Explanation of Abbreviations in the Index.

Int. stands for Introductory Address; D. for Diary of Events; Doc. for Documents; and P. for Poetry, Rumors, and Incidents.


A Ballad of Major Anderson, P. 5

Abbott---, speech at Union Meeting, N. Y. April 20 Doc. 117

Abe's Saturday; or, Washington Sixty Days Hence, a play, P. 96

Abou-Ben-Adhem, another version of, P. 38

A Bugle Note, by Emily, P. 50

A Contraband Refrain, P. 126

Acton, Benjamin, plants cotton in New Jersey, P. 126

Acquia Creek, Va., fight at, D. 87; official report of the action, Doc. 320

Adams, Charles Francis, D. 15

Adams, John, Int. 19

Adams, N. Y., D. 40

Adams, —, appointed commissioner from S. Carolina, D. 6

Adams, Samuel, of 1776, D. 70

Adjuster, the bark, seized, D. 17

Adrian, —, of New Jersey, his resolution sustaining Major Anderson, D. 11

A Fragment--Cabinet Council, P. 83

Aid, the steam-tug, D. 13

Aiken, William, notice of, P. 12

Alabama, commissioners of, at Raleigh, N. C, D. 3; convention of, D. 5; delegates advise secession, D. 11; convention of, met, D. 12; Gov. Hicks' letter to the commissioner of, D. 12; adopts ordinance of secession, D. 13; Jeff. Davis's requisition on, D. 21; third regiment of; D. 51; resolutions of the Protestant Episcopal church of, D. 65; troops of, at Pensacola, D. 68; troops at Harper's Ferry, D. 73; ordinance of secession of, Doc. 19; negro insurrections in, P. 12 versus South Carolina, P. 28

Albany Argus, quotations from D. 81; Burgesses Corps, D. 52; Doc. 181; Albany, N. Y., war spirit at, D. 26

Albion, N. Y., union meeting at, D. 33; D. 42

Aldrich, T. Bailey, P. 86, 141

A Lesson to Secessionists, an incident of Fort Monroe, . P. 144

Alexandria, Va., effect of Lincoln's war proclamation in, D. 25; critical position of, May 14, D. 69; secession flag at, captured, D. 77; prisoners captured at, D. 95; Southern press on the occupation of, Doc. 276

Alleghany arsenal, Pittsburg, Pa., D. 9

Alleghany co., Md., loyalty of, D. 47

Allen, W. H., col. 1st regiment, N. Y. S. V., D. 80; Doc. 282; at Great Bethel, D. 98

Allen, Ethan, his parallel, P. 95

Allen Greys, of Brandon, Vt., P. 96

All Hail to the stars and stripes, an anecdote, P. 35, 71

All Forward; written for the 2d Regt., Conn. Volunteers, P. 120

All of Them, by S. R. K., P. 184

All that we Ask is to be Let Alone, P. 30

Altona, Pa., military of, leave for Harrisburg, D. 27

A Marylander, adventures of, P. 100

America, causes of the war in, D. 78

America to the World, P. 116

American colonies, were they a people before the Revolution? Int. 11

American Flag, D. 40; unusual display of, P. 80; buried at Memphis, D. 88; P. 84

Americans, meeting of, in Paris, D. 85

American Standard, newspaper in Jersey City, threatened, D. 28

A Mother Sending Three Sons to the Army. By L F. P. 145

An Appeal for the Country, P. 31

Andrew, J. A., gov. of Mass., his despatch to the authorities of Baltimore, D. 34; notices of, D. 52, 53, 72, 106; address to the Mass. legislature, D. 70; correspondence with Mayor Brown of Baltimore, Doc. 80; letter to Gen. Butler, April 25 Doc. 256

