flag-raising at, D. 54, 76; council of, resolutions of, D. 51; scheme to attack, D. 59; Richmond Whig on the probability of capturing, D. 74; movement of troops at, D. 100; movement of troops from, D. 102; attack on, “never intended by the rebels,” D. 58; Doc. 188; the “terrible condition” of, described by Southern women, P. 55; “Raleigh Banner” urges the attack on, P. 59, 60; incident of camp life at, P. 129

Washington Artillery of Charleston, S. C., Doc. 181; D. 53; of New Orleans, Dr. Palmer's address to the, Doc. 300; D. 83

Washington Elm, at Cambridge, meeting at the, D. 48

Washington, George, rumored removal of the remains of, P. 127, 128; poem on the removal of the remains of, P. 127

Washington Home Guard, of Alexandria, Va., D. 77

Washington, John B., taken at Fairfax Court House, Va., D. 90; incident of his capture, P. 111

Washington Navy Yard, traitors arrested at, 47

Washington Oath, the, Doc. 158

Washita, Fort, D. 43

Watkins, W. W., D. 72

Waul, General, of Texas, D. 18

Waverly, N. Y., Union at, D. 35

Wayne Guards, the, of Erie, Pa, D. 26

Webber, —, Rev., D. 57

Weber, Max, Col., 20th Regiment, N. Y. S. V., D. 102; Doc. 366

Webster, Fletcher, D. 37

Weed, Thurlow, Doc. 5

Welch, —, Rev., D. D., D. 83

Weld, H. Hastings, Rev., P. 133

Weld, L. L., poem by, P. 103

Weller, M. L., Rev., a soldier in the rebel army, P. 131

Wells, T. D., D. D., D. 38

Wesendonck, Hugo, speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 107

Wesleyan Mission Society of London, Dr. McClintock's speech at, D. 76

Westbrook, G. W., P. 16

Westbrook, Theodore R., D. 32

Westchester, Pa., meeting for the enrolment of volunteers at, D. 10; Union meeting at, D. 25

Western Pennsylvania Regt. passed through Philadelphia, D. 41

Western Virginia, the first belligerent issue in, D. 78; declaration of independence, D. 105; advance of the Federal army into, Doc. 296; address of the Central Committee to the people of, Doc. 325; General Morris' proclamation to the people of, Doc. 348; declaration of the people of, represented in convention in Wheeling, June 17, Doc. 403; on the seizure of Sherrard Clemens, P., 52

Weston and Williams, of Richmond, repudiate their debts, P. 43

Weston, S. H., Rev. Dr., preaches at Washington, P. 57; address to the officers and men of the Sixth Regiment N. Y. S. V., Doc. 366

Wetmore, Prosper M., D. 32

Weverton, Md., D. 50; letter from the citizens of, to Gov. Hicks, Doc. 175

Wheat, James S., Doc. 328

Wheatland, Buchanan's residence, P. 9

Wheeling, Va., Union meetings at, D. 39, 57; meeting of merchants at, D. 44; fast-day at, D. 62; meeting at, D. 67; Union Convention met at, D. 69; Convention of Western Virginia met at, D. 101

Whiskey, a necessity of life at the South, P. 84

White Cloud, the Indian Chief, D. 43

Whitehall, N. Y., D. 42

Whiting, Sam., Capt., P. 118

Whitney, Addison O., killed at Baltimore, D. 53

Whitney, Eli, Int. 30

Whittier, John G., P. 85, 123

Whittingham, Wm. R., Bishop of Md., circular letter of, D. 71; Doc. 252

Whitworth guns, D. 77

Wickliffe, Col., of Ky., D. 95

Wigfall, —, notice of, D. 6; his arrest spoken of, D. 12; on Beauregard's staff, D. 22; at Fort Sumter, D. 24; at Richmond, D. 84; a Boston sculptor's offer for, P. 96; on the capture of Washington, P. 137

Wilkins, —, Judge, at Pittsburg, Pa, D. 25

Wilkinson, Mrs., of Pittsburg, D. 25

Willard, C. M., D. 45

Willey, W. J., D. 94

William Aiken, the revenue cutter, surrendered, D. 7

Williams, John E., Doc. 306

Williams, Samuel L., of Stirling, Ky., P. 99

Williams, Thomas, Doc. 116

Williams, Wm. R., D. D., Doc. 307

Williamsport, Md., D. 73; rebels at, D. 89

Wilmington, Del., patriotism, D. 7; Union meeting at, D. 28; action of the council of, D. 36; North Carolina, forts at, seized by Gov. Ellis, D. 9; effect of Liucoln's war proclamation in, D. 25; Ohio, war spirit of, D. 32

