assistant Paymaster, E. R. Moffatt; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, J. N. McCurdy; Acting-Second-Assistant, W. E. Taylor; Acting-Third-Assistant, Wm. Teal.


Acting-Master, N. B. Willetts; Acting-Ensigns, H. N. Wells, S. H. Strunk and H. E. Church; Acting-Master's Mate, John Cronin and W. N. Bock; [811] Acting-Assistant Surgeon, W. B. Hartman; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, George P. Peck; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant C. F. Seager; Acting-Second-Assistants, G. W. Shields and J. H. Hume.


Acting-Master, James Fitzpatrick; Acting-Ensigns, T. G. Herron and Z. T. Tibbatts; Acting-Master's Mates, E. H. Thompson, J. P. Jordan, C. E. Jordon and H. W. Gray; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Lewis Westfall; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, S. S. Davis; Engineers: Acting-First Assistant, William Bishop; Acting-Second-Assistant, James Abrams; Acting-Third-Assistant, J. R. Meredith.

Silver Lake--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Masters, J. C. Coyle and G. W. Bone; Acting-Masters Mates, Samuel McKee, J. S. Dubois and F. N. Schooley; Acting-Assistant-Surgeon, J. H. Mills; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Samuel Ecoff; Acting-Second-Assistant, William J. O'Neill.


Acting-Master, Edm. Morgan; Acting-Ensigns, H. D. Disereus and J. E. Wright; Acting-Master's Mates, J. Cunningham, H. Homkomp and William J. Rudd; Engineer: Acting-First-Assistant R. McLean; Acting-Third-Assistants, William Bell and H. J. Spence.


Acting-Master, Frederick Read; Acting-Ensigns, W. B. Trufant and John Fisher; Acting-Master's Mates, R. L. Taylor, J. L. Kelso and G. W. Kepler; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, G. W. Shields; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Benj. Page; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, J. L. Winston; Acting-Second-Assistant, J. C. Jones; Acting-Third-Assistants, Samuel Henery and G. W. Postleth waite.

General Sherman--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Master, J. W. Morehead; Acting-Ensigns, E. D. Hurd and C. L. McChing; Acting-Master's Mates, D. J. Chadwick and M. Pinney; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistants, J. W. Street and David Street; Acting-Third-Assistants, Horace Stedman and T. H. Hamilton.

General Grant.

Acting-Ensigns, Joseph Watson and S. H. Harbe son; Acting-Master's Mates, E. B. McSweeney, D. G. Porter and H. W. Kruse; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, W. D. Hoffman; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, H. W. Taylor; Acting Second-Assistant, Edw. Costello; Acting-Third-Assistants, William McKenzie, D. Shaw and G. E. Reno.


Acting-Ensigns, Thomas Devine, M. Allen and A. Hagerup; Acting-Master's Mates, Herman Alms, Benj. Nelson, T. J. Eckert and C. F. Beall; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Geo. O. Allen; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Geo. F. Bennis; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, John Johnston; Acting-Second-Assistants, Geo. Walde and C. A. Fisher; Acting-Third-Assistants, J. J. Suor and Wm. Lingle.


Acting-Ensigns, H. B. O'Neill and M. G. Bailey; Acting-Master's Mate, Thomas Crawford, C. W. Dunlap and Robert S. Balestier; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, John Gorden; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. R. Morris; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Benj. A. Hoffman; Acting-Second-Assistant, L. S. Everson; Acting-Third-Assistant, C. C. Crain.


Acting-Ensigns, A. S. Palmer, James Derring and Conrad Erickson; Acting-Master's Mates, A. G. Boggs and J. W. Mullen; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, H. A. Mitchell; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, A. H. Armstrong; Acting-Second-Assistants, F. M. Peak and Frank S. Wyman; Acting-Third-Assistants, F. C. Warrington and Frank Leach.

Little rebel--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Ensign, Jos. P. Pettey; Acting-Master's Mates, N. P. Jacobs, J. F. Rulow, Isaac H. Brown and W. H. Evans; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistants, Julius Elliter and J. M. Miller; Acting-Third-Assistants, E. H. Burton and G. Dorsey.


Acting-Ensigns, James Tushy and Howard Hale; Acting-Master's Mates, J. H. Jacoby and W. L. Berrian; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant Benj. Everson; Acting-Second-Assistant, J. G. Moore; Acting-Third-Assistant, B. H. Collier.


Acting-Ensigns, A. C. Van Pelt and Jacob Rutherford; Acting-Master's Mate, Henry Van Velsor; Engineers: Acting-Second Assistants, Samuel Weaver and Park Scanlan; Acting-Third-Assistants, Nathan Spear and N. J. Brooks.


