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bravery of the troops of, D. 51; schooner fired into at, P. 43; harbor of, blockaded, D. 67; Doc. 236; an Incident at the forts at, P. 25; plan to prevent uneasiness in, P. 44; an incident at, on the eve of the battle of Fort Sumter, P. 44; the consul at, and Seward, P. 98

Charlotte, N. C., mint at, seized, D. 37

Chatauqua (N. Y.) Volunteers, D. 83

Chesnut, James, Jr., delegate to Southern convention, D. 10; appointed to Beauregard's staff, D. 22; at Fort Sumter, D. 23

Chesnut Hill, Pa., D. 40

Chester County, Pa., D. 10

Chetwood, Hobart, Rev., D. 84

Chicago, Ill., Union. resolutions of, D. 11; Union meeting at, D, 30, 35

Child, Willard, D. 45

Childs, —, Captain, the Dayton Rifle Company, D. 33

Childs, George W., D. 56; Doc. 186

Chipp, W., D. 32

Chippewa Indians, D. 43

Chittenden, H. W., wife of, D. 46

Chittenden, S. B., D. 82; Doc. 94

Chisholm, Thomas, D. 68

Chowan Association, of N. C., D. 74

Chumasero, John C., D. 103

Cincinnati, O., workingmen's Union meeting at, D. 10

Cisco, John J., P. 8

Clancy, John, P. 14

Clark, Col. 19th N. Y. Regt., D. 95

Clarksburg, Va., citizens of, censure the course.of Gov. Letcher, D. 39

Clay, Cassius M., at Paris, D. 85, 94; letter to London Times, Doc. 340; reply of the London Times, Doc. 341; London News on letter of, Doc. 342; anecdote of, P. 39

Clay, Henry, speech of, 1850, Int. 31; his birthday the anniversary of the battle of Fort Sumter, P. 78

Clemens, Sherrard, D. 15; anecdote of his speech, 22d January, P. 21; D. 32; poem on, P. 52; speech in the House of Representatives, Jan. 22d, 1861, Doc. 22

Clerke, T. W., Doc. 135

Cleveland, O., Union meeting at, D. 27

Cobb, Howell, elected president of the Southern Congress, D. 17; his proposition in reference to the sale of cotton, D. 76; speech at Atlanta, Ga., Doc. 268

Cochrane, John, D. 46; speech at N. York, Apl. 20, Doc. 96; anecdote of Bigler and, P. 8

Cocke, Philip St. George, Brigadier-General, of Virginia, D. 58

Cockeysville, Md., rumored descent on, D. 88; Doc. 123

Cockey's Field, ballad of, P. 52

Cocks, John G., his proposition to Major Anderson, P. 129

Coddington, David S., speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 105

Coe, George S., Doc. 306

Coercion might be exercised under the Confederation, Int. 14

Coffee, Andrew Jackson, P. 138

Colcock, —, collector of Charleston, S. C., his orders in reference to departure of vessels, D. 8

Coles, —, Captain, takes possession of Potosi, Mo., D. 71

Collamer, —, Senator, of Vt., D. 42

Collier, —, Lieut. of U. S. M., D. 53

Cologne Gazette, extract from, D. 74

Colt, Samuel, his patriotic offer, D. 52

Columbia Artillery, arrived at Charleston, S. C., D. 8

Columbia, Ark., negro plot in, D. 92

Columbus, Ky., secession flag, D. 101

Comstock, —, Midshipman, D. 57

Confederate Congress. See Southern Confederacy.

Confederate Navy. See Southern Confederacy.

Conkling, F. A., D. 46

Connecticut Legislature appropriates $2,000,000 for the war, D. 55; First Regiment of, D. 65; Doc. 237; Second Rgt. of, D. 66, 70; Doc. 245; Third Regiment of, D. 77; Doc. 272; Fourth Regiment of, D. 100; Doc. 362

Conrad, C. M., D. 5

Conrad's Ferry, Md., skirmish at, D. 108

Constitution, school-ship, D. 40; escape of, D. 48

Contraband of war, “constitution and constipation,” P. 68

Contraband negroes, D. 80; General Ashley's account of, P. 110; General Butler's letter to General Scott on, Doc. 313; Secretary Cameron to Gen. Butler on, Doc. 314

