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Breckinridge, Rev. Dr., article of, in the Danville (Ky.) Review, opposing secession, D. 97

Breckinridge, J. C., protests against the war, D. 35

Brengle Guard, of Frederick, Md., D. 61

Breshwood, Capt., surrenders the cutter Robert McClellan, D. 16

Brown, George M., of Mobile, Ala., D. 13

Bridgeport, Conn., Union meeting at, D. 35

Briggs, G. N., Governor of Massachusetts, D. 83

Bright, Mr., remarks in English House of Commons, May 23, Doc. 303

Bronson, Greene C., Doc. 135

Brooklyn, N. Y., D. 15; Union meeting at, D. 42; war spirit in, D. 50; steam frigate, ordered to Charleston, S. C., D. 9; P. 10; Navy Yard, the threatened attack upon, P. 21; Heights Seminary, D. 50

Brooks, Sarah Warner, P. 45

Brooks, William M., of Ala., D. 12

Broome Co., (N. Y.,) volunteers, D. 67

Brown, —, Governor of Georgia, demands Augusta arsenal, D. 16; prohibits payment to Northern creditors, D. 45; notices of, D. 72; P. 9, 22; attaches the Mason and Western Railroad, P. 25

Brown, General, at Ft. Pickens, D. 77

Brown, Major-General, 1812, D. 59

Brown, George William, Mayor of Baltimore, D. 37; proclamation of April 18, Doc. 77; correspondence with Governor Andrew, Doc. 80; his account of an interview with President Lincoln, Doc. 123

Brown, James M., Capt. D. 83

Brown, J. N., ex-U. S. N., P. 39

Brown, J. B., D. 60

Brown, John C., Doc. 123

Brown, John, D. 90

Brown, John young, Doc. 76

Brown, Neill S., D. 7; address to Tennessee, D. 30

Brown High School at Newburyport, Mass., D. 43

Browne, Wm. M., P. 24

Brownell, Francis E., D. 79

Brownell, Katy, D. 45

Brownell, Martha Francis, D. 45

Brownlow, Parson, his definition of the height of impudence, P. 26; his reply to Gen. Pillow, P. 60; anecdote of the daughter of, P. 109

Bryan, M. K., Col., D. 39

Bryant, Mr., of S. C., D. 13

Bryant, Lieut., U. S. N., D. 73

Bryce, —, Col., D. 37

Buchanan, James, President of U. S., D. 7; receives Hayne of S. C., D. 14; notice of, D. 59; correspondence with Floyd, Doc. 10; correspondence with the South Carolina Commissioners, Doc. 11; recommendation for a fast, Dec. 14, 1860, Doc. 17; agitated at the surrender of Federal arms, P. 8; favors the secessionists, P. 9; not to reinforce the forts, P. 9; his administration a reign of “stealing,” P. 23; his favorites, conspirators, P. 24; another “Abou-Ben-Adhem,” P. 38; “blabs all he knows,” P. 39; New York women's letter to, P. 42; his early knowledge of the secession conspiracy, P. 110; Twiggs' letter to, P. 131

Buckingham, —, Gov. of Conn., proclaims a fast, D. 5; calls for volunteers, D. 28; notice of, D. 42

Budd, Capt., of the steamer Resolute destroys rebel shipping on the Potomac, D. 99; captures the schooner “Buena Vista,” D. 108

Buena Vista Volunteers, D. 56

“Buena Vista”, schooner, D. 108

Buffalo, N. Y., patriotic action of the Common Council of D. 46

Bull, Dyer, Rev., of New Haven, P. 20

Bungay, G. W., P. 50

Bungtown Riflemen, P. 95

Bunker Hill, battle of, celebrated at Alexandria, Va., D. 105; celebrated at Boston, D. 106; celebrated in Virginia, P. 125

