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General Index.

Absentees, large number of, in Union Army 532
Accidents, deaths from 50, 528, 529
Ages of soldiers, Union Army 62
Aggregate of deaths 525
Aggregate enrollment, Confederate 554
Aggregate enrollment, Union 526, 527, 532, 533
American soldiers, heights and ages of 505
Andersonville prison, number of deaths in 51
Antietam, the bloodiest battle of the war 540
Anthropological statistics 62
Army corps, histories of 64
  First 65
  Second 67
  Third 70
  Fourth 72
  Fifth 74
  Sixth 76
  Seventh 79
  Eighth 80
  Ninth 81
  Tenth 84
  Eleventh 86
  Twelfth 87
  Thirteenth 90
  Fourteenth 92
  Fifteenth 94
  Sixteenth 96
  Seventeenth 97
  Eighteenth 99
  Nineteenth 101
  Twentieth 103
  Twenty-first 105
  Twenty-second 106
  Twenty-third 106
  Twenty-fourth 108
  Twenty-fifth 109
  Cavalry 110
Army of the Potomac, strength of at Wilderness 540
Arm of the service, deaths in each 48
Attucks, Crispus 52
Average strength of regiments 466
Addenda 576
Badges of the different corps 64
Baltimore Riot 470, 488
Bates, S. P., quoted 27, 57, 488, 489
Battles and engagements, number of, during the war, 542
Battles, list of, with Union loss in each 543
Battles, list of, with Confederate loss in each 549
Battles, chronological list of, with greatest regimental losses in each battle 561
Bayonet and sabre wounds 24, 78
Bering, Major John A., quoted 45
Black Brigade of Cincinnati 52
Bloodiest battle of the war 540
Border States, number of men furnished 537, 552, 554
Border States, loyalty of 536
Brigade losses, Confederate 558
Brigade losses, Union 116, 117, 118
Captured and missing 23, 424
Casualty returns, deficiencies in 574
Cause unknown, deaths from 530
Cavalry regiments, formation and strength of 6
Cavalry regiments, maximum losses in 6
Census of 1860, military population 535, 536, 537
Chaplains killed in battle 43, 44
Chronological list of battles, with greatest loss in each 426, 543
Classification of deaths in Union Army 48
Color of hair and eyes of volunteers 62
Colored troops, number of deaths in 48, 49
Colored troops, history of organization 52
Colored regiments, tabulated losses in 521
Colored troops, number enrolled, by States 532, 535
Colored troops, number enlisted in Southern States 535
Colored regiments, extraordinary mortality from disease 524
Commutation money, number who paid 533, 534
Confederate casuality reports 542, 559
Confederate army, strength of 552, 553
Confederate army, number killed in 554
Confederate army, deaths in, by States 554
Confederate army, percentage killed in 555
Confederate army, enrollment of 553
Confederate enlistments in Union Army 531
Confederate generals killed, list of 571
Confederate prisons, number of deaths in 529
Confederate regiments, number from each State 553
Confederate regiments, extraordinary losses in 555, 556
Confederate regiments, losses in particular battles 560
Confederate regiments, remarkable percentages of loss in 556
Confederate Navy, losses in 573
Confederate Navy, captures by privateers 573
Confederate States, military population of, in 1861. 552, 554
Connecticut regiments, list of, with loss in each 473
Conscription Act 532
Consolidation of regiments 9
Corps badges 64
Corps organizations in Union Army, history of 64
Craven, T. A., Commander U. S. N., mentioned 537
Custer massacre, loss at 27
Custer's Cavalry Brigade 120
Conclusion, suggestions in 574
Cowtan, Capt., Chas. W., quoted 478
Davenport, Alfred, quoted 28
Deaths from all causes classified 50
Deaths from miscellaneous causes 530
Deaths, total of, from all causes 526, 532
Deaths in Confederate armies, by States 554
Deaths in Confederate prisons 50, 529
Deaths in each arm of the service 48
Defeats and victories, lists of 541
Delaware regiments, list of, with loss in each 489
Denny, Capt. A. W., quoted 27
Desertions, number of 531
Disability, exemptions for 552