Acting-Ensigns, M. R. Haines and Louis Kenny; Acting-Master's Mates, J. A. Coleman and M. L. Kirk; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistants, Peter Wagner and G. W. Taylor; Acting-Second-Assistant, R. A. Benneson; Acting-Third-Assistant, Wm. T. Moore.


Acting Ensign, Geo.W. Painter; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, H. A. Mitchell. Engineers: Acting-Chief, C. H. Christopher; Acting-First-Assistant, Wm. Paul, Jr.

General Pillow--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Ensign, Frank W. Halsted; Acting-Master's Mates, Geo B. Hall, B. F. Craig and W. H. Dobell; Engineers: Acting-Third-Assistants, J. T. Slack and W. H. Cornell.

New national--Fourth-rate.

Acting-Ensign, J. M. Farmer; Acting-Master's Mates, J. D. Holmes, W. B. Floyd W. E. Jelley and H. A. Taylor; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Keley; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, W. O. Logue; Acting-Third-Assistants, G. W. Aikin, G. R. Bell, Oliver Rosebush and W. M. Ulix.

Receiving-ship Grampus.

Acting-Ensigns, J. W. Litherbury and Robert Howden; Acting-Masters Mates, C. J. Dananda, A. H. Lewis and W. H. Corcy; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, J. J. MeElhany; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Edw. D. Hayden.

Hospital-ship Red Rover.

Acting-Ensigns, Charles King and J. J. Irwin; Fleet-Surgeon, Ninian Pinkney; Passed-Assistant Surgeon, J. S. Knight; Acting-Assistant Surgeons, G. H. Bixby and J. F. Field; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, A. W. Pearson; Acting-Master's Mate, R. G. Van Ness; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Wm. J. Buffinton; Acting-First-Assistant, Wm. Sprague; Acting-Second-Assistant, W. M. Fletcher; Acting-Third-Assistants, W. H. Vanwert and J. T. English; Acting-Carpenter, Harlow Kinney.

Tug Fern.

Acting-Ensign, John M. Kelly; Acting-Master's Mate, Jacob Bomgarnar; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, John Reed; Acting-Third-Assistant, A. K. Porter.

Tug Mistletoe.

Acting-Ensign, Janes L. Lingley; Acting-Master's Mate, John Thompson; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, D. S. Miller; Acting-Third-Assistant, Allison Haywood.

Tug Mignonette.

Acting-Ensign, H. D. Green; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, W. L. Calhoun; Acting-Third-Assistant, G. W. Pyle.


Tug Myrtle.

Acting-Ensign, Isaac N. Goldsmith; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, Geo. Longwell; Acting-Third-Assistant, J. H. Wright.

Tug Pansy.

Acting-Ensign,Wm. Harris; Acting-Master's Mate, A. McCarthy; Engineer: Acting-Second-Assistant, H. A. Cady.

Tug Laurel.

Acting-Ensign, W. R. Owen; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, Chas. Hilling; Acting-Third Assistant, L. E. Davis.

Tug Dahlia.

Acting-Ensign, W. H. Strope; Acting-Master's Mate, Thomas Roach; Engineer: Acting-Second-Assistant, A. R. Smith.

Tug Hyacinth.

Acting-Ensign, J. B. Hizerman; Acting-Master's Mate, James Malis; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, M. L. Andrews; Acting-Third-Assistant, L. C. Thatcher.

Tug Ivy.

Acting-Ensign, Perry C. Wright: Acting-Master's Mate, Daniel Sullivan; Acting-Second-Assistant Engineer, Thomas Nerley.

Tug Thistle.

Acting-Ensign, R. J. Ettingham; Acting-Master's Mate, J. W. Hambrick; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, W. P. Clugsten; Acting-Third-Assistants, L. H. Jones and Byrd Allen.

Tug Daisy.

Acting-Master's Mates, Joseph Graham; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, F. M. Magers; Acting-Third-Assistant, J. E. Henderson.

W. H. Brown--Fourth-rate.

Pilot, Jefferson A. French; Acting-Ensign, J. Shinn; Acting-Master's Mates, O. Deweese, Jr., R. H. Hopkins and C. W. Dimmock; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, R. Cutter; Acting-Second-Assistants, A. C. P. French and G. W. Hart.

General Lyon--Fourth-rate.

Pilot, Richard E. Birch; Acting-Ensigns, James Martin and Thos. Cadwell; Acting-Master's Mates, E. W. Robinson, D. V. Balthis and F. B. Chase; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Wm. H. Doane; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, W. J. Hamilton; Acting-Second-Assistants, James Baldwin and R. A. Smith; Acting-Third-Assistants, G. C. Shull and H. Workhouse.


Paymaster, A. E. Watson; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Louis Jorgensen; Acting-Ensign, William Wagner; Acting-First-Assistant Engineer, Enos Hoshier.