Andrews, Lt.--Col., of Missouri, D. 102

Anderson, Robert, Major, takes possession of Fort Sumter, D. 6; to be resisted by the rebels, D. 8; denounced by Southern papers, D. 7; notices of, D. 8, 9, 14, 18, 21, 28, 38, 62; thanked by the citizens of Chicago, D. 11; his course sustained by Congress, D. 11; confers with Gov. Pickens, D. 13; at Fort Sumter, D. 23; evacuated Fort Sumter, D. 25; arrived at New York, D. 32; receives a sword from the citizens of Taunton, Mass., D. 35; receives the thanks of the government, D. 40; correspondence with Gov. Pickens in reference to the Star of the West, Doc. 19; official report of the bombardment of Fort Sumter, ,Doc. 76; at the Union meeting in New York, April 20, Doc. 105; notices of, P. 4, 5, 7, 8; New York merchant's plan for relieving him at Fort Sumter, P, 10; notice of, P. 12; at Fort Sumter, P. 20; the guest of Beauregard, P. 27; “A proposition to,” P. 129; saluted by the rebels, P. 54

Anderson, R. H., Col. C. A., D. 82

Anecdotes, of the Vt. volunteer, D. 65; of the Kentucky fifer, P. 40; of the Mass. soldier in N. Y., P. 40; of a Mass. soldier at Baltimore, P. 41; of an old volunteer in Indiana, P. 70; of military discipline, P. 130

A new Song of Sixpence, P. 23

Angelis, G. D. Doc. 306

Annapolis, Md., occupation of, D. 42; traitors hung at, P. 57; the Federal troops in, P. 60; railroad celebration in, D. 69

A Northern rally, P. 14

Another Roman Mother, P. 112

A patriotic smith, anecdote, P. 112

A Poem, by C. F., P. 45

A Poem for the Times, P. 65

A Poem which needs no dedication, by Jas. Barron Hope, P. 145

A Poem dedicated to the Knavish Speculators who, have robbed Pennsylvania, P. 115

Appleton, —. Gen., of Mass., speech of, at Union Meeting, N. Y., April 20, Doc. 116

Apportionment of troops of the Federal government, Doc. 237

April 19th, 1775-1861, P. 35

April 15, 1861, W. H. Burleigh, P. 61

Argo”, ship, captured, D. 73

Arkansas, secession of, D. 59; admitted to the Southern Confederacy, D. 72; delegates to the Southern Congress, D. 72; repudiation of P, 143; secession ordinance of Doc. 259

Arlington House, Va., the headquarters of Gen. McDowell, P. 101

Arlington Mills, near Alexandria, Va., skirmish at, D. 89

Arming for battle, P. 46

Armistice, rumored, P. 55

Armitage, Rev. Dr., D. 57

Army Hymn, by O. W. Holmes, P. 87

Arnold, Benedict, and Jefferson Davis, P. 24

Arnold, J., Col. 3d Conn, Regt, D. 77; Notice of, Doc. 272

Articles of Confederation, Int. 13

Ashley, (M. C.,) his account of Contraband negroes, P. 110

Ashmore, J. D., of S. C., Doc. 8; leaves Congress, D. 5

Astor, Augusta---, Doc. 165 John Jacob, Jr., Doc. 165

A Southern Song, by L. M., P. 136

A Suggeston to Major Anderson, P. 4

A Tale of 1861 by E. S. Rand,jr., P. 48

“Atlantic” sailed from N. Y., D. 21

Auburn, N. Y,, Union Meeting at, D. 33

Augusta, Ga., arsenal at, surrendered, D. 16

A Union traveller, anecdote of, P. 23

A Vision of January 4th, P. 14

A Volunteer Song, P. 13

A War-Song for Virginia, P. 146

A Welcome to the Invader, P. 93

A Wonderful Conversion, P. 150


Babcock, Samuel D., D. 77

Babes in the Wood; by C. C., P. 88

Bacon, J. B., P. 29

Bache, A. D., D. 96

Bailey, Godard, D. 5

Baker, Senator, at the inauguration of President Lincoln, D. 18 ---Speech of, at the Union Meeting, N. Y., April 20, Doc. 86 ---Col. 2d Regt. N. J. S. M., Doc. 131; W. C., P. 142 ---, artist, of N. Y., D. 56 ---, Mrs., of Washington, P. 96

