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ships scized at, D. 44; Confederate resolutions in reference to the seizure of the mint at, Doc. 27; the women of, D. 41, 56; steamers seized at, D. 49; privateering at, D. 68; Mrs. Sarah Sanford tarred and feathered at, D. 69; military review at, Doc. 164; condition of society in, D. 86; abolitionists to be driven from, P. 60; the last American flag in, P. 144

Newport News, cannonade at, D. 93

Newport (R. I.) artillery, account of the, P. 94

Newspapers — compelled to display the American flag, D. 26, 27, 28

New Version of an Old Song, respectfully dedicated to the “London Times,” P. 120

New York, patriotic resolutions of the legislature of, D. 14, Doc. 21; vessels of, seized at the South, D. 17; 26; volunteers of the Western counties, D. 67; the War Bill of, D. 29; troops of, called out, D. 32; patriotism of the people of, D. 37; response of the Georgia Convention to the legislature of, D. 15; address to the women of, Doc. 158

New York Bible Society, meeting of the, May 19, D. 73, Doc. 262

New York (East) Methodist Conference, prayer used at the, D. 28

New York ladies' relief Union, D. 48

New York University, flag-raising at, D. 54

New York Yacht Club, D. 51

New York Evening post, D. 14

New York Chamber of Commerce, action of, relative to the soldiers of Forts Sumter and Pickens, D. 95; resolutions of the, April 19, Doc. 77; blockade resolutions of, Doc. 78

New York Home Guard organized, D. 89

New York city, enrolment of Union volunteers at, D. 9; seizure of arms at, D. 16, 17; meeting of the merchants of, D. 82; Union meeting at, D. 35; Doc. 82; action of the Common Council of, D. 39; war sermons preached in, D. 38; the bench and bar of, D. 40, Doc. 135; meeting of British residents at, D. 43; meeting of the citizens of the 17th Ward in, D. 45; meeting of French residents, D. 48; munitions of war at seized, D. 48; state of feeling in, after the siege of Fort Sumter, P. 27; Doc. 61; threatened burning of, D. 55; Doc. 185; correspondence between the governor of, and bank officers, relative to the proclamation of the governor of Georgia, Doc. 306; the Home Guard at, Doc. 362; Democratic office-holders, P. 8; “fourteen hundred” policemen required in, to keep down bread riots, P. 24; conditions of peace placarded in, P. 54; reign of terror in, P. 56; mercenary motives of, P. 55; mob law triumphant in, P. 70

New York State Militia, Second Regiment of, D. 74; Doc. 264; Third Regiment of, D. 92; Fifth Regiment of, Doc. 163 left N. Y., D. 49; Sixth Regiment, departure of, D. 37; Seventh Regiment of, leaves New York, D. 34; Doc. 80 at Annapolis, D. 40 arrived at Washington, D. 45 notices of, D. 46, 47, 83 how it got to Washington, Doc. 148 religious services at Washington, P. 57 enters Virginia, D. 78 officers of the, Doc. 81 ancedote of a member of the, P. 27 return to New York, D. 87; Eighth Regiment left N. Y., D. 42 list of officers of the, Doc. 142; Ninth Regiment enlist for three years, D. 83; Doc. 801; Twenty Regiment left N. Y., D. 37 notice of, D. 35; Thirteenth Regiment leaves New York, D. 42 notice of, D. 70, 85 list of officers of, Doc. 141 expedition to Easton, Md., D. 96 ancedote of a soldier in the, P. 126; Fourteenth Regiment leave New York, D. 73; Doc. 260 ancedote of a blacksmith in, P. 112; Nineteenth Regiment, D. 94, 95; Twentieth Regiment, D. 60 departure of the, Doc. 198; Twenty-fifth Regiment, D. 39, 42, 52; Twenty-eighth Regiment, D. 51, 58 attacked by rebels, D. 90; Doc. 178; Sixth-fifth Regiment, D. 46; Sixth-ninth Regiment leaves New York. D. 42 list of officers of, D. 73; Doc. 141 enters Virginia, D. 78 capturo cattle, D. 95; Seventh-first Regiment left New York, D. 37 letters from the, Doc. 156 notice of, D. 46; Seventh-ninth Regiment, D. 90 list of officers of, Doc. 329