Disease, total of deaths from 48, 49, 528, 530
Disease, deaths from, in U. S. Navy 537
Disease, minimum of deaths from, in regiments 471, 482
Discharged for disability, number of soldiers 531
Division-generals, names used in designation 466
Doctors killed in battle 43, 44
Drafted men, number of, in service 532
Drafted men, number of, rejected on examination 552
Drowning, number of deaths from 50, 528, 529
Drum, General R. C., mentioned 525
Duryee Zouaves at Manassas 27
Eighth Census, military population of 535, 536, 537
Elmira military prison, deaths in 51
Enlistments, total of, in Union Army, 526, 532, 533, 535, 536
Enlistments, number of, from each State 534
Enlistments reduced to a three years basis 525, 526, 534
Enlistments in U. S. Navy, number of 537
Enrollment, percentage of, killed 8
Enrollment of Confederate armies, aggregate of 552
Engel, Dr., quoted 24
European wars, as compared with American 46
Executions by courts-martial, number of 530
Excelsior Brigade 119
Exemptions for disability 552
Famous divisions and brigades 114
Ferrero's Division (colored) 55
First regiment organized under second call 480
Final battles of the war, date of 462
Formation and strength of a regiment 5
Fort Fisher, casualties in navy at 539
Franco-Prussian war, losses in German armies 24, 46, 47
Franco-Prussian war, heaviest loss in 37
Franco-Prussian war, percentage of officers killed 38
Formula for computing proportion of wounded, etc. 24
Foster, John Y., quoted 27
Fry, General James B., report of, quoted 554
Generals killed in Union Army, list of 40
Generals killed in Confederate Army, list of 571
General Lyon, loss of steamer 507, 529
General order of Gen. Lee as to casualty reports 559
German armies, total losses of in Franco-Prussian war 24
Gettysburg, the greatest battle of the war 540
Gettysburg, Union loss at 25
Gettysburg, strength of Union Army at 25
Graybeard Regiment 518
Greatest battle of the war 540
Greatest battles of the war, with loss at each 541
Greatest regimental loss in killed 3
Greatest regimental percentage of killed 26, 27
Gregg's South Carolina Brigade, deaths in 571
Gould, Dr. B. A., quoted 505
Hancock's Division 115
Hancock's Division at Fredericksburg, casualties in 35
Hancock's Veteran Corps, total enrollment of 527
Hancock's Veteran Corps, organization of 66
Harker's Brigade 121
Harrow's Brigade, loss at Gettysburg 121
Heavy artillery regiments, size and strength of 5, 39
Heavy artillery regiments, maximum losses in 6
Heckman's “Star” Brigade 120
Height of American volunteers 62
Higginson, Colonel T. W. 53
Hodge, Wm. Barwick, quoted 24
Horses killed in light batteries 463
Humphreys, Gen. A. A., quoted 541
Illinois regiments, tabulation of, with deaths in each 504
Illinois regiments in the Mexican war 505
Illinois regiments, synonyms of 506
Indian regiments, U. S. A. 61, 522
Indian Nations, enrollment of troops 533
Indian fighting, atrocities committed 517
Indiana “minute men” in the war 501
Indiana generals 504
Indiana regiments, tabulation of, with deaths in each 500
Indiana regiments, synonyms of 501
Indiana regiments, reenlistments in 503
Indiana soldiers, heights and ages of 504
Indiana volunteers in the Mexican war 501
Infantry regiments, their size and formation 5
Irish brigade 118
Iron Brigade 117
Iowa Brigade 119
Iowa brigades 518
Iowa regiment, tabulation of, with deaths in each 514
Iowa regiments, heavy losses in 520
Jersey Brigade 119
Jones, Dr., Joseph, quoted 552
Kansas regiments, tabulation of, with losses 519
Kansas, quota of, filled to excess 522
Kentucky regiments, tabulation of, with losses 498
Kentucky regiments, severe losses of 499
Kentucky troops, complimented by Gen. McClernand 500
Kentucky generals prominent in the war 499
Killed in action or mortally wounded, number of 526
Killed, wounded, and missing in casualty reports 424
Kirkley, Joseph W., quoted 24, 525, 530
Last battle of the war, date of 462
