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contributions of, to the Confederate loan, P. 94

Slavery, interference with, the great greivance of the South, Int. 30; the South opposed to, Int. 32; dissertation on, Int. 33; the increase of, Int. 45; strengthened by the action of the North, Int. 46; the “corner-Stone” of the Southern Confederacy, Doc. 45; the increase of, Doc. 45; the conservatism of, P. 130

Sleeper, J. S., D. 50

Slemmer, Lieut., D. 100

Slocum, J. S., Major, R. I. Regiment, Doc. 124

Smalley, —, Judge, charge to the Grand Jury of New York, D. 14

Smead, Abner, Lieut., expelled from the U. S. Army, D. 24

Smidt, John C. T., Doc. 135

Smith — a regiment of the name P. 57

Smith, Abel, Col. 13th Regiment N. Y. S. M., Doc. 143; expedition of, Easton, Md., D. 96

Smith, Albert N., Lieut., Doc. 162

Smith, C. H., speech at Union meeting, New York, Doc. 117

Smith, Caleb M., D. 76

Smith, Edwin M., D. 52

Smith, Emeline S., P. 51

Smith, Marshall B., D. 75; P. 133

Smith, —, Rev., of Wheeling, D. 62

Smith, Samuel, captures a secession flag, D. 77

Smythe, Henry A., D. 77

Snyder, Lieut., U. S. A., narrow escape of, at Fort Monroe. P. 56

Song for battle, by C. B., P. 105

Song for the Times, by L. F., P. 64

Song for the Union, read at a meeting at Detroit, P. 46

Song of Columbia's Daughters, P. 51

Song of the Irish Legion, P. 73

Song of the Southern women, P. 65

Songs of the rebels, P. 19, 35, 64, 91, 106, 136, 145

Sons of Northern sires arising, by G. S. H., P. 89

Soule, Pierre, P. 54

South opposed to slavery, Int. 32; sentiment of the, D. 85; insecurity of life in, P. 10; the programme of, P. 22; celebrations at the, in honor of renowned victories, P. 28; difficulty of travelling in, P. 60; unreliability of the news at, P. 61; the invasion of, ridiculed, P. 79; “Divine Providence with,” P. 82, 132; cannot do without whiskey, P. 84; must prepare for hard times, P. 101; unconquerable “in her own territory,” P. 111; for what it fights, P 112; grumbling at the, P. 114; treatment of Northerners in, P. 131; Divine Providence with the, P. 132

South Carolina, members of, retire from Congress, D. 5; cause of the revolution, Int. 24; convention of, met, D. 3; is for civil war, D. 3; secession ordinance passed, Int. 5; D. 4; proclaimed independent, D. 5; commissioners to the Federal Government, D. 6; troops tendered to, D. 7; convention of, orders the fortification of Charleston D. 8; act defining treason in, D. 9; commissioners of, leave Washington, D. 9; delegates to the Southern Congress, D. 10; convention adjourned, D. 11; seizes the funds of the Federal Government, D. 12; the “hasty action of,” condemned by Governor Letcher, D. 12; offers to buy Fort Sumter, D. 16; ratified the Confederate Constitution, D. 20; Episcopal Bishop of, D. 25; First Regiment of, Doc. 139 left for Virginia, D. 41; fast day in, D. 49; troops of, at Richmond, D. 51; troops at Harper's Ferry, D. 73; repudiates Northern debts, D. 94; secession ordinance of, Doc. 2; declaration of causes which induced the secession of, D. 4; Doc. 3; letter of the Congressmen of, taking leave of the Congress, Doc. 8; correspondence between commissioners, and Buchanan, Doc. 11; Palmetto Guard, Marine Artillery, and German Artillery of, Doc. 177; College Cadets of, D. 53; Doc. 181; an address of the people of, assembled in convention, Dec., 1860, to the people of the slaveholding States, Doc. 896; spirit of the young men of, P. 8; commissioners, threats of the, P. 9; subscribers to State loan, P. 9; to be a “black Republic,” P. 10; William Aiken and the State loan of, P. 12; to abolish Fourth of July, P. 22; versus Alabama, P. 28; Epigram on, P. 70