Wilmot, John G., D. 69

Wilson, Andrew, Doc. 328

Wilson, Colonel, Second Regiment, Ohio troops, D. 77; Doc. 272

Wilson, William, Colonel, Sixth Regt. N. Y.S. V., D. 102; Doc. 366; speech at the departure of his regiment, Doc. 367

Wilson's Zouaves leave N. Y., D. 102

Winans' steam-gun, described, P. 98

Winans, Ross, his steam-gun captured, D. 66; arrested, D. 59, 70

Winans, Thomas, notice of, P. 59

Winser, Lieut, D. 79

Winslow, Lanier & Co., of New York, D. 47

Winthrot, Theodore, Major, anecdote of, D. 105; at Bethel, Doc. 361

Winthrot, B. R., D. 46

Winthrop, R. C., anecdote of, P. 21

Wiscassett, Me., Union at, D. 52

Wise, Henry A., speech at Richmond, Va., June 1, D. 90; Doc. 322; in the Virginia convention, P. 40

Withers, T. J., delegate to Montgomery Congress, D. 10

Women, patriotism of, D. 56; P. 26, 43; of Mobile, Ala., D. 58; address to the, of N. Y., Doc. 158; an incident of, at the South, P. 44; the “terrible condition” of Washington, described by Southern, P. 55; act as spies in Washington, P. 143

Wood, A. M., Col., Fourteenth Regiment, N. Y. S. M., Doc. 260

Wood, —, Dr., U. S. A., D. 96

Wood, Fernando, correspondence with Toombs, D. 16; Doc. 26; his proclamation of April 15, D. 27; Doc. 69; speech at the Union meeting, New York, April 20, Doc. 89; the Irish boy's remark to, at the New York Union meeting, P. 59

Wood, Wilmot, D. 52

Woodbury, Charles L., D. 37

Woodhouse, Levi, Col., Fourth Conn. Regiment, Doc. 862

Woodstock, Vt., D. 42

Woodward, S. H., Doc. 328

Wool, John E., Gen., his declaration in favor of Union, D. 8; Union speech at Troy, N. Y., D. 27; letters to a friend, Doc. 10; epigram on the letter of, P. 20

Worcester, Dr., of Salem, Mass., anecdote of, P. 96

Worcester, Mass., Third Battalion of Rifles of, D. 87; the young soldier from, P. 80

Worden, —, the saver of Fort Pickens, P. 144

Work to do, P. 29

Wright, D. S., D. 53

Weight, Elizabeth D., p. 51

Wright, J. C., of Ohio, D. 17; P. 28

W. R. Kibby, the brig, D. 17

Wyman, Jeffries W., D. 96

Wyoming (N. Y.) conference, its substitute for the slavery resolution, P. 95


Xenia, O., patriotism of, D. 80


Yancey, William L., candidate for President of the Southern Confederacy, D. 14

Yankee, steam-tug, joined the blockade, D. 46

Yankee Doodle's suggestions, P. 16

Yankees will be Yankees, P. 79; proposed method of fighting, P. 94; “Tin Peddlers,” P. 109

Yates, —, Gov. of Ill., his proclamation, D. 25; reasons for the occupation of Cairo, D. 43

Yonkers, N. Y., Home Guard of, P. 95

York, Pa., review at, D. 68

Yorktown, Va., Federal expedition near, D. 106

Young Men's Christian Associations of Baltimore, D. 38; of New York, labors in behalf of the religious wants of volunteers, D. 94

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Worcester (1)
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S. H. Woodward (1)
Levi Woodhouse (1)
Charles L. Woodbury (1)
Wilmot Wood (1)
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John G. Wilmot (1)
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Wilkinson (1)
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Wickliffe (1)
Whitworth (1)
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John G. Whittier (1)
Eli Whitney (1)
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Samuel Whiting (1)
Wheatland (1)
James S. Wheat (1)
Prosper M. Wetmore (1)
Theodore R. Westbrook (1)
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Hugo Wesendonck (1)
T. D. Wells (1)
M. L. Weller (1)
L. L. Weld (1)
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— Welch (1)
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Hicks (1)
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