Burgvien, E., Gen., D. 43

Burgess, John I., D. 59

Burlingame, Anson, at Paris, D. 85

Burleigh, W. H., P. 61

Burns, William, D. 29

Burnet, J. B., wife of, D. 46

Burnside, A. E., Colonel, Rhode Island Regiment, Doc. 124

Burton, Wm., Gov. of Delaware, D. 46; proclamation, April 26, Doc. 155

Benton's six footers, anecdote of, P. 139

Busbee, George, D. 105

Bush River, Md., bridge at, burned, D. 35

Butler, B. F., Brig.-General, D. 35; congratulates his troops on their success at Annapolis, D. 40; takes possession of Annapolis, D. 42; threatens to arrest the Maryland Legislature, D. 45; notices of, D. 49, 58, 61, 66, 69, 70, 71, 74, 76, 80, 83, 91; appointed Major-General, D. 72, 73; at Fort Monroe, D. 75; visits Hampton, Va., D. 78; anecdote of, P. 56; his African descent, D. 86; on fugitive slaves, D. 86; letter to Gov. Hicks, Doc. 144; general orders at Relay House, Md., May 8, Doc. 208; proclamation at Federal Hill, Baltimore, of May 14, Doc. 243; speech at Washington, Doc. 254; report of the battle of Great Bethel, Doc. 356; letter to Gov. Andrew, Doc. 257; letter to Gen. Scott on “Contrabands,” Doc. 313; his Union sentiments in Jan., P. 9; the Picayune's pedigree of, P. 128

Butler, George H., Lieut., D. 76; is sent for the remains of Major Winthrop, D. 105

Butler, Wm. Allen, D. 73, Doc. 262

Butterworth, Sergeant, shot, D. 78

Buttrick, —, persons of the name in the battle of Lexington and the riot at Baltimore, P. 59

Byington, A. H., D. 36


Caddo Rifles, the, D. 44

Cadwallader, —, Gen., threatened by a mob, D. 26; at Fort McHenry, D. 82; arrest of, ordered, 15. 83; notice of, D; 102; his action at Fort McHenry, Doc. 301

Cady, Daniel, Judge, P. 40

“Cahawba”, steamship, D. 44

Cairo, Ill., Federal troops at, D. 42; reasons for the occupation of, D. 43; the occupation of, P. 78; guns planted at, D. 90; brass missionaries at, P. 112

Calhoun, J. C., D. 4, 56; on the Constitution, Int. 20; did not claim a constitutional right of secession, Int. 22; opinion of secession, Int. 44; “The Spotted Hand,” P. 7

Calhoun, privateer, D. 71; prizes of the D. 81

California ships threatened, D. 10; citizens of, hold a war meeting in N. Y., D. 38; Doc. 132

Call, R. K., Gov., letter to J. S. Littell, of Pennsylvania, Doc. 416

Cambridge, Mass., Union Meeting at, D. 48

Cameron, Simon, Secretary, Gov. Magoffin's reply to, D. 27; Gov. Letcher's reply to, D. 28; Gov. Ellis' reply to, D. 29; reply of Gov. Harris to, D. 30; Gov. Jackson, reply to, D. 30, 40; denies the “armistice story,” D. 52; circular in reference to appointment of army officers, D. 76; response of Gov. Rector to, D. 102; letter of. on the organization of the Federal army, Doc. 269; letter to Gen. Butler on “contraband negroes,” Doc. 314; Cassius M. Clay's reply to, P. 39

Campbell, John A., Judge, U. S. Supreme Court, resigned, D. 54; letter to Seward, Doc. 426

Camp Jackson, Mo., taken, D. 66

Canada, spirit of the press of, D. 51

Canadian opinions of the war, P. 139

Canton, Md., bridges at, burned, D. 35

Carey, —, Quartermaster N. Y. 5th Regiment. D. 89

Cary, Major, of the rebel army, D. 80

Carlisle, John S., speech at Wheeling, May 11, D. 67; in the Virginia Convention, D. 101; Doc. 328; speech in the Wheeling (Va.) Convention, June 14, Doc. 374; conversation with Henry A. Wise, P. 40

Carr, Joseph B., Col. 2d Regiment N. Y. S. V., Doc. 269; W. C. N., D. 29

Carrington, Edward C., his call of Jan. 5, 1861, D. 10; Doc. 17

Carroll, Edward, oration of, D. 17

“Caspian”, the schooner, D. 16

Cass, Lewis, D. 29; D. 43; Gen. Wool's letter to, on the necessity of reinforcing the Southern forts, Doc. 11; speech at Detroit, April 24, Doc. 145

Castle Pinckney, S. C., taken possession of by rebels, D. 7; Commander Pettigru at, D. 8

Castleton, Vt., Union Meeting at, D. 45

Catawba Indians. See Indians.