Conway, William, seaman, loyalty of, approved by the Navy Department, D. 43

Cooke, Erastus, D. 32

Cooley, T. M., P. 73

Coombs, Leslie, letter of, P. 81

Cooper, S., Adj.-Gen. U. S.A., D. 18

Copland, Mary, verses by, P. 36

Corcoran, Michael, Colonel 69th Regt., N. Y. S., D. 53; captures secessionists, D. 95 69th Regt., N. Y. S. M., Doc. 142; lines addressed to, P. 34

Cornwell, H. S., verses by, P. 123

Corwin, Moses H., D. 36

Corwin, Thomas, his amendment to the Constitution, D. 18; Doc. 36

Coste, N. L., Capt., surrenders the cutter Aiken, D. 7

Cotton, the culture of, introduced under protection, Int. 29; how it should be sold, D. 76; the exportation of, prohibited by the Southern Confederacy, D. 81; to be exported from Southern seaports, D. 85; D. 92; act of the Confederate Congress on the exportation of, Doc. 292; planted in New Jersey, P. 126

Cotton's King, an epigram, P. 113

Cowdin, Robert, Colonel 1st Regt. Mass. State Vol., D. 104; Doc. 377

Crane, John J., Doc. 306

Crawford, Surgeon, of Fort Sumter, cures Roger A. Pryor, P. 27

Creager, B. H., Rev. Doc. 199

Crittenden, John J., D. 3, 4, 97

Crittenden, —, Col. at the battle of Philippi, D. 91; Doc. 333

Cronstadt, Russia, secession flag in, D. 105

Crowley, Timothy, anecdote of, P. 110

Cullum, Col. U. S. A., D. 96

Curtin, Andrew G., Gov. of Pa., D. 21; proclamation of, Doc. 119; D. 36, 39; Curtin, Camp, scene at, P. 41

Curtis, George Ticknor, letter to Edward Everett, on the Constitution of the U. S., Int. 43

Curry, J. L., commissioner from Alabama, D. 12

Cushing, Caleb, speech at Newburyport, Mass., D. 43; Doc. 145

Cutler, Elbridge Jefferson, P. 151


Daly, Charles P., Judge, patriotism of his wife, D. 73; Doc. 135; speech to the 7th Regt., N. Y. S. V., Doc. 273

Dana”, U. S. schooner, seized, D. 14

Daniel Webster, steamer, D. 45

Danville (Ky.) Review. Dr. Breckinridge's article against secession. in, D. 98

Dare, Colonel, D. 95

Davis, Edward W., D. 33

Davis, Ira P., at N. Y., Doc. 102

Davis, Jefferson, retires from the U. S. senate, D. 15; elected president of S. C., D. 17; inaugurated at Montgomery, D. 17; inaugural address of, Doc. 31; appoints his cabinet, D. 17, 18; his position towards Texas, D. 19; makes a military requisition on Alabama, D. 21; speech of, on leaving the U. S. senate, Doc. 22; his proclamation of April 17th offering letters of marque, Doc. 71; war message of April 29, Doc. 167; proclamation for a fast, Doc. 274; arrival at Richmond, May 29, D. 84; serenaded at Richmond, D. 90; instructions to privateers, Doc. 272; speech at Richmond, June 1, Doc. 322; reply to the President's proclamation, D. 26; message to Southern Congress, April 29, D. 50; an epigram on his proclamation for a fast, P. 144; approved repudiation, D. 74; to the Md. commissioners, Doc. 362; command of the Southern army offered to, P. 20; “Not a secessionist,” P. 21; wishes a “cessation of hostilities,” D. 100; his advertisement for coffins, P. 42; Norwich editors, present to, P. 24; at Charleston, Feb. 25, P. 23; compared with Lincoln, P. 128; a method of disposing of, P. 131; personal appearance of, P. 24; a Boston sculptor's offer for, P. 96; remarks on anti-slavery, Int. 46; supposed correspondence with Gov. Magoffin, P. 125; see the traitor's plot, P. 39; epigram on, P. 113

