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Arlington House, Va., the headquarters of Gen. McDowell, P. 101

Arlington Mills, near Alexandria, Va., skirmish at, D. 89

Arming for battle, P. 46

Armistice, rumored, P. 55

Armitage, Rev. Dr., D. 57

Army Hymn, by O. W. Holmes, P. 87

Arnold, Benedict, and Jefferson Davis, P. 24

Arnold, J., Col. 3d Conn, Regt, D. 77; Notice of, Doc. 272

Articles of Confederation, Int. 13

Ashley, (M. C.,) his account of Contraband negroes, P. 110

Ashmore, J. D., of S. C., Doc. 8; leaves Congress, D. 5

Astor, Augusta---, Doc. 165 John Jacob, Jr., Doc. 165

A Southern Song, by L. M., P. 136

A Suggeston to Major Anderson, P. 4

A Tale of 1861 by E. S. Rand,jr., P. 48

“Atlantic” sailed from N. Y., D. 21

Auburn, N. Y,, Union Meeting at, D. 33

Augusta, Ga., arsenal at, surrendered, D. 16

A Union traveller, anecdote of, P. 23

A Vision of January 4th, P. 14

A Volunteer Song, P. 13

A War-Song for Virginia, P. 146

A Welcome to the Invader, P. 93

A Wonderful Conversion, P. 150


Babcock, Samuel D., D. 77

Babes in the Wood; by C. C., P. 88

Bacon, J. B., P. 29

Bache, A. D., D. 96

Bailey, Godard, D. 5

Baker, Senator, at the inauguration of President Lincoln, D. 18 ---Speech of, at the Union Meeting, N. Y., April 20, Doc. 86 ---Col. 2d Regt. N. J. S. M., Doc. 131; W. C., P. 142 ---, artist, of N. Y., D. 56 ---, Mrs., of Washington, P. 96

Ball, Capt., rebel, D. 103

Balloons, reconnoitering in, D. 103; ascension of Prof. Lowe, D. 108

Baltimore, Md., effect of secession of South Carolina at, D. 4; citizens of, approve the course of Gov. Hicks, D. 9; a “Union city,” D. 12; secession meeting at, D. 29; secession flag in, torn down, D. 32; Northern troops to be obstructed in, D. 32; proclamations issued in, calling on the people to keep the peace, D. 32; riot in, April 19th, D. 33, 39; embargo established at, D. 39; conservative influence in, D. 46; flag-raising at, D. 53; Union ward meetings in, D. 56; the gorillas of, D. 57; Federal troops pass through, D. 61; Southern enlistments leave, D. 62; United States troops in, D. 68; munitions of war seized at, D. 70, 71; rioters of the 19th April, D. 72; munitions of war siezed in, D. 74; powder seized in, D. 93; muskets seized in, D. 94; correspondence in reference to the riot, April 19th, Doc. 78; “the rattlesnake's fangs,” Doc. 79; recapitulation of the killed and wounded in, D. 89; Doc. 133; embargo at, Doc. 134; a secession cockade in, P. 27; anecdote of heroism at the riot in, April 19, 1861, P. 38; and Lexington, a remarkable coincidence, P. 58; incidents of the riot in, P. 60

Baltimore. See East Baltimore. “Baltimore Sun,” The, D. 46

Ballier, Colonel, D. 95

Banks, patriotism of the New Hampshire, D. 28; patriotism of the New Jersey, D. 30; patriotism of the Connecticut, D. 28; correspondence between the banks of New York and the Governor of Georgia, D. 84; meeting of the commissioners of the Southern, D. 93, 102

Bank of Commerce of Providence, R. I., D. 27

Banks, N. P., appointedmaj.-gen. D. 85; takes command at Baltimore, D. 100

Baptists, convention of Georgia, D. 52; notices of, D. 57, 83; report of the Southern convention of, D. 68; Missionary Union, meeting of, D. 83; mass meeting of the, at Brooklyn, N. Y., D. 84; resolutions of the Georgia, Doc. 179; report of the Southern convention of, Doc. 237; report and resolutions of the, at Brooklyn, N. Y., May 29, Doc. 307

Bardwell, James, Rev., celebrated prayer of, D. 65; Doc. 230

Barnwell, R. W., appointed commissioner from S. Carolina, D. 6; delegate to Southern Congress, D. 10