Catholics of the South refuse fellowship with those of the North, D. 97

C. Colden Murray, the bark, D. 17

Chapin, E. H., D. D., P, 62

Charleston Courier; its opinion of the rebellion, P. 149

Charleston Mercury threatens to take the forts, D. 4; discusses sea-coast defences, D. 4; suggests the seizure of forts, D. 10; urges an attack on Fort Sumter D. 16; strictures on the policy of the Federal Government, D. 21; request to the captains of Confederate ships, D. 39

Charleston, S. C., people of, refuse to allow Federal soldiers to be sent to the forts, D. 3; act of secession signed at, D. 4; palmetto flags raised in, D. 7; forts at, seized, D. 7; orders in reference to the clearance of vessels from, D. 8; citizens of, ordered into military service, D. 10; “foreign vessels” at, D. 17; arsenal at, seized by rebels, D. 8; Washington's birthday in, D. 17; United States vessels reported off the harbor of, D. 21; Doc. 49; people of, refuse provisions to Fort Sumter, D. 21; warlike preparations at, P. 10; reported panic at, P. 11; floating battery at, D. 22;

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New York State (New York, United States) (2)
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Cambridge (Massachusetts, United States) (1)
California (California, United States) (1)
Cairo, Ill. (Illinois, United States) (1)
Cahawba (Alabama, United States) (1)
Bush River (Maryland, United States) (1)
Buffalo, N. Y. (New York, United States) (1)
Broome County (New York, United States) (1)
Brooklyn (New York, United States) (1)
Bridgeport (Connecticut, United States) (1)
Benton (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Augusta (1)
Alexandria (Virginia, United States) (1)
Alabama (Alabama, United States) (1)

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J. C. Calhoun (2)
William Allen Butler (2)
Bryant (2)
— Brown (2)
Neill S. Brown (2)
John Brown (2)
George William Brown (2)
J. C. Breckinridge (2)
J. A. Andrew (2)
John E. Wool (1)
Henry A. Wise (1)
R. C. Winthrop (1)
David E. Twiggs (1)
William H. Seward (1)
Robert S. Scott (1)
Bungtown Riflemen (1)
H. M. Rector (1)
Gideon Pillow (1)
— Pettigru (1)
C. Colden Murray (1)
Beriah Magoffin (1)
J. S. Littell (1)
Abraham Lincoln (1)
John Letcher (1)
J. W. Jackson (1)
Hicks (1)
Hayne (1)
Isham G. Harris (1)
John B. Floyd (1)
English (1)
John W. Ellis (1)
Cassius M. Clay (1)
E. H. Chapin (1)
Lewis Cass (1)
Cary (1)
Edward Carroll (1)
Edward C. Carrington (1)
Joseph B. Carr (1)
John S. Carlisle (1)
— Carey (1)
John A. Campbell (1)
Simon Cameron (1)
R. K. Call (1)
Daniel Cady (1)
— Cadwallader (1)
A. H. Byington (1)
— Buttrick (1)
Butterworth (1)
George H. Butler (1)
B. F. Butler (1)
George Busbee (1)
William Burton (1)
A. E. Burnside (1)
William Burns (1)
J. B. Burnet (1)
Anson Burlingame (1)
W. H. Burleigh (1)
E. Burgvien (1)
John I. Burgess (1)
G. W. Bungay (1)
Dyer Bull (1)
Budd (1)
— Buckingham (1)
James Buchanan (1)
— Bryce (1)
M. K. Bryan (1)
Parson Brownlow (1)
Martha Francis Brownell (1)
Katy Brownell (1)
Francis E. Brownell (1)
William M. Browne (1)
John C. Brown (1)
James M. Brown (1)
J. N. Brown (1)
J. B. Brown (1)
George M. Brown (1)
William M. Brooks (1)
Sarah Warner Brooks (1)
Greene C. Bronson (1)
Bright (1)
G. N. Briggs (1)
Breshwood (1)
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January 5th, 1861 AD (1)
December 14th, 1860 AD (1)
1812 AD (1)
June 14th (1)
May 23rd (1)
May 14th (1)
May 11th (1)
May 8th (1)
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April 24th (1)
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