Light Artillery, maximum of losses in 7, 462, 463
Lee, Gen. Robert E., order concerning casualty reports 559
Light batteries of Regular Army 7
Light batteries, average strength in action 462
Light batteries, loss in horses 463
Light Brigade, at Balaklava, loss of 37
List of regiments in Union Army, with losses 467
Longstreet's Division, loss at Seven Days Battle 558
Love, William D., quoted 44
Maine regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 467
Maryland regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 489
Maryland regiments, duplication of titles 490
Mahan, Alfred T., quoted 537
Manning, Colonel V. H., official report at Gettysburg 559
Masonic Lodge, Tenth New York 478
Massachusetts regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 469
Maximum of killed in regiments 3
Maximum size of regimental organization 5
Maximum of regimental loss in battles 17
Maximum percentage of casualties in regiments 36
Maximum percentage of enrollment killed 8
Michigan regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 510
Michigan Engineers, mention of 511
Michigan generals in the war 512
Michigan Cavalry Brigade 120
Military executions, number of 530
Military population, percentage of enlisted 533, 535
Military population of Confederate States 552
Minnesota regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 514
Minnesota First, at Gettysburg 26
Minimum of loss from disease, in regiments 471, 482
Minimum of size in regimental organization 5
Miscellaneous regiments 524
Missing and captured 23, 424
Missouri regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 516
Missouri regiments, small enrollment of 520
Missouri regiments, State Militia 521
Mobile Bay, casualties in Navy at 539
Morning reports 34
Mortally wounded or killed in action, number of 526
Mortality in Department of the Gulf 468
Murdered, number of soldiers 530
Musicians killed 45
Muster-out rolls 57, 59
Muster-out of volunteer forces, date of 525
Mutiny in 1st La. Cavalry 472
Nativity of soldiers in Union Army 62
Navy, casualties on vessels, 1861-65 538, 539
Navy, total of deaths in, 1861-65 537
Navy, deaths from disease in late war 537
Navy, number of enlistments in, 1861-65 533, 537
Navy, Confederate, list of actions, with losses 573
Navy, Confederate, number of vessels captured 573
New Hampshire regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 468
New Jersey nine-months' men, record of 483
New Jersey regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 482
New Jersey Brigade, First 482
New Jersey Brigade, Second 482
New York regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 474
New York State National Guard 474
New York Light Batteries, tabulation of 475
New York Seventh, State Militia 475
New York two-years' regiments 477
North Carolina troops, number enrolled 553
Occupation of volunteers in Union Army 63
Official reports, lack of 574
Officers killed, proportion of, to enlisted men 38, 48
Officers killed, greatest regimental loss in 39
Officers killed, greatest loss in, by brigades 480
Officers, deaths among, from disease 40, 48
Ohio regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 491
Ohio regiments, reenlistments in 494
Ohio quota of troops 492
Ohio generals, prominent 495
Ohio “squirrel hunters” 494
Ohio State National Guard 493
Organization of regiments, size, strength, etc. 5
Palfrey, Gen. F. W., quoted 34
Paine's Division, colored 55
Pennsylvania Reserves 114
Pennsylvania nine-months' regiments, casualties in 488
Pennsylvania regiments, tabulated list of, with loss in each 483
Pennsylvania regiments, peculiar numbering of 484
Pennsylvania regiments, synonyms of 485
Pennsylvania soldiers, first to arrive at Washington 487
Pennsylvania soldiers at Gettysburg 488
Pennsylvania, highest percentage of killed of any State 484
Percentage of killed from each State 526
Percentage of killed in Union Army 555
Percentage of killed in Confederate Army 555