Southern army, greatly descended men in the, P. 109

Southerners and Spartans, P. 22

Southern Confederacy, proposed in South Carolina Convention, D. 6; candidates for President and Vice-President of, D. 14; officers of the cabinet of the, D. 17; organize an army, D. 19; commissioners of, refused an audience, D. 21; new flag of the, P. 23; call for troops of the, D. 29; purchase steamer Habana, D. 29; troops of, taking the field, D. 41; Virginia admitted to the, D. 58; league with Tennessee, D. 61; fast-day in the, D. 69, 102; bonds of the, D. 72; Arkansas admitted to, D. 72; agents of, in Europe, D. 76; Commissioners of the, in England, P. 130; constitution of the, Doc. 29; powers of Congress of, Doc. 30; correspondence between the Commissioners of, and Secretary Seward, Doc. 42; final letter of the Commissioners of, to Secretary Seward, Doc. 49; post-office of, Doc. 325 a confederacy of “Pickens and Stealings,” P. 28; Treasury notes of the, P. 41; Commissioners of the, snubbed in Havana, P. 42; national hymn of the, P. 88; area of the, P. 130; “Cousin Sally,” a name for, P. 148; the Army Bill of, Doc. 40; the army of, D. 48; the armies of, P. 137; contributions to the loan of, P. 94; uniform of the army of, P. 98; Confederate Congress, Act of, declaring a state of war, D. 60; Doc. 195; adjourned to Richmond, D. 74; prohibit the exportation of cotton, D. 81; Act of the, to raise an additional force, &c., Doc. 219; resolution of, for a fast, Doc. 243; Act of, prohibiting the payment of debts due the North, Doc. 265; Act relative to the exportation of cotton, Doc. 292; commended for the declaration of war, P. 94; Confederate navy, the first gun for the, D. 57

Southern Confederacy, the editor of, gives his opinion of the secession election, D. 12

Southern convention organized, D. 16; agrees to a constitution, D. 17; list of delegates to the, Doc. 29

Southern Marseillaise, D. 5

Southern Monitor, newspaper, D. 26

Southern press, opinions of an “United North,” D. 54; recommends reticence, D. 62, 92; on the issues of the war, P. 67; “let the devil take the hind-most,” P. 68; ridiculous rumors published in, P. 70; opinions of the, P. 115 See “Regiments in Buckram.”

Southern repudiation, D. 35, 45; P. 38, 42, 143, See Preface.

Southern rights, D. 47

Southern Song of Freedom, P. 92

Southern war-cry, P. 136

Spalding, Henry F., D. 77

Sparks, Jared, Ll.D., Int. 14

Sparrowgrass, P. 95

Spartans and Southerners, P. 22

Speed, J. F., Holt's letter to, D. 86

Spies at Washington, P. 143

Spinola, F. B., Senator, speech at Union meeting, N. Y., April 20, Doc. 112

Sprague, Wm., Judge, of Boston, opinion of piracy, D. 71; charge of, Doc. 255

Sprague, Wm., Governor of R. I., notices of, D. 27, 37, 54; P. 94; his “Rhode Islanders,” Doc. 124; “A secessionist,” P. 26; lines inscribed to, P. 46

Sprague, J. T., Major U. S. A., D. 81; letter on affairs in Texas, Doc. 282

Spring, Gardiner, D. D., prayer at the Union meeting in New York, Doc. 82

Springfield, Ill., Union meeting, D. 35

St. Johns, Wm. B., Capt., expelled from the U. S. army. D. 24

St. Louis, Mo., police of, demand the removal of U. S. troops, D. 59; orders given to search for arms, &c., D. 72; mistake of Col. Kallman's regiment in, D. 105; how the arms were taken from the arsenal at, Doc. 147; riots in, D. 66; Doc. 233

St. Nicholas, steamer, D. 35

St. Paul's Church, N. Y., American flag displayed from, D. 33

Stand by the flag, P. 74

Stanton, Henry B., P. 40

Stanton, —, Gen., D. 10

Star of the West, steam transport, left N. Y., D. 11; fired upon in Charleston, D. 13; arrived at N. Y., D. 14 see Major Anderson, Doc. 19; Capt. McGowan's report concerning the, Doc. 21; seized at Indianola, Texas, D. 29; Doc. 119; put in commission in Confederate navy, D. 57

“Stars and Bars” advocated, D. 20

Stars in my Country's Sky, P. 4

Star-Spangled Banner never to be surrendered by the South, D. 20; sung at the Union meeting, N. Y., April 20, Doc. 117

State sovereignty does not authorize secession, Int. 15

Steam-gun, description of Winans', P. 98

Steele, John B. D. 32

Stephens, A. H., speech at Milledgeville, Ga., Nov. 14, Doc. 219; quotation from, Int. 46; voted against the secession of Georgia, D. 15; elected Vice-President of the Southern Confederacy, D. 17; “Corner-Stone,” speech of, at

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