N. Y. State Volunteers, 1st Regt., departure of the, D. 80; Doc. 281; second Regiment, D. 76; Doc. 269; Third Regiment, officers, Doc. 337; Fourth Regiment, officers, Doc. 337; Fifth Regiment, D. 67, 77; Doc. 271; Sixth Regiment, D. 102; Doc. 866; Seventh Regiment, D. 78; Doc. 273; Eighth Regiment, officers of, Doc. 296; Ninth Regiment, D. 93; Doc. 839; Tenth Regiment, D. 92, 95; Fourteenth Regiment of, at New York, D. 108; Doc. 413 officers of the, Doc. 415; Eighteenth Regiment, D. 108; Twentieth Regiment, D. 82, 102; Doc. 366; Ellsworth's Fire Zouaves, D. 50 departure of, from N. Y., Doc. 165

Nicholas, Wilson Cary, Int. 19

Nicholson, —, Judge, speech at Louisville, Ky., D. 32

Nina, guard-boat, D. 6

Norfolk, Va., secession meeting at, D. 4; secessionists at, threaten the frigate Brooklyn, D. 9; movements of secessionists at, D. 10; harbor of, obstructed, D. 29; defences in the harbor of, D. 62

North, the Union feeling of the, January 2, P. 9; the predicted sufferings of the, P. 9; the fighting resources of the, P. 58; subscriptions to the war in the, P. 59; the soliders of the, described by the Southern press, P. 70; war spirit of the, illustrated, P. 81; religious spirit of the, P. 81; peril of Southerners at the, P. 139

North and South how they will appear when rejoined, P. 89

North American Review, Int. 20

North British Review, on the future of the United States, D. 86

North Carolina, instructions of, to the State convention, D. 3; decides to secede, D. 17; ports of, blockaded, D. 48; First Regiment of volunteers, D. 58; secession of, D. 73; public feeling in, P. 9; insurrectionary schemes in, P. 16; ordinance of secession of, Doc. 263; ports of, blockaded, Doc. 161

North Dutch church in New York, flag-raising at, D. 50

Northern army, Southern opinions of, P. 39

Northern bravery, Southern ideas of, P. 137

Northern Central Railroad, Pa., attempt to destroy the, D. 68

Northern war contributions, D. 60

Northern debts not to be paid, D. 74; repudiated by the South, D. 94

Northmen, Come out, P. 5

Northrop, Col., rebel army, D. 84

Northrup, H. D., D. 38

Norton, Frank H., P. 3

Norwich, Conn., war spirit in, D. 84

Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin, editor of, and Jeff. Davis, P. 24

Norwalk, O., Union meeting at, D. 27

Noyes, William Curtis, speech at N. Y., April 20, Doc. 111

Number one, by H. D. Sedgewick, P. 119

Nurses, department of, U. S. A., D. 84


Oath of allegiance administered at Washington, D. 22

O'Brien, Fitz-James, account of the march of the 7th Regiment, N. Y. S. M., Doc. 148; notice of, P. 17

Ocean Eagle” captured by privateer, D. 71

Ode for 1861, by H. Hastings Weld, P. 133

Ode to the North and South, P. 102

O'Donnell, William, P. 56

Ogden, Judge, of N. J., definition of treason, D. 60

Ogdensburg, N. Y., Union at, D. 33; war spirit of, P. 81

O'Gorman, Richard, Doc. 135; speech at N. Y., April 20, Doc. 102

Ohio, patriotism of the people of, D. 37 1st and 2d Regiments arrive at Washington, D. 77; Doc. 271; troops of, at Grafton, Va., D. 86; troops at Philippi, D. 91 1st Regiment at Vienna, Va., D. 106

Olden, Gov., message of, D. 51; notice of, D. 60

Old Saybrook, Conn., Union demonstration at, D. 72

Old South Church, Boston, Mass., flag raised on, D. 53

Old Virginia, an extempore, P. 82

Oliver, Sophia H., P. 184

Oh! let the Starry Banner Wave, P. 62

“On! Brothers, on!” P. 45

Once a Week, its account of Abraham Lincoln, P. 12

On Fort Sumter, P. 19

Onondaga, N. Y., Regiment, D. 56

Opdyke, George, D. 32

Original Ode, sung at the Union convention Charleston, S. C., July 4, 1831, P. 30

Orr, —, appointed commissioner from S Carolina, D. 6

Osborne, B., speech in the English House of Commons, May 23. Doc. 302

Osgood, Samuel, D. D., D. 38

Ottendorfer, O. O., speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 108

Ould, —, District Attorney, D. 5

Our Braves in Virginia, P. 65

Our Country, a poem, P. 63

Our Fatherland, P. 17

Our flag, by W., P. 75

Our National flag, P. 51

Our orders, from the “Atlantic Monthly,” P. 123

Our Star-Gemmed Banner, P. 5

Out and fight, P. 15

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