Ball, Capt., rebel, D. 103

Balloons, reconnoitering in, D. 103; ascension of Prof. Lowe, D. 108

Baltimore, Md., effect of secession of South Carolina at, D. 4; citizens of, approve the course of Gov. Hicks, D. 9; a “Union city,” D. 12; secession meeting at, D. 29; secession flag in, torn down, D. 32; Northern troops to be obstructed in, D. 32; proclamations issued in, calling on the people to keep the peace, D. 32; riot in, April 19th, D. 33, 39; embargo established at, D. 39; conservative influence in, D. 46; flag-raising at, D. 53; Union ward meetings in, D. 56; the gorillas of, D. 57; Federal troops pass through, D. 61; Southern enlistments leave, D. 62; United States troops in, D. 68; munitions of war seized at, D. 70, 71; rioters of the 19th April, D. 72; munitions of war siezed in, D. 74; powder seized in, D. 93; muskets seized in, D. 94; correspondence in reference to the riot, April 19th, Doc. 78; “the rattlesnake's fangs,” Doc. 79; recapitulation of the killed and wounded in, D. 89; Doc. 133; embargo at, Doc. 134; a secession cockade in, P. 27; anecdote of heroism at the riot in, April 19, 1861, P. 38; and Lexington, a remarkable coincidence, P. 58; incidents of the riot in, P. 60

Baltimore. See East Baltimore. “Baltimore Sun,” The, D. 46

Ballier, Colonel, D. 95

Banks, patriotism of the New Hampshire, D. 28; patriotism of the New Jersey, D. 30; patriotism of the Connecticut, D. 28; correspondence between the banks of New York and the Governor of Georgia, D. 84; meeting of the commissioners of the Southern, D. 93, 102

Bank of Commerce of Providence, R. I., D. 27

Banks, N. P., appointedmaj.-gen. D. 85; takes command at Baltimore, D. 100

Baptists, convention of Georgia, D. 52; notices of, D. 57, 83; report of the Southern convention of, D. 68; Missionary Union, meeting of, D. 83; mass meeting of the, at Brooklyn, N. Y., D. 84; resolutions of the Georgia, Doc. 179; report of the Southern convention of, Doc. 237; report and resolutions of the, at Brooklyn, N. Y., May 29, Doc. 307

Bardwell, James, Rev., celebrated prayer of, D. 65; Doc. 230

Barnwell, R. W., appointed commissioner from S. Carolina, D. 6; delegate to Southern Congress, D. 10

Barry, A. I., of Mississippi, D. 12

Barry, W. F., Major, D. 21

Bartholomew, J. E., Rev., D. 61

Bate, W. B., Col. 2d Tenn., Doc. 265

Bates, Edward, letters to John Minor Botts, D. 84; Doc. 304

Battle Anthem, by John Neal, P. 119

Bayard, Jas. A., censured, D. 28, 103; address to his constituents, D. 69; letter to the people of Delaware, Doc. 240

Bay State Song, P. 117

Beach, Elizabeth T. Porter, P. 72; Lines to Colonel W. H. Allen, 1st Regiment N. Y. S. V., Dc. 282

Beattie, Rev. D., Adieu to the Ohio Soldiers, P. 94

Beauregard, P. G. T., ordered to Charleston, S. C., D. 18; orders intercourse with Fort Sumter to cease, D. 21; his staff at Charleston, S. C., D. 22; bombards Fort Sumter, D. 23; congratulates his troops on the fall of Fort Sumter, D. 25; retires from the command at Charleston, S. C., D. 82; arrived at Manassas, Va., D. 91; notice of, D. 93; orders relating to Captain Ball, D. 103; general orders after the bombardment of Fort Sumter, Doc. 63; “Booty and Beauty” proclamation, Doc. 839; proclamation compared with that of General Butler, Doc. 839; an epigram, P. 96; the ubiquity of, P. 96