Barry, A. I., of Mississippi, D. 12

Barry, W. F., Major, D. 21

Bartholomew, J. E., Rev., D. 61

Bate, W. B., Col. 2d Tenn., Doc. 265

Bates, Edward, letters to John Minor Botts, D. 84; Doc. 304

Battle Anthem, by John Neal, P. 119

Bayard, Jas. A., censured, D. 28, 103; address to his constituents, D. 69; letter to the people of Delaware, Doc. 240

Bay State Song, P. 117

Beach, Elizabeth T. Porter, P. 72; Lines to Colonel W. H. Allen, 1st Regiment N. Y. S. V., Dc. 282

Beattie, Rev. D., Adieu to the Ohio Soldiers, P. 94

Beauregard, P. G. T., ordered to Charleston, S. C., D. 18; orders intercourse with Fort Sumter to cease, D. 21; his staff at Charleston, S. C., D. 22; bombards Fort Sumter, D. 23; congratulates his troops on the fall of Fort Sumter, D. 25; retires from the command at Charleston, S. C., D. 82; arrived at Manassas, Va., D. 91; notice of, D. 93; orders relating to Captain Ball, D. 103; general orders after the bombardment of Fort Sumter, Doc. 63; “Booty and Beauty” proclamation, Doc. 839; proclamation compared with that of General Butler, Doc. 839; an epigram, P. 96; the ubiquity of, P. 96

Bedford, N. Y., flag-raising at, D. 46

Bedford (Va.) “Yankee Catchers,” P. 71

Beech, A. C., & A. B., of Nashville, Tenn., repudiate their debts, P. 38

Bercher, Henry Ward, D. 38

Bell, John, address to Tenn., D. 30; a traitor, D. 41; in the Washington conspiracy, D. 59; speech at Nashville, Tenn., Doc. 137

Bellows, H. W, D. D. D. 38, 96; Doc. 311

Beman, John, huns, P. 148

Bendix, John E., Colonel 7th Regiment, N. Y. S. V., D. 98; Doc. 273

Benjamin, J. P., secession speech of, in the U. S. Senate, D. 8; his “failing” at college, P. 20; attorney-general, C. S. A., correspondence with Captain C. Lee Moses, P. 132

Bennett, James Gordon, Jr., commissioned in the revenue service, D. 71

Bennett, —, Colonel 28th Regiment, N. Y. S. M., D. 51

Benson, Egbert, Doc. 116

Berk's Station, Va., rebels captured at, D. 97

Berlin, Md., bridge burned at, D. 96

Berry, Jesse H., poem by, P. 104

Berry, Michael, Captain; how he escaped from the South, P. 139

Bethune, George W., D. D., D. 38, 54, Doc. 119, P. 45

Betts, S. R., Doc. 135

Bigler, —, Senator, D. 28; P. 8

Binghamton, N. Y., Union meeting at, 33

Bininger, A. M., D. 39

Binney, Horace, Doc. 178

Birdseye, J. C., of California, D. 38

Black Republic, South Carolina to be a, P. 10

Black, —, Gov. of Nebraska, D. 52

Blair, M., Postmaster--general, stops the mails between St. Louis and Memphis, D. 70 notice of, D. 76; suspends all mail service in the seceded States, D. 82

Blair, F. P., Doc. 363; D. 102

Blankman, Edmond, speech at Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 118

Blenker, Louis, Colonel, Doc. 296

Bliss, L. W., acting Governor of Jefferson Territory; his proclamation of May 21, D. 90; Doc. 325

Blockade, the Federal, proclaimed, D. 32, 46, 48, 62, 73, 82; Southern opinion of the, D. 75; debate on the, in the English House of Commons, D. 83

Blunt, Ellen Key, P. 31

Blunt, George W., D. 32

Boernstein, Henry, Col. 2d Regt. Missouri Volunteers, proclamation of, June 17, D. 107; Doc. 411

Boggs, Rev. Mr., of Bedford, N. Y., D. 46

Bonham, M. L., of South Carolina, leaves Congress, D. 5; Doc. 8; brigadier-general, (rebel,) Doc. 139

Bonney, B. W., D. 94

Booneville, Mo., battle of, D. 107; account of the battle at; rebel account of the battle, Doc. 410

