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Hill, —, Capt., refused to surrender Fort Brown, Texas, D. 18

Hill, Colonel, rebel, D. 105

Hillman, the steamer, D. 49

Historical Parallels, P. 95

Hitchcock, Roswell D., D. 73, 94; remarks at the New York Bible Society, Doc. 263

Hoag, Joseph, his Latter-day Prophecy, P. 124

Hoffman, J. T., Doc. 135

Hog and Hominy, P. 96

Hollidaysburg, Pa., military of, leave for Harrisburg, D. 28

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, P. 33, 87

Holt, Joseph, notice of, D. 10; correspondellco with Gov. Ellis, of N. C. D. 12; Doc. 18; expels General Twiggs, D. 18; letter to J. F. Speed, D. 86; on the pending revolution, Doc. 283

Holt, 11. D., M. D., D. 28

Homer, Lient., at Mobile, Ala., D. 19

Homespun Party, in Miss., P. 25

Hooper, Johnson F., secretary of the Southern Convention, D. 17

Hope, James Barron, P. 145

Hornby, Me., Ethan Spike on the secession of, P. 22

Hotaling, Samuel, D. 39; Doc. 104

Hotchkiss & Sons of Sharon, Ct., D. 42

Houston. Sam., proclaims the secession of Texas, D. 18; defines his position, D. 74; speech at Independence, Texas, May 10, Doc. 266

Howard, O. O., Col. Third Maine Regiment, Doc. 344

Howe, Elias, Jr., notice of, D. 92

Howe, S. G., M. D., D. 96

Howe, W. W., P. 30

How the B's stung the Chivalry, P. 143

Hubbard, C. D., Doc. 328

Hubbard, —, artist, N. Y., D. 56

Hudson, H. N., Rev., D. 43

Hudson, N. Y., meeting at, D. 35

Hughes, John, Archbishop of Now York, letter to the Union meeting, New York, April 20, Doc. 89

Hull, Solomon L., Doc. 108

Hunt, Washington, speech at the Union meeting, Doc. 90

Hunt, Wilson G., D. 91

Hunter, —, Senator of Va., D. 49

Huntington, —, artist, N. Y., D. 56

Hyde, P. W. D. 45

Hymn for a Flag Raising, P. 140


Iatan, Mo., secession flug at, D. 91

If any one attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot, Doc. 27

“Ike” Sumter, a poem by, P. <*>5

Illinois, troops of, seize arms in the St. Louis Arsenal, D. 44; war enthusiasm of the people, D. 45

Independence, Mo., action near, D. 107

Indiana, alacrity of the troops of, D. 58 6th Regt. left Cincinnati, O., D. 86; troops at Philippi, D. 91

Indiana Zouaves, notice of, D. 95; leave Cumberland, Md., D. 100

Indian Trust Fund, D. 5

Indians. the Catawba tribes tender to Gov. Pickens, D. 16; notice of, D. 43; stationed at Harper's Ferry, D. 77; Cherokees in the Southern army, P. 126, 127

Ingraham, D. P., Judge, D. 40

Ingraham Henry, D. 27

Ink, Blood, and Tears, the taking of Fort Sumter, P. 90

Ireland, union with England, Int. 16

Irish Regular, anecdote of an, P. 57

Irishmen, among the rebels, D. 103

Ironton, Mo., lead seized at, D. 76

Irvine, Colonel, D. 83

Irving, Jim, notice of, P. 150

Ithaca, N. Y., volunteers from, D. 56

It is great for our Country to die, P. 105

Ives, T. P., commissioned in the revenue service, D. 71


Jacobus, J. J., Mrs., P. 136

Jackson, Claiborne F., Gov. of Mo., his reply to Cameron, D. 30; secession sympathies of, D. 55; calls for 50,000 troops, D. 101; evacuates Jefferson City, Mo., D. 104; notices of, D. 47, 107; proclamation, June 12, Dec. 363

Jackson, Andrew, The Three Swords presented to, P. 138; notices of, Doc. 113, 115

Jackson, J. W., the assassin, D. 79

Jackson, Nathaniel J., Col. First Maine Regiment, Doc. 320

Jay, C. W., D. 15

Jay, John, notice of, D. 46; The Great Conspiracy, an address delivered at Mount Kisco, N. Y., July 4, Doc. 378

James River, Va., blockaded, D. 53

Jamestown, steamer, seized, D. 32

Jameson, Charles D., Colonel Second Maine Regiment, Doc. 256

Jamieson, D. F., D. 3

Janvier, Francis De Haas, P. 14

J. C. Swan, steamier, seized, D. 76

Jefferson City, Mo., evacuated by the rebels, D. 104

Jefferson D.” P. 123

Jefferson Territory. See L. W. Bliss.

