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another account of the killed at, P. 97; opinions of the press in reference to the movement of Major Anderson at, Doc. 9; action of the N. Y. Chamber of Commerce, in relation to the soldiers of, D. 95; ridiculous rumors about, P. 27, 44; gallantry of Peter Hart at, P. 41

Fort Sumter, a heroic poem in three cantos, P. 91

Fort Washington, Potomac river, garrisoned, D. 11

Forts and fortresses, P. 139

Fortress Monroe, D. 10

Fosdick, Richard B., P. 56

Fox, —, Capt., visit to Fort Sumter, D. 19; P. 26

Fourth of July to be abolished, P. 22

Frankfort, Ala., Union resolutions of, D. 19

Frankfort, Ky., Military Institute, patriotic old fifer at, P. 40

Frazer, Thomas, P. 122

Frederick, Md., flag presentation at, D. 60

Freeborn, steamer, captures two schooners in the Potomac, D. 73

Freedom of speech at the South P. 40

Free suffrage, J. M. Mason's letter on, D. 71

Fremont, John C., in Paris, D. 85

Frieze, Colonel, of R. I., D. 37

From the South to the North, P. 107

Frost, C., a poem by, P. 45

Fry, James B., Asst. Adj. Gen. U. S. A. D. 83; Dec. 333

Fugitive Slave Law, D. 3

Fuller, Richard, Dr., his sympathies with the South, D. 68; censured by the Baptists, D. 88; patriotic words of, in 1860, P. 97

Fuller, W. J. A., speech at Union Meeting, N. Y., April 20, Doc. 114

Fun among the soldiers, P. 100


Gallatin, James, D. 32; Doc. 306

Galveston, Texas, seizure of the steamer “Star of the West,” D. 29; military companies formed in, D. 33

Garibaldi Guard leave N. Y., D. 84,

notice of, Doc. 307

Gardner, —, Capt., D. 105

Garland, A. 11., D. 72

Garnett, —, of Va., announced the secession of S. C., D. 4

Gasconade river, Col. Siegel at, D. 101

Gatlin, Major, D. 43

Gayare, Charles, D. 5

Gazzani, E. D., D. 55

General Harney, lines by Lexington, P. 141

General Parkhill, ship, seized, D. 74

Geneva, N. Y., P. 40

Georgia, desires co-operation, D. 3; address of, D. 3; resolutions of the Convention of, in response to the resolutions of the legislature of New York, D. 15; the governor of, seizes New York ships, D. 17; “bullying” in the elections of, D. 12; secession of, D. 15; Doc. 21; reasons for secession, Int. 24; Governor of, prohibits payment to Northern creditors, D. 45; troops of, for Richmond, Va., D. 49; troops of, at Pensacola, D. 68; arms of the state of, not to be carried out of jurisdiction, D. 72; correspondence between the governor of, and the banks of N. Y., D. 84; rising of slaves in, P. 9; new phase of the seizures of, P. 22; recruiting for the army of, in New York, P. 25; habeas corpus act in, P. 42 See New York, Doc. 306; Minute Men of, tender services to South Carolina, D. 5

Germans, patriotism of the, D. 29; Streiff's address to the, Doc. 377

Germany, opinions of the press of, on the war in America, Doc. 265

Gibbes, Dr., Surgeon-general of South Carolina, D. 21; report on the casualties at Sumter, D. 72

Gibbs, Wolcott, D. 96

Giles, —, Judge, of Baltimore, difference with Maj. Morris, D. 69

Gilpin, —, Dr., Doc. 131

Gittings, John S., D. 71

Gleeson, John, N. Y. 69th, P. 131

Globe Bank of Providence, R. L, D. 27

G. M. Smith, prize schooner, D. 68

God and the Right, P. 73

God for our Native Land, P. 45

God Keep our Army pure, P. 104

God Protect us, P. 85

God Save our Native Land, P. 17

Golden Lead, the brig, seized, D. 17

Good-bye, Boys-I'm going, P. 142

Gosport Navy Yard, Va., D. 36; incidents of the burning of, P. 54; how it was saved from total destruction, P. 127; account of the burning of, Doc. 119