Davis, —, Lieut., at Fort Moultrie, D. 6

Davis, Varina, wife of Jefferson Davis, letter from, P. 71

Day, William F., D. 84

“Daylight”, steamer, D. 48

Dayton, N. L., D. 85; Doc. 191

Dayton, O., Child's rifle co. of, D. 33

Dean, Gilbert, Doc. 135

Dean, William, Rhode Island, D. 45

Declaration of Independence, recognizes a People, Int. 11

Delaware refuses to join the S. C., D. 9; added to the military department of Washington, D. 33; volunteers from, D. 46

De Mille, James, P. 73

Davison, Mary A., P. 142

De Rusey, Colonel, rebel, D. 105

Detroit, Mich., meetings at, D. 25, 43

Devens, Charles, Major, D. 37

Dewey, Orville, D. D., D. 103

Dickson, David L., P. 73

Dictator, one wanted in Va., D. 61

Dickinson, —, inventor of Winans' steam-gun, D. 66

Dickinson, Daniel S., D. 67; speech at N. Y., April 20, Doc. 85

Dickinson, H., commissioner of Mississippi, invites Delaware to join the Southern Confederacy, D, 9

District of Columbia, organization of the militia of, D. 9, 112

Dix, D. L., her circular address to volunteer nurses, Doc. 310; department of nurses, D. 84

Dix, John A., D. 16; Doc. 27; appointed Major-General of State of New York, D. 59; speech of, at N. Y., April 20, Doc. 82; appointed Major-General in the United States Army, D. 103; Doc. 362

Dix, Timothy, D. 59

Dixie, D. 108; origin of the song of, P. 113; by Albert Pike, P. 106; the Michigan Patriots' Song, P. 73

Dixon, Archie, speech at Louisville, Ky., April 18, Doc. 74

Dobbin, George W., D. 58; Doc. 123

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George W. Childs (2)
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William Allen Butler (2)
N. York (1)
Ross Winans (1)
William H. Seward (1)
Robert S. Scott (1)
Roger A. Pryor (1)
Beriah Magoffin (1)
Abraham Lincoln (1)
John Letcher (1)
Chippewa Indians (1)
Cologne Gazette (1)
Edward Everett (1)
George W. Dobbin (1)
Archie Dixon (1)
Timothy Dix (1)
John A. Dix (1)
D. L. Dix (1)
David L. Dickson (1)
Daniel S. Dickinson (1)
Orville Dewey (1)
Charles Devens (1)
William Dean (1)
Gilbert Dean (1)
De Rusey (1)
James De Mille (1)
N. L. Dayton (1)
William F. Day (1)
Mary A. Davison (1)
Varina Davis (1)
Ira P. Davis (1)
Edward W. Davis (1)
Dare (1)
Dana (1)
Charles P. Daly (1)
Elbridge Jefferson Cutler (1)
Caleb Cushing (1)
George Ticknor Curtis (1)
J. L. Curry (1)
Cullum (1)
Timothy Crowley (1)
B. H. Creager (1)
Crawford (1)
John J. Crane (1)
Robert Cowdin (1)
N. L. Coste (1)
Thomas Corwin (1)
Moses H. Corwin (1)
H. S. Cornwell (1)
Michael Corcoran (1)
Mary Copland (1)
S. Cooper (1)
Leslie Coombs (1)
T. M. Cooley (1)
Erastus Cooke (1)
William Conway (1)
C. M. Conrad (1)
F. A. Conkling (1)
— Comstock (1)
Samuel Colt (1)
— Collier (1)
— Collamer (1)
— Coles (1)
— Colcock (1)
Andrew Jackson Coffee (1)
George S. Coe (1)
David S. Coddington (1)
John G. Cocks (1)
Philip St. George Cocke (1)
John Cochrane (1)
Howell Cobb (1)
T. W. Clerke (1)
Sherrard Clemens (1)
Henry Clay (1)
Cassius M. Clay (1)
John Clancy (1)
John J. Cisco (1)
John C. Chumasero (1)
S. B. Chittenden (1)
H. W. Chittenden (1)
Thomas Chisholm (1)
W. Chipp (1)
Hobart Chetwood (1)
James Chesnut (1)
Simon Cameron (1)
J. C. Breckinridge (1)
— Bigler (1)
P. G. T. Beauregard (1)
Ashley (1)
R. H. Anderson (1)
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