Jefferson, Thomas, Int. 15, 19

Jenifer, Lieut., U. S. A., D. 39

Jersey City, N. J., Union meeting at, D. 28

Johnson, Andrew, in effigy D. 4; insulted at Lynchburgh, Va., D. 38; narrow escape of, P. 43

Johnson, Bradley F., D. 65

Johnson, —, Col. 1st Reg't N. J. S. M., D. 55

Johnson, Herschell V., voted against the secession of Ga., D. 15

Johnson, Reverdy, Int. 44; D. 60; speech at Frederick, Md., Doc. 199

Johnson, R. W., D. 72

Jones, Amanda T., P. 74

Jones, Col., Mass. 6th Reg't, D. 53

Jones, —, judge U. S. District Court of Alabama, adjourned his Court forever, D. 13

Jones, J. Wesley, speech to the soldiers of the Mass. Fifth, P. 82

Jones, R., Lieut., at Harper's Ferry, D. 30, 34, 54; official report of tho destruction of the arsenal at harper's Ferry, Doc. 72

Jones, Thomas, Gen., D. 39

Jones, William, Capt., hung, P. 38

Jouett, James E., Lt. U. S. N., P. 21

Journal of Commerce, (N. Y.,) its apology for J. B. Floyd, P. 11

Julia Mildred, P. 65

Junkin, Dr., President of Washington College, Ky., resigns, P. 99


Kallman, Colonel, D. 105

Kane, Marshal, refuses to deliver arms, D. 71

Kapp, Frederic, speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 106

Keese, J. Lawrence, killed, D. 62

Keitt, L. M., delegate to Montgomery Congress, D. 10

Kelly, Colonel, takes possession of Grafton, Va., D. 82, 86; wounded at Philippi, D. 91; notice of, D. 101

Kensett, J. F., D. 56

Kent, chancellor, P. 26

Kentucky, really of the Governor of. to Secretary Catneron, D. 27; the position of, considered by the “National Union,” D. 30; where will she go? P. 38; the Border counties of, D. 55; neutrality of, D. 74; resolved not to secede, D. 78; address to the people of, by John J. Crittenden and others, D. 97; Leonard Strieff's address to the Germans of, Doc. 377

Kentucky, a poem, by “estelle.” P. 108

Kentucky, by Mrs. Sophia H. Oliver, P. 134

Kennedy, John P., notice of, D. 9; an appeal to Maryland, Doc. 378

Kenyon, W. S., D. 32

Kerrigan, J. E., his connection with the attack on the Brooklyn Navy Yard, P. 21

Kershaw, —, Colonel, D. 51

Ketcham, Hiram, speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 98

Keynton, John, P. 18

Key West, forts at, to be seized, D. 10; Lincoln's proclamation in reference to D. 65

Kilpatrick, Judson, Capt., D. 98; report of the battle of Great Bethel, Va., Doc. 358

Kilburn, B. W., of Littleton, N. H., P. 71

Kimball, Auguste Cooper, P. 3

King cotton, a poem, P. 72

King, John E., D. 32

Kingston, N. Y., Union meeting, D. 32

Kingwood, Va., Union meeting at, D. 56

Kirkland, Charles P., speech to the officers and soldiers of the 14th Regiment, N. Y. S. V., Doc. 413

Kirkland, C. P., Jr., Doc. 156

Knights of the Golden Circle, D. 94

Knoxville, Ky., riot at, D. 69

Koch, Ignatz, Doc. 108


Ladd, Luther C., killed at Baltimore, D. 53

Lafayette, Ind., first troops left, D. 29

Laisser, Aller, P. 13

Lake Borgne, La., D. 95

Lamon, —, Col., his interview with Gov. Pickens and Beauregard, D. 20

Lander, —, Col., at Philippi, Va., Doc. 335

Land of the South, P. 108

Lane, Joseph H., appointed Brig.-Gen. in the U. S. A., D. 105

Lane, Joseph, his orthography, P. 24

Lang, Louis, D. 56

Latham, —, Senator, D. 66

Latham, G. R., Doc. 328

Law and Order.--in the North and in the South, P. 49

Law, George, letter to the President of the U. S., D. 43; Doc. 147

Lawrence, George W., D. 60

Lawrence, Mass., Union meeting, D. 25; war contributions of, D. 28

Lawrence, —, Col., D. 38

Lawyers — meeting of the Bar of New York, Doc. 135; New Orleans Bar in arms, P. 54

Leavenworth, E. W., wife of, D. 46

Lee, Robert E., D. 46; appointed commander-in-chief of rebels, Virginia, D. 39, 65