Gordon, Lieut., at Fairfax Court House, Va., D. 89

Gould, —, judge of Troy, N. Y., D. 27

Grace Church in N. Y., American flag raised on the spire of, P. 56; the flag on, a “sign of the times,” Doc. 175

Grafton, Va., evacuated, D. 82; taken possession of by the Federal troops, D. 86, 90

Gray, —, artist, N. Y., D. 56

Gray, William, of Boston, D. 35

Great Bethel, Va., battle of, D. 98; Lieut. Greble's gallantry at, P. 147; official reports of the battle at, Doc. 356; Confederate account, Doc. 360

Greatly descended men, P. 109

Great pop-gun practice, P. 99

Greble, —, Lieut., at the battle of Great Betel, D. 98; his gallantry at Great Bethel, P. 147

Green, Samuel, captured, D. 97

Gregory, Mr., on Southern recognition, Doc. 41; remarks in the British House of Commons, D. 84; Doc. 303

Grinnell, Joseph. Doc. 5

Grinnell, Moses H. Doc. 109, 110

Griswold, A. W., speech to the officers and soldiers of the Mass. 8th regt. militia, Doc. 81

Gulf City Guards leave Mobile, D. 44

Gunpowder Creek, Md., bridge at, burned, D. 35

Guthrie, James, speech at Louisville, Ky., April 18, Doc. 72

Guthrie, T. V., Col. of Ky., D. 55

Gwin, Wm. M. P. 55


Habana, steamer, purchased by the, D. 29, 129

Habeas Corpus, writ of, refused by Major Morris, D. 69, 82

Hagen, J. C., poem by, P. 121

Hagerstown, Md., flag raising at, D. 47; Federal forces at, D. 107

Haggerty, Peter, Capt., D. 76

Haldeman, —, minister, D. 85

Hall, —, Judge, charge to the grand jury at Rochester, D. 84

Hallett, B. F. D. 49

Hamilton, Alexander, Int. 18

Hamilton, Lieut.---, commander of the rebel steam-tug Aid, D. 13

Hamlin, Hannibal, a “free negro,” P. 10; vice-president of the U. S., D. 17; speech at New York, Doc. 163

Hammond, James H., candidate for vice-president of Southern confederacy D. 14

Hammond, Thomas S., rebel D. 8<*>

Hampton Roads, Va., blockaded, D. 53

Hampton, Va., rebels attempt to destroy the bridge at, D. 78; Colonel Duryea's proclamation to the people of, Doc. 296

Hardy, A. H., Commssioner from Miss. to Maryland, Doc. 1

Hardee, Colonel, P. 9; his Tactics not literary, P. 111

Harney, —, Gen., arrested, D. 44; released by the rebels, D. 51; his loyalty, D. 5; his proclamation, D. 68; notices of, D. 67, 69, 71, 78; agreement with Gen. Price, D. 74; letter to Col. J. 0. Fallon, Doc. 179; proclamation of, May 11, Doc. 237; proclamation of, May 14, Doc. 242

Harold, the brig seized, D. 17

Harper's Ferry, Md., arsenal at, destroyed, D. 30; reinforcement of the rebels at, D. 73; Lieut. Jones's official report of the destruction of public property at, Doc. 72; evacuated by the rebels, D. 103; American flag raised at, D. 104; reasons for its evacuation, Doc. 415

Harrington, —, chancellor of Delaware, D. 103

Harris, Isham G., Gov. of Tenn., his reply to Cameron, D. 39; seizes Tennessee bonds, D. 49; announces a league of that State with the Confederates, D. 61; message of May 7, Doc. 201