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John B. Carpenter (24)
Le Roy Fitch (22)
J. B. Hood (18)
George H. Thomas (8)
Charles W. Miller (4)
Samuel Philip Lee (4)
Ninian Pinkney (3)
S. P. Lee (3)
Hans Trulsen (2)
A. J. Smith (2)
G. W. Shields (2)
Benjamin Page (2)
Paul Morgan (2)
H. A. Mitchell (2)
Acting-Volunteer Lieutenant (2)
Milton James (2)
Samuel Howard (2)
Howard Hale (2)
George J. Groves (2)
Henry A. Glassford (2)
Joseph C. Coyle (2)
J. H. Carter (2)
Thomas Cadwell (2)
J. R. Bowler (2)
A. H. Armstrong (2)
William Zimmerman (1)
Eugene Zimmerman (1)
John J. P. Zettick (1)
M. M. Yorston (1)
Reuben Yocum (1)
Henry Wyman (1)
Frank S. Wyman (1)
F. W. Wunderlich (1)
Perry C. Wright (1)
J. H. Wright (1)
J. E. Wright (1)
H. T. Wright (1)
Charles A. Wright (1)
H. Workhouse (1)
E. M. Wood (1)
J. L. Winston (1)
John C. Winslow (1)
John Winram (1)
Isaac Wiltse (1)
J. M. Wilson (1)
J. A. Wilson (1)
G. T. Wilson (1)
Byron Wilson (1)
Andrew Wilson (1)
William C. Williams (1)
James Williams (1)
J. B. Williams (1)
E. C. Williams (1)
W. E. Willey (1)
N. B. Willetts (1)
J. S. Willcoxan (1)
Robert Wilkinson (1)
James Wilkins (1)
A. W. Widup (1)
J. A. Whitesides (1)
F. W. Whiteside (1)
E. N. Whitehouse (1)
Charles White (1)
M. M. Wheeler (1)
B. C. Wheeler (1)
Lewis Westfall (1)
Thomas West (1)
W. W. Wentworth (1)
John H. Welsh (1)
William R. Wells (1)
H. N. Wells (1)
C. J. S. Wells (1)
J. C. Weeks (1)
Samuel Weaver (1)
Joseph Watson (1)
John S. Watson (1)
A. E. Watson (1)
A. M. Wasson (1)
F. C. Warrington (1)
George A. Warren (1)
A. A. Ward (1)
Henry Walters (1)
Joseph Walter (1)
S. L. Walkinshaw (1)
George W. Walker (1)
George Walde (1)
F. H. Waite (1)
William Wagner (1)
Peter Wagner (1)
Jacob Vittinger (1)
Freeman Vincent (1)
Henry Velsor (1)
C. E. Vaughn (1)
N. F. Vaughan (1)
F. Vanzant (1)
W. H. Vanwert (1)
E. C. Urner (1)
G. S. Upton (1)
W. M. Ulix (1)
Henry Ufford (1)
A. H. Tyler (1)
James Tushy (1)
Samuel Tubbs (1)
James Trulty (1)
W. B. Trufant (1)
Charles Trotter (1)
John B. Trott (1)
C. E. Townley (1)
Charles Tistandt (1)
W. B. Tice (1)
Z. T. Tibbatts (1)
John Thompson (1)
E. H. Thompson (1)
A. S. Thompson (1)
W. S. Thomas (1)
W. F. Thomas (1)
J. R. Thomas (1)
G. H. Thomas (1)
H. A. Thoburn (1)
H. G. Thayer (1)
L. C. Thatcher (1)
C. B. Thatcher (1)
William Teal (1)
William E. Taylor (1)
R. L. Taylor (1)
H. W. Taylor (1)
H. A. Taylor (1)
George W. Taylor (1)
D. P. Taylor (1)
P. H. Tawo (1)
Robert Tate (1)
D. W. Tainter (1)
A. J. Sypher (1)
Charles Swendson (1)
John Swaney (1)
J. J. Suor (1)
J. W. Summers (1)
John Sullivan (1)
Daniel Sullivan (1)
John A. Stuart (1)
S. H. Strunk (1)
W. H. Strope (1)
J. W. Street (1)
C. C. Streepey (1)
R. J. Stone (1)
P. J. Stone (1)
J. F. Stone (1)
James Stoddard (1)
W. C. Stiver (1)
W. H. Stiles (1)
William H. Stewart (1)
J. M. Stewart (1)
George H. Stevens (1)
W. M. Sterritt (1)
Horace Stedman (1)
L. C. Stebbins (1)
D. M. Stauffer (1)
Joseph V. Starr (1)
William Sprague (1)
H. B. Sprague (1)
E. P. Sprague (1)