Lee, Capt., U. S. N., P. 113

Leigh, C. C., D. 43

Lefferts, Marshall, Col. Doc. 81, 318, 319

Leland, Charles Godfrey, P. 5, 15

Leonard, A. F., song by, P. 108

Letcher, John, Governor of Virginia, condemns the action of South Carolina, D. 12;

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Maine (Maine, United States) (1)
Lynchburgh (Ohio, United States) (1)
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Lawrence (Massachusetts, United States) (1)
Lake Borgne (United States) (1)
Lafayette (Indiana, United States) (1)
Knoxville, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (1)
Kingston, N. Y. (New York, United States) (1)
Jamestown (1)
James, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Ithaca (New York, United States) (1)
Ironton (Missouri, United States) (1)
Indiana (Indiana, United States) (1)
Independence, Texas (Texas, United States) (1)
Independence, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (1)
Illinois (Illinois, United States) (1)
Iatan (Missouri, United States) (1)
Hudson, N. Y. (New York, United States) (1)
Hudson (New Jersey, United States) (1)
Hollidaysburg (Pennsylvania, United States) (1)
Harrisburg (California, United States) (1)
Grafton, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Georgia (Georgia, United States) (1)
Frederick, Md. (Maryland, United States) (1)
Fort Taylor (Texas, United States) (1)
England (Arkansas, United States) (1)
Cumberland (Maryland, United States) (1)
Cincinnati (Ohio, United States) (1)
Baltimore (Colorado, United States) (1)
Alabama (Alabama, United States) (1)

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Robert E. Lee (2)
Charles P. Kirkland (2)
Amanda T. Jones (2)
Reverdy Johnson (2)
Thomas Jefferson (2)
Joseph Holt (2)
— Hill (2)
David E. Twiggs (1)
J. C. Swan (1)
Leonard Strieff (1)
J. F. Speed (1)
Sophia H. Oliver (1)
Julia Mildred (1)
Abraham Lincoln (1)
John Letcher (1)
A. F. Leonard (1)
Charles Godfrey Leland (1)
C. C. Leigh (1)
Lefferts (1)
E. W. Leavenworth (1)
— Lawrence (1)
George W. Lawrence (1)
George Law (1)
— Latham (1)
G. R. Latham (1)
Louis Lang (1)
Joseph H. Lane (1)
Joseph Lane (1)
— Lander (1)
— Lamon (1)
Aller Laisser (1)
Luther C. Ladd (1)
Ignatz Koch (1)
King (1)
Auguste Cooper Kimball (1)
Judson Kilpatrick (1)
B. W. Kilburn (1)
John Keynton (1)
Hiram Ketcham (1)
— Kershaw (1)
J. E. Kerrigan (1)
W. S. Kenyon (1)
Kent (1)
J. F. Kensett (1)
John P. Kennedy (1)
Kelly (1)
L. M. Keitt (1)
J. Lawrence Keese (1)
Frederic Kapp (1)
Kane (1)
Kallman (1)
Junkin (1)
James E. Jouett (1)
William Jones (1)
Thomas Jones (1)
R. Jones (1)
Mass Jones (1)
J. Wesley Jones (1)
R. W. Johnson (1)
Herschell V. Johnson (1)
Bradley F. Johnson (1)
Andrew Johnson (1)
Jenifer (1)
John Jay (1)
C. W. Jay (1)
D. F. Jamieson (1)
Charles D. Jameson (1)
J. J. Jacobus (1)
Nathaniel J. Jackson (1)
J. W. Jackson (1)
Claiborne F. Jackson (1)
Andrew Jackson (1)
T. P. Ives (1)
Jim Irving (1)
Irvine (1)
Ireland (1)
Blood Ink (1)
D. P. Ingraham (1)
Hyde (1)
— Huntington (1)
— Hunter (1)
Wilson G. Hunt (1)
Washington Hunt (1)
Solomon L. Hull (1)
John Hughes (1)
H. N. Hudson (1)
— Hubbard (1)
C. D. Hubbard (1)
W. W. Howe (1)
S. G. Howe (1)
Elias Howe (1)
Howard (1)
Houston (1)
Hotchkiss (1)
Samuel Hotaling (1)
Hornby (1)
James Barron Hope (1)
Johnson F. Hooper (1)
Homer (1)
Oliver Wendell Holmes (1)
J. T. Hoffman (1)
Joseph Hoag (1)
Roswell D. Hitchcock (1)
Hillman (1)
Ingraham Henry (1)
Francis De Haas (1)
John B. Floyd (1)
John W. Ellis (1)
John J. Crittenden (1)
Catneron (1)
Simon Cameron (1)
L. W. Bliss (1)
P. G. T. Beauregard (1)
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