Bedford, N. Y., flag-raising at, D. 46

Bedford (Va.) “Yankee Catchers,” P. 71

Beech, A. C., & A. B., of Nashville, Tenn., repudiate their debts, P. 38

Bercher, Henry Ward, D. 38

Bell, John, address to Tenn., D. 30; a traitor, D. 41; in the Washington conspiracy, D. 59; speech at Nashville, Tenn., Doc. 137

Bellows, H. W, D. D. D. 38, 96; Doc. 311

Beman, John, huns, P. 148

Bendix, John E., Colonel 7th Regiment, N. Y. S. V., D. 98; Doc. 273

Benjamin, J. P., secession speech of, in the U. S. Senate, D. 8; his “failing” at college, P. 20; attorney-general, C. S. A., correspondence with Captain C. Lee Moses, P. 132

Bennett, James Gordon, Jr., commissioned in the revenue service, D. 71

Bennett, —, Colonel 28th Regiment, N. Y. S. M., D. 51

Benson, Egbert, Doc. 116

Berk's Station, Va., rebels captured at, D. 97

Berlin, Md., bridge burned at, D. 96

Berry, Jesse H., poem by, P. 104

Berry, Michael, Captain; how he escaped from the South, P. 139

Bethune, George W., D. D., D. 38, 54, Doc. 119, P. 45

Betts, S. R., Doc. 135

Bigler, —, Senator, D. 28; P. 8

Binghamton, N. Y., Union meeting at, 33

Bininger, A. M., D. 39

Binney, Horace, Doc. 178

Birdseye, J. C., of California, D. 38

Black Republic, South Carolina to be a, P. 10

Black, —, Gov. of Nebraska, D. 52

Blair, M., Postmaster--general, stops the mails between St. Louis and Memphis, D. 70 notice of, D. 76; suspends all mail service in the seceded States, D. 82

Blair, F. P., Doc. 363; D. 102

Blankman, Edmond, speech at Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 118

Blenker, Louis, Colonel, Doc. 296

Bliss, L. W., acting Governor of Jefferson Territory; his proclamation of May 21, D. 90; Doc. 325

Blockade, the Federal, proclaimed, D. 32, 46, 48, 62, 73, 82; Southern opinion of the, D. 75; debate on the, in the English House of Commons, D. 83

Blunt, Ellen Key, P. 31

Blunt, George W., D. 32

Boernstein, Henry, Col. 2d Regt. Missouri Volunteers, proclamation of, June 17, D. 107; Doc. 411

Boggs, Rev. Mr., of Bedford, N. Y., D. 46

Bonham, M. L., of South Carolina, leaves Congress, D. 5; Doc. 8; brigadier-general, (rebel,) Doc. 139

Bonney, B. W., D. 94

Booneville, Mo., battle of, D. 107; account of the battle at; rebel account of the battle, Doc. 410

Border State convention, at Baltimore, Maryland, P. 4, 8; meet at Frankfort, Ky., D. 91; address of the, to the people of the United States, Doc. 350; address to the people of Kentucky, Doc. 353

Boreman, Arthur J., D. 101

Borland, Solon, Col., D. 43

Boston, Mass., patriotism of the Common Council of, D. 30; banks of, loan 10 per cent. on their capital to government, D. 30; excitement in, on receipt of the news of the Baltimore riot, D. 34; incident at a police court in, P. 44; meeting of the Suffolk bar at, D. 48; the school teachers in, D. 50; to be burned, D. 55; Courier, article in, on the increase of slavery, Int. 45; Doc. 401; Rifle Company, D. 68; Transcript, quotation from, D. 70

Botts, John Minor, Bates' Letters to, D. 84; Doc. 304

Boudinot, Elias C., Doc. 260

Bourne, George S., P. 35

Bourne, Wm. Oland, P. 62, 75

Boweryem, George, P. 47

Boyce, W. W., of S. C., leaves Congress, D. 5; delegate to Southern Convention, D. 10, Doc. 8