C. W. Spooner (1)
H. J. Spence (1)
Nathan Spear (1)
S. S. Spangler (1)
J. C. Spalding (1)
Michael J. Soden (1)
William W. Smith (1)
William H. Smith (1)
R. A. Smith (1)
N. D. Smith (1)
J. E. Smith (1)
Charles Smith (1)
A. W. Smith (1)
A. R. Smith (1)
C. H. Slocum (1)
T. M. Sloan (1)
D. P. Slattery (1)
Charles W. Slamm (1)
J. T. Slack (1)
A. L. Sinis (1)
J. H. Singleton (1)
C. H. Sinclair (1)
Hiram Simonton (1)
L. D. Simonds (1)
Charles Silvercahn (1)
William Sill (1)
Arthur Sibley (1)
G. C. Shull (1)
H. Shoemaker (1)
Jacob Shinn (1)
B. Shilleto (1)
H. C. Shibly (1)
F. A. Sherman (1)
Philip Sheridan (1)
J. W. Shellenberger (1)
Thomas Sheffer (1)
R. P. Shaw (1)
D. Shaw (1)
W. R. Semans (1)
Benjamin Sebastian (1)
F. G. Seavey (1)
A. C. Sears (1)
C. F. Seager (1)
John G. Scott (1)
John Scott (1)
F. N. Schooley (1)
C. A. Schetky (1)
Park Scanlan (1)
Joseph Sawyer (1)
B. F. Saunders (1)
Nicholas Sauer (1)
John G. Sankey (1)
W. C. Sanford (1)
F. G. Sampson (1)
William G. Saltonstall (1)
L. A. Salade (1)
Jacob Rutherford (1)
C. C. Rusford (1)
W. W. Rumsey (1)
J. F. Rulow (1)
William J. Rudd (1)
C. C. Royce (1)
W. T. Ross (1)
John W. Ross (1)
D. P. Rosemiller (1)
Oliver Rosebush (1)
Roman (1)
R. W. Rogers (1)
John Rogers (1)
J. J. Rogers (1)
George W. Rogers (1)
George Rodabaugh (1)
E. W. Robinson (1)
G. W. Robertson (1)
W. H. Roberts (1)
J. S. Roberts (1)
Thomas Roach (1)
O. A. Rives (1)
J. H. Rivers (1)
T. C. Ridgly (1)
W. B. Richey (1)
O. G. Richey (1)
J. W. Richards (1)
John H. Rice (1)
J. F. Riblett (1)
Roddie Reynolds (1)
Ezekiel Reynolds (1)
C. W. Reynolds (1)
John Revell (1)
G. E. Reno (1)
W. F. Renner (1)
N. T. Rennell (1)
William Reid (1)
James Reid (1)
J. M. Reid (1)
C. T. Rees (1)
Thomas Reed (1)
T. B. Reed (1)
John Reed (1)
J. L. Reed (1)
J. F. Reed (1)
C. H. Reed (1)
W. M. Reber (1)
Frederick Read (1)
Richard Ratchford (1)
P. H. Randolph (1)
H. E. Rand (1)
J. R. Ramsey (1)
T. A. Quinn (1)
G. W. Pyle (1)
John Pybus (1)
David Putman (1)
William B. Purdy (1)
R. D. Punch (1)
H. O. Proctor (1)
Alexander Procter (1)
George Price (1)
J. B. Pratt (1)
W. T. Power (1)
John Powell (1)
Eli Powell (1)
W. H. Poulson (1)
G. W. Postleth (1)
J. F. Porter (1)
D. G. Porter (1)
A. K. Porter (1)
J. P. Popejoy (1)
C. B. Plattenburg (1)
M. Pinney (1)
Walter Pinner (1)
W. M. Piercy (1)
W. W. Phillips (1)
Joseph P. Pettey (1)
William C. Perry (1)
E. W. Perry (1)
Charles G. Perkins (1)
A. G. Perkins (1)
A. C. Pelt (1)
George P. Peck (1)
Edward C. Peck (1)
William S. Pease (1)
A. W. Pearson (1)
John Pearce (1)
F. M. Peak (1)
J. M. Peabody (1)
E. R. Pavy (1)
William Paul (1)
J. W. Paul (1)
S. S. Patterson (1)
R. E. Patterson (1)
J. L. Parsons (1)
J. C. Parker (1)
S. A. Park (1)
A. S. Palmer (1)
W. Painter (1)
W. R. Owen (1)
James Ovatt (1)
G. C. Osgood (1)
A. C. Orcutt (1)
Michael O'Reiley (1)
William J. O'Neill (1)
H. B. O'Neill (1)
James O'Neil (1)
Arthur O'Leary (1)
E. D. O'Bryon (1)
Jay Nyman (1)
E. C. Nye (1)
Michael Norton (1)
M. C. Noland (1)
Richard Nisbet (1)