Harrisburg, Pa., first rendezvous for Pa. troops, D. 27

Harsen, Jacob, M. D., Doc. 311

Hart, Peter, at Fort Sumter, P. 41

Hart, Roswell, D. 103

Hartford, Conn., D. 28

Hartwell, —, Capt., of Mobile, Ala., D. 44

Harvard Medical School, D. 52

Havana, Southern Commissioners at, P. 42; the Confederate flag in, P. 55

Havemeyer, Wm. F. Doc. 104

Hawkins, Rush C., Colonel, Ninth Regt., N. Y. S. V. D. 93; Doc. 339

Haxsey, Thomas B., D. 75

Hayne, Col., received by President Buchanan, D. 14, 16

Heartt, Jonas C., D. 27

Height of Impudence, Parson Brownlow's definition of, P. 26

Henry, Alexander, of Pa., Doc. 178

Henry---, mayor of Philadelphia, his speech to a mob, D. 26; address to Lieut. Slemmer, U. S. A., D. 100

Herrick, Moses, wounded, D. 46

H. I. Spearing, bark, D. 86

Hicks, Gov. of Md., declines to receive Miss. commissioner, D. 3; refuses to convene Md. legislature, D. 7; supported by the citizens of Baltimore, D. 9; his address to the people of Maryland, D. 11; Doc. 17; his letter to the Alabama commissioner, D. 12; urges the withdrawal of troops from Maryland, D. 38; message to Md. legislature, D. 48; notices of, D. 82, 50, 58, 59, 70, 71; proclamation calling for arms. D. 96; reply to tho Miss. comm'r, Dec. 1; proclamation to the people of Maryland, April 18, Doc. 76; proposes Lord Lyons as a mediator, Doc. 133; letter to Gen. Butler, April 23, Doc. 144; message of, April 27, Doc. 159; letter to. from the citizens of Weverton, Md, Doc. 175; proclamation of, May 14, Doc. 245; proclamation of, ordering the surrender of arms to the State, Doc. 347

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Hagerstown (Maryland, United States) (1)
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Frederick, Md. (Maryland, United States) (1)
Frankfort, Ala. (Alabama, United States) (1)
Frankfort (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Fortress Monroe (Virginia, United States) (1)
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Alexander Hamilton (2)
— Greble (2)
William Gray (2)
Leonard Streiff (1)
H. I. Spearing (1)
G. M. Smith (1)
Slemmer (1)
— Siegel (1)
Sterling Price (1)
Parkhill (1)
J. M. Mason (1)
Golden Lead (1)
Amanda T. Jones (1)
Hicks (1)
Moses Herrick (1)
Alexander Henry (1)
Jonas C. Heartt (1)
Hayne (1)
Thomas B. Haxsey (1)
Rush C. Hawkins (1)
William F. Doc Havemeyer (1)
— Hartwell (1)
Roswell Hart (1)
Jacob Harsen (1)
Isham G. Harris (1)
— Harrington (1)
Harold (1)
A. H. Hardy (1)
Hardee (1)
Thomas S. Hammond (1)
James H. Hammond (1)
Hannibal Hamlin (1)
Hallett (1)
— Hall (1)
— Haldeman (1)
Peter Haggerty (1)
J. C. Hagen (1)
Habana (1)
Wm Gwin (1)
T. V. Guthrie (1)
James Guthrie (1)
Gulf (1)
A. W. Griswold (1)
Moses H. Doc Grinnell (1)
Joseph Grinnell (1)
Gregory (1)
Samuel Green (1)
— Gould (1)
Gordon (1)
John Gleeson (1)
John S. Gittings (1)
— Gilpin (1)
— Giles (1)
Wolcott Gibbs (1)
Gibbes (1)
E. D. Gazzani (1)
Charles Gayare (1)
Gatlin (1)
— Garnett (1)
Garland (1)
— Gardner (1)
James Gallatin (1)
W. J. A. Fuller (1)
Richard Fuller (1)
James B. Fry (1)
C. Frost (1)
Frieze (1)
John C. Fremont (1)
Freeborn (1)
Thomas Frazer (1)
— Fox (1)
Richard B. Fosdick (1)
John O. Fallon (1)
A. Duryea (1)
Habeas Corpus (1)
Simon Cameron (1)
William Allen Butler (1)
James Buchanan (1)
Parson Brownlow (1)
R. H. Anderson (1)
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