Boylston, —, appointed to Beauregard's staff, D. 22

Bragg, Braxton, Gen., at Pensacola, D. 68; his order cutting off supplies from Fort Pickens, Doc. 42

Brass missionaries, P. 112

Brady, James T., letter to the Union meeting, New York, Doc. 92

Breckinridge, Rev. Dr., article of, in the Danville (Ky.) Review, opposing secession, D. 97

Breckinridge, J. C., protests against the war, D. 35

Brengle Guard, of Frederick, Md., D. 61

Breshwood, Capt., surrenders the cutter Robert McClellan, D. 16

Brown, George M., of Mobile, Ala., D. 13

Bridgeport, Conn., Union meeting at, D. 35

Briggs, G. N., Governor of Massachusetts, D. 83

Bright, Mr., remarks in English House of Commons, May 23, Doc. 303

Bronson, Greene C., Doc. 135

Brooklyn, N. Y., D. 15; Union meeting at, D. 42; war spirit in, D. 50; steam frigate, ordered to Charleston, S. C., D. 9; P. 10; Navy Yard, the threatened attack upon, P. 21; Heights Seminary, D. 50

Brooks, Sarah Warner, P. 45

Brooks, William M., of Ala., D. 12

Broome Co., (N. Y.,) volunteers, D. 67

Brown, —, Governor of Georgia, demands Augusta arsenal, D. 16; prohibits payment to Northern creditors, D. 45; notices of, D. 72; P. 9, 22; attaches the Mason and Western Railroad, P. 25

Brown, General, at Ft. Pickens, D. 77

Brown, Major-General, 1812, D. 59

Brown, George William, Mayor of Baltimore, D. 37; proclamation of April 18, Doc. 77; correspondence with Governor Andrew, Doc. 80; his account of an interview with President Lincoln, Doc. 123

Brown, James M., Capt. D. 83

Brown, J. N., ex-U. S. N., P. 39

Brown, J. B., D. 60

Brown, John C., Doc. 123

Brown, John, D. 90

Brown, John young, Doc. 76

Brown, Neill S., D. 7; address to Tennessee, D. 30

Brown High School at Newburyport, Mass., D. 43

Browne, Wm. M., P. 24

Brownell, Francis E., D. 79

Brownell, Katy, D. 45

Brownell, Martha Francis, D. 45

Brownlow, Parson, his definition of the height of impudence, P. 26; his reply to Gen. Pillow, P. 60; anecdote of the daughter of, P. 109

Bryan, M. K., Col., D. 39

Bryant, Mr., of S. C., D. 13

Bryant, Lieut., U. S. N., D. 73

Bryce, —, Col., D. 37

Buchanan, James, President of U. S., D. 7; receives Hayne of S. C., D. 14; notice of, D. 59; correspondence with Floyd, Doc. 10; correspondence with the South Carolina Commissioners, Doc. 11; recommendation for a fast, Dec. 14, 1860, Doc. 17; agitated at the surrender of Federal arms, P. 8; favors the secessionists, P. 9; not to reinforce the forts, P. 9; his administration a reign of “stealing,” P. 23; his favorites, conspirators, P. 24; another “Abou-Ben-Adhem,” P. 38; “blabs all he knows,” P. 39; New York women's letter to, P. 42; his early knowledge of the secession conspiracy, P. 110; Twiggs' letter to, P. 131

Buckingham, —, Gov. of Conn., proclaims a fast, D. 5; calls for volunteers, D. 28; notice of, D. 42

Budd, Capt., of the steamer Resolute destroys rebel shipping on the Potomac, D. 99; captures the schooner “Buena Vista,” D. 108

Buena Vista Volunteers, D. 56

“Buena Vista”, schooner, D. 108

Buffalo, N. Y., patriotic action of the Common Council of D. 46

Bull, Dyer, Rev., of New Haven, P. 20