R. G. Ness (1)
Thomas Nerley (1)
R. T. Nelson (1)
Benjamin Nelson (1)
William Neil (1)
J. H. Neely (1)
J. R. Neeld (1)
William T. Neal (1)
F. J. Naile (1)
R. M. Myers (1)
A. J. Myers (1)
Charles Murray (1)
M. B. Muncy (1)
B. D. Mulligan (1)
W. M. Mullen (1)
J. W. Mullen (1)
W. C. Mudge (1)
Joseph Moyer (1)
G. B. Mott (1)
Walter Mossington (1)
J. H. Moss (1)
J. H. Moses (1)
J. W. Morton (1)
J. B. Morton (1)
Gilbert Morton (1)
F. A. Morse (1)
R. P. Morrow (1)
J. R. Morris (1)
John C. Morong (1)
John Morgan (1)
H. G. Moreland (1)
J. W. Morehead (1)
William T. Moore (1)
N. E. Moore (1)
John S. Moore (1)
J. G. Moore (1)
J. D. Moore (1)
Daniel Molony (1)
W. R. Moffatt (1)
E. R. Moffatt (1)
H. M. Mixer (1)
John G. Mitchell (1)
H. W. Mitchell (1)
H. Mitchell (1)
William Mills (1)
J. H. Mills (1)
William J. Milligan (1)
C. M. Milligan (1)
William H. Miller (1)
M. A. Miller (1)
James Miller (1)
J. M. Miller (1)
G. T. Miller (1)
D. S. Miller (1)
O. W. Miles (1)
J. W. Miles (1)
J. S. Miles (1)
Robert Milby (1)
Frank Middleton (1)
W. H. C. Michael (1)
Edward Merriman (1)
William H. Meredith (1)
J. R. Meredith (1)
Samuel Mendenhall (1)
J. G. Megler (1)
J. J. MeElhany (1)
J. R. Meeker (1)
Henry B. Mears (1)
C. L. Meany (1)
George V. Mead (1)
John McWilliams (1)
Alexander S. McWilliams (1)
E. B. McSweeney (1)
Charles McMillan (1)
William McLean (1)
R. McLean (1)
James McKuen (1)
William McKenzie (1)
Samuel McKee (1)
W. D. McKean (1)
D. McKay (1)
Francis McGlincey (1)
Edward McGaughey (1)
Thomas McGarrity (1)
William D. McFarland (1)
Ezra McDunn (1)
James McDonald (1)
J. N. McCurdy (1)
J. A. McCreary (1)
W. W. McCracker (1)
J. S. McCoy (1)
J. A. McCormick (1)
F. M. McCord (1)
C. F. A. McCord (1)
John McCleane (1)
C. L. McChing (1)
Edward York McCauley (1)
Anthony McCarthy (1)
Richard McCallister (1)
John Mayhugh (1)
Robert Mattratha (1)
Thomas Mattingly (1)
James Martin (1)
Byard Martin (1)
M. G. Marsillot (1)
Louis J. Marshall (1)
J. H. Marshall (1)
E. P. Marshall (1)
Israel Marsh (1)
H. C. Marsh (1)
Francis Marsh (1)
Charles Marsden (1)
G. W. Marfield (1)
Thomas Manning (1)
A. L. Mann (1)
John Maloney (1)
T. J. Mallon (1)
F. M. Magers (1)
Alexander Magee (1)
W. J. Mack (1)
L. M. Lyon (1)
Andrew Lusk (1)
J. K. Lull (1)
Edward P. Lull (1)
A. S. Ludlow (1)
Edward Lozier (1)
M. P. Lowry (1)
C. J. Lowndes (1)
S. O. Lovell (1)
George P. Lord (1)
George Longwell (1)
W. O. Logue (1)
G. D. Little (1)
J. W. Litherbury (1)
J. W. Lister (1)
J. Linsly (1)
S. H. Linn (1)
Janes L. Lingley (1)
William Lingle (1)
T. M. Lewis (1)
A. H. Lewis (1)
Lewis Lehman (1)
J. H. Leever (1)
William J. Lees (1)
T. F. Leech (1)
J. A. Leaman (1)
C. H. Leaman (1)
Frank Leach (1)
Walter Lawrence (1)
James Lawler (1)
James Lanning (1)
R. H. Langslands (1)
S. H. Lancaster (1)
R. T. Lamport (1)
J. W. Lalor (1)
H. W. Kruse (1)
C. R. Knowles (1)
J. S. Knight (1)
William Kisnei (1)
C. H. Kirkendall (1)
M. L. Kirk (1)
Harlow Kinney (1)
E. M. King (1)
Charles King (1)
A. A. King (1)
E. H. Kidd (1)
William E. Keyes (1)