Percentage of killed by regiments 10
Percentage of killed, greatest regimental loss in 28
Percentage of deaths in troops from each State 526
Percentage of deaths from sundry causes 528
Percentage of military population from each State 533
Percentage of total enrollment killed, by regiments 8
Percentage of substitutes and conscripts rejected 552
Philadelphia Brigade 119
Prison, Andersonville, number of deaths in 51
Prison, Elmira, number of deaths in 51
Prisons, Confederate, total of deaths in 50, 529
Prisons, Confederate, maximum of regimental losses in 524
Prisons, Union, total of deaths in 50
Proportion of wounded to killed 22, 23
Provost Marshal General's report of strength of Union armies 526
Quotas of troops required from each State 534, 535
Ratio of wounded to killed 22, 23, 24
Railroad accidents, casualties from 508
Railroad Raid, capturing a locomotive 496
Reenlistment of veterans, number of 526
Regiment sustaining greatest loss in battle 2
Regimental formation and strength 5
Regimental percentages of killed, tabulation of 10
Regular Army, losses in 520
Regular Army, period including deaths 525
Regular Army, strength of, at various dates 527, 528
Regular Army, desertions from 531
Regular Army, at Stone's River 523
Regular Army, at Gettysburg 523
Rhode Island batteries, special mention of 472
Rhode Island regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 472
Sabre and bayonet wounds 24, 78
Sailors and marines, number from each State 532
Scharf, John T., quoted 573
Scott, Col. Robert N., quoted 574
Seven Days Battle, strength of Lee's army at 540
Sickles's Brigade 119
South Carolina Brigade, Gregg's 571
Southern Historical Society Papers, quoted 552
Star Brigade, Heckman's 120
Steedman's Brigade 120
Steamer “General Lyon,” losses on 507
Steamer “Sultana,” losses on 496, 503, 529
Strength and formation of a regiment 5
Strength of regiments, average 466
Strength of Union Armies at various dates 526
Substitutes in the army, number of 532
Substitutes, number of, rejected on examination 552
Suicide, number of deaths from 530
Sultana, losses on Steamer 496, 503, 529
Sunstroke, number of deaths from 530
Surgeons killed, number of 43
Sykes's Division 115
Sears, Lieut., Cyrus, quoted 462
Table A.--Total of deaths with percentages, by States 526
Table B.--Total of deaths from disease, accidents, etc. 528
Table C.--Classification of deaths from minor causes 530
Table D.--Number of white troops, colored troops and sailors 532
Table E.--Number of enlistments, three-years' standard 534
Table F.--Percentage of military population from each State 536
Tennessee regiments, mortuary statistics of 519
Terms of enlistment, various lengths of 525
Three Hundred Fighting Regiments 122
Torpedoes, casualties in Navy from 537, 538, 539
Total enlistment 9, 15, 466, 526, 527, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536
Total enrollment of Confederate armies 552
Total enrollment in Union regiments 9
Total of killed and wounded in the war, Union armies 24
Unassigned recruits 465
United States regiments, tabulated losses in 521
Union Army, strength of, at various dates 526
Union Army, list of regiments, with loss in each 467
Vermont regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 469
Vermont Brigade, losses of 116
Veteran reenlistments, number of 526
Veteran Reserve Corps, total enrollment of 527
Victories and defeats, list of 541
Volunteers, number of deaths in Union Army 49
War Department, statistics of 4, 465, 525, 529
Walker, Gen. Francis A., quoted 26
Waterloo as compared with Gettysburg 47
Weight of American soldiers 62
West Virginia regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 490
White troops, number of, by States 532, 535
Wilder's Brigade 503, 507
Willich's Brigade 121
Wilderness, strength of Union Army at the 540
Wisconsin regiments, tabulation of, with loss in each 512

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