Border State convention, at Baltimore, Maryland, P. 4, 8; meet at Frankfort, Ky., D. 91; address of the, to the people of the United States, Doc. 350; address to the people of Kentucky, Doc. 353

Boreman, Arthur J., D. 101

Borland, Solon, Col., D. 43

Boston, Mass., patriotism of the Common Council of, D. 30; banks of, loan 10 per cent. on their capital to government, D. 30; excitement in, on receipt of the news of the Baltimore riot, D. 34; incident at a police court in, P. 44; meeting of the Suffolk bar at, D. 48; the school teachers in, D. 50; to be burned, D. 55; Courier, article in, on the increase of slavery, Int. 45; Doc. 401; Rifle Company, D. 68; Transcript, quotation from, D. 70

Botts, John Minor, Bates' Letters to, D. 84; Doc. 304

Boudinot, Elias C., Doc. 260

Bourne, George S., P. 35

Bourne, Wm. Oland, P. 62, 75

Boweryem, George, P. 47

Boyce, W. W., of S. C., leaves Congress, D. 5; delegate to Southern Convention, D. 10, Doc. 8

Boylston, —, appointed to Beauregard's staff, D. 22

Bragg, Braxton, Gen., at Pensacola, D. 68; his order cutting off supplies from Fort Pickens, Doc. 42

Brass missionaries, P. 112

Brady, James T., letter to the Union meeting, New York, Doc. 92

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United States (United States) (1)
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Kentucky (Kentucky, United States) (1)
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Fort Pickens (Florida, United States) (1)
Delaware (Delaware, United States) (1)
California (California, United States) (1)
Boston (Massachusetts, United States) (1)
Boonville (Missouri, United States) (1)
Binghamton (New York, United States) (1)
Berlin, Md. (Maryland, United States) (1)
Bedford County (Virginia, United States) (1)
Augusta (Georgia, United States) (1)
Augusta (1)
Auburn (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Alexandria (Virginia, United States) (1)

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P. G. T. Beauregard (2)
Edward Bates (2)
N. P. Banks (2)
Ball (2)
Black Republic (1)
E. S. Rand (1)
John Neal (1)
C. Lee Moses (1)
McDowell (1)
M. P. Lowe (1)
Abraham Lincoln (1)
John Jacob (1)
Oliver Wendell Holmes (1)
Hicks (1)
Jefferson Davis (1)
Conn (1)
B. F. Butler (1)
Braxton Bragg (1)
James T. Brady (1)
— Boylston (1)
W. W. Boyce (1)
George Boweryem (1)
William Oland Bourne (1)
George S. Bourne (1)
Elias C. Boudinot (1)
Solon Borland (1)
Arthur J. Boreman (1)
B. W. Bonney (1)
M. L. Bonham (1)
Boggs (1)
Henry Boernstein (1)
George W. Blunt (1)
Ellen Key Blunt (1)
L. W. Bliss (1)
Louis Blenker (1)
Edmond Blankman (1)
M. Blair (1)
F. P. Blair (1)
— Black (1)
J. C. Birdseye (1)
Horace Binney (1)
A. M. Bininger (1)
— Bigler (1)
S. R. Betts (1)
George W. Bethune (1)
Michael Berry (1)
Jesse H. Berry (1)
Henry Ward Bercher (1)
Egbert Benson (1)
J. P. Benjamin (1)
John E. Bendix (1)
John Beman (1)
Bellows (1)
John Bell (1)
A. C. Beech (1)
D. Beattie (1)
Elizabeth T. Porter Beach (1)
James A. Bayard (1)
W. B. Bate (1)
J. E. Bartholomew (1)
W. F. Barry (1)
A. I. Barry (1)
R. W. Barnwell (1)
James Bardwell (1)
Ballier (1)
W. C. Baker (1)
Godard Bailey (1)
J. B. Bacon (1)
A. D. Bache (1)
Samuel D. Babcock (1)
Astor (1)
J. D. Ashmore (1)
Ashley (1)
J. Arnold (1)
Benedict Arnold (1)
Armitage (1)
R. H. Anderson (1)
W. H. Allen (1)
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April 19th (3)
April 19th, 1861 AD (1)
1861 AD (1)
June 17th (1)
May 29th (1)
May 21st (1)
April 20th (1)
January 4th (1)
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