Edward Kershner (1)
G. W. Kepler (1)
Louis Kenny (1)
George W. Kenny (1)
Thomas Kennedy (1)
Joseph Kennedy (1)
J. W. Kennedy (1)
J. L. Kelso (1)
John M. Kelly (1)
James P. Kelly (1)
J. W. Keley (1)
Henry T. Keene (1)
Henry Kane (1)
H. L. Juce (1)
Louis Jorgensen (1)
C. E. Jordon (1)
S. D. Jordan (1)
J. P. Jordan (1)
F. A. Jordan (1)
W. H. Jones (1)
L. H. Jones (1)
J. C. Jones (1)
J. A. Jones (1)
E. C. Jones (1)
C. B. Jones (1)
John Johnston (1)
C. W. Johnston (1)
Spencer Johnson (1)
J. D. Johnson (1)
E. H. Johnson (1)
A. A. Jenks (1)
Floyd W. E. Jelley (1)
William Jayne (1)
J. H. Jacoby (1)
N. P. Jacobs (1)
Jeremiah Irwin (1)
J. J. Irwin (1)
J. W. Hymen (1)
R. A. Hyle (1)
Silas Huskey (1)
E. J. Hurling (1)
J. S. Hurlbut (1)
E. D. Hurd (1)
J. F. Humphrey (1)
James H. Hume (1)
J. R. Hugle (1)
R. T. Howell (1)
Robert Howden (1)
Charles R. Howard (1)
D. W. Houten (1)
M. Houston (1)
Enos Hoshier (1)
W. W. Hosea (1)
A. T. Horner (1)
R. H. Hopkins (1)
H. Homkomp (1)
A. B. Homer (1)
George H. Holt (1)
John D. Holmes (1)
J. M. Holmes (1)
Jasper Holman (1)
J. H. Holman (1)
W. S. Holden (1)
W. L. Holcomb (1)
W. D. Hoffman (1)
Benjamin A. Hoffman (1)
William R. Hoel (1)
J. B. Hizerman (1)
Charles Hilling (1)
J. L. Hilliard (1)
T. K. Hill (1)
Fred'k S. Hill (1)
E. C. Higgins (1)
W. P. Higbee (1)
T. G. Herron (1)
B. W. Herr (1)
J. T. Hensley (1)
John Henry (1)
J. H. Henderson (1)
J. E. Henderson (1)
G. N. Heisel (1)
J. D. Hedges (1)
Thomas Hebron (1)
Joseph K. Heap (1)
G. T. Hazlett (1)
Allison Haywood (1)
G. M. Hayiman (1)
Edward D. Hayden (1)
D. Hayden (1)
W. H. Haven (1)
William H. Hathorne (1)
J. H. Hathaway (1)
F. M. Hathaway (1)
William Hatfield (1)
L. W. Hastings (1)
George Harvey (1)
P. R. Hartwig (1)
J. M. Hartwell (1)
J. W. Hartuper (1)
W. B. Hartman (1)
Louis Hartlet (1)
Lafayette Harter (1)
G. W. Hart (1)
William Harris (1)
J. L. Harris (1)
James Harrington (1)
Isham J. Hardy (1)
A. W. Hardy (1)
W. H. Hardin (1)
J. W. Harbin (1)
S. H. Harbe (1)
C. B. Hapgood (1)
F. W. Hanson (1)
H. A. Hannon (1)
Thomas Hanna (1)
William Hammett (1)
W. J. Hamilton (1)
T. H. Hamilton (1)
C. S. Hamilton (1)
Alanson Hamilton (1)
L. R. Hamersley (1)
J. W. Hambrick (1)
John R. Halt (1)
Frank W. Halsted (1)
Thomas N. Hall (1)
James C. Hall (1)
Geo B. Hall (1)
R. A. Halderman (1)
M. V. B. Haines (1)
M. R. Haines (1)
Anthony Hagerup (1)
C. H. Gullick (1)
Thomas Guernsey (1)
Joseph Grippin (1)
C. D. Griggs (1)
Joseph Grenlick (1)
Thomas B. Gregory (1)
G. A. Gregory (1)
John Gregg (1)
James A. Greer (1)
T. H. Green (1)
Henry D. Green (1)
F. C. Green (1)
W. H. Gray (1)
H. W. Gray (1)
H. B. Graves (1)
William Grant (1)
Joseph Graham (1)
B. F. Graham (1)
Edward C. Grafton (1)
John R. Grace (1)
Charles H. Gould (1)
A. N. Gould (1)
G. W. Gough (1)
Jason Goudy (1)
Henry H. Gorringe (1)
John Gorden (1)
J. A. Goodwin (1)
F. C. Goodwin (1)
E. M. Goodwin (1)
Isaac N. Goldsmith (1)
H. A. Glassford (1)
Thomas Girty (1)
James C. Gipson (1)
C. C. Gilliland (1)
F. T. Gillette (1)
Thomas Gibson (1)
N. L. Gerould (1)
Geo (1)
Emile Gavarret (1)
E. Gasa (1)
L. Gardner (1)
W. C. Gabbrith (1)
William Furck (1)
Lorenzo Fulton (1)
George W. Fulton (1)
C. M. Fuller (1)
W. C. Frost (1)
Jefferson A. French (1)
James S. French (1)
A. C. P. French (1)
Louis Frederick (1)
P. Frazer (1)
William J. Franks (1)
George E. Francis (1)
D. C. Fralick (1)
William J. Fraks (1)
Jebin Fox (1)
J. W. Foster (1)
J. G. Foster (1)
Moreau Forrest (1)
Morean Forrest (1)
J. S. Forrest (1)
A. V. Forgey (1)
H. S. Ford (1)
F. M. Follett (1)
J. M. Flynt (1)
William Flye (1)
Robert B. Fly (1)
James M. Flint (1)
William M. Fletcher (1)
James Fleming (1)
James Fitzpatrick (1)
William E. Fitzhugh (1)
Leroy Fitch (1)
John Fisher (1)
C. A. Fisher (1)
Thomas Finnie (1)
J. H. Fink (1)
J. F. Field (1)
H. R. Ferris (1)
J. W. Ferrell (1)
J. B. Ferrand (1)
William Ferguson (1)
W. E. H. Fentriss (1)
Thomas M. Farrell (1)
J. M. Farmer (1)
B. A. Farmer (1)
H. W. Fairfowl (1)
L. S. Everson (1)
Benjamin Everson (1)
J. H. Everhart (1)
W. H. Evans (1)
R. L. Evans (1)
R. J. Ettingham (1)
H. J. Ervin (1)
W. M. Ernst (1)
J. E. Ernst (1)
Conrad Erickson (1)
Edward C. Eraley (1)
W. H. English (1)
J. T. English (1)
John H. Ely (1)
Julius Elliter (1)
L. K. Ellis (1)
E. C. Ellis (1)
C. W. Egster (1)
G. A. Ege (1)
J. W. Edmundson (1)
Samuel Ecoff (1)
T. J. Eckert (1)
Charles Earnshaw (1)
W. P. Eakle (1)
B. G. Dyke (1)
W. J. Durney (1)
C. S. Dunscomb (1)
W. H. Dunning (1)
Elisha W. Dunn (1)
C. W. Dunlap (1)
E. A. Dumont (1)
W. W. Duley (1)
D. B. Dudley (1)
J. S. Dubois (1)
J. J. Drew (1)
Edgar L. R. Draper (1)
Drake (1)
James Downs (1)
Thomas Doughty (1)
G. Dorsey (1)
Patrick Donnelly (1)
Albin Donnelly (1)
Oliver Donaldson (1)
W. H. Dobell (1)
William H. Doane (1)
T. Doane (1)
H. D. Disereus (1)
C. W. Dimmock (1)
William Dickson (1)
O. Deweese (1)
W. T. Devlan (1)
Thomas Devine (1)
John S. Dennis (1)
S. J. Denight (1)
John Denhart (1)
W. H. H. DeGroot (1)
C. F. Degelman (1)
W. H. Decker (1)
T. J. Dean (1)
Noah Dean (1)
G. W. Dean (1)
E. Dayton (1)
R. H. Day (1)
William Davizley (1)
S. S. Davis (1)
L. E. Davis (1)
John Davis (1)
George L. Davis (1)
D. Davis (1)
Ignatius Daum (1)
J. M. Darrah (1)
C. J. Dananda (1)
O. B. Damon (1)
Rensler Cutter (1)
James Cutler (1)
Stephen Cushing (1)
C. C. Cushing (1)
R. J. Curtis (1)
D. Curtis (1)
James Cunningham (1)
John Cullin (1)
W. S. Culbertson (1)
C. W. Crooker (1)
M. J. Cronin (1)
John Cronin (1)
John Cronan (1)
T. F. Croft (1)
R. S. Critchell (1)
Thomas Crawford (1)
Johnson Crawford (1)
E. F. Crane (1)
F. A. Cramer (1)
C. C. Crain (1)
B. F. Craig (1)
George G. Cox (1)
D. B. Cox (1)
W. E. Cowle (1)
Anthony Courtway (1)
W. C. Coulson (1)
Edward Costello (1)
J. J. Cornwell (1)
W. H. Cornell (1)
Julien D. Coriell (1)
W. H. Corcy (1)
William R. Cooper (1)
C. A. Cooper (1)
Thomas Cook (1)
John Coock (1)
W. L. Constantine (1)
N. Conner (1)
N. H. Conklin (1)
John Conden (1)
J. B. A. Conant (1)
W. H. Collins (1)
W. A. Collins (1)
B. H. Collier (1)
E. D. Collett (1)
S. B. Coleman (1)
J. A. Coleman (1)
Frederick T. Coleman (1)
L. A. Cole (1)
H. D. Coffinberry (1)
Isaac T. Coates (1)
W. P. Clugsten (1)
N. A. Closson (1)
Henry Clifton (1)
J. W. Cleve (1)
J. W. Clawson (1)
D. S. Clarke (1)
James W. Clark (1)
Charles P. Clark (1)
B. F. Clark (1)
C. H. Christopher (1)
Benjamin Chester (1)
F. B. Chase (1)
C. L. Chapman (1)
John W. Chambers (1)
D. J. Chadwick (1)
Charles Chadwick (1)
Charles H. Caven (1)
F. A. Castle (1)
J. W. Cassell (1)
Charles L. Carty (1)
Richard Carroll (1)
J. R. Carmody (1)
W. D. Carley (1)
J. Canaday (1)
Alexander Campbell (1)
C. A. Calvert (1)
W. L. Calhoun (1)
A. R. Calhoun (1)
H. A. Cady (1)
R. Cadwallader (1)
W. H. Byrm (1)
J. R. Byland (1)
W. H. Burton (1)
E. H. Burton (1)
C. H. Burt (1)
G. W. Burrows (1)
Thomas Burns (1)
Jerome Burns (1)
J. A. Burns (1)
J. G. Burkley (1)
William Burke (1)
W. A. Burchard (1)
C. W. Bull (1)
B. S. Bull (1)
William J. Buffinton (1)
James D. Buckley (1)
Andrew Bryson (1)
John L. Bryant (1)
B. F. Brumback (1)
R. W. Brown (1)
N. T. Brown (1)
Isaac H. Brown (1)
George W. Brown (1)
N. J. Brooks (1)
Edward W. Brooks (1)
E. F. Brooks (1)
S. H. Brogan (1)
Benjamin H. Brink (1)
J. G. Briggs (1)
C. C. Briggs (1)
Z. Brickell (1)
Oliver Bray (1)
C. M. Bragg (1)
Michael Bradley (1)
Robert Boyd (1)
C. W. Botten (1)
H. P. Bosworth (1)
D. P. Bosworth (1)
Henry Booby (1)
G. W. Bone (1)
D. D. Bond (1)
Jacob Bomgarnar (1)
Joseph Bolejack (1)
Andrew Boland (1)
D. A. Boies (1)
William C. Boggs (1)
A. G. Boggs (1)
H. A. Bodman (1)
W. N. Bock (1)
Thomas Blanchard (1)
John Blake (1)
George H. Bixby (1)
William Bishop (1)
A. T. Bisel (1)
Richard E. Birch (1)
Samuel Bickerstaff (1)
W. L. Berrian (1)
J. H. Bentley (1)
George F. Bennis (1)
R. A. Benneson (1)
C. A. Benham (1)
William Bell (1)
George R. Bell (1)
George F. Beasley (1)
George F. Bean (1)
Ezra C. Beaman (1)
C. F. Beall (1)
C. Beal (1)
H. C. Bates (1)
Bate (1)
William H. Barton (1)
Henry E. Bartlett (1)
W. W. Barry (1)
J. H. Barry (1)
John C. Barr (1)
W. S. Barlow (1)
S. N. Barker (1)
Peter Barclay (1)
N. P. Banks (1)
William D. Bangs (1)
D. V. Balthis (1)
L. C. Ball (1)
G. W. Ball (1)
Robert S. Balestier (1)
Thomas Baldwin (1)
N. P. Baldwin (1)
James Baldwin (1)
J. B. Baldwin (1)
Henry Baker (1)
G. M. Baker (1)
B. R. Baker (1)
M. G. Bailey (1)
A. H. Bagby (1)
William H. Baer (1)
George Bacon (1)
Charles A. Babcock (1)
S. C. Babbitt (1)
J. B. Atwood (1)
John W. Atkinson (1)
George H. Atkinson (1)
William E. Atkins (1)
William Arnold (1)
C. E. Arbuthnot (1)
A. S. Apgar (1)
M. L. Andrews (1)
Jackson Andrew (1)
Joseph Anderson (1)
George W. Amsden (1)
R. W. Alson (1)
H. Z. Allphin (1)
Mervin Allen (1)
H. S. Allen (1)
George O. Allen (1)
Byrd Allen (1)
A. B. Allen (1)
Thomas Allan (1)
Edward Alford (1)
George W. Aikin (1)
A. H. Ahrens (1)
John W. Adams (1)
Charles W. Adams (1)
C. B. Adams (1)
Isaac Ackley (1)
Charles Ackley (1)
James Abrams (1)
J. G. Abbott (1)
C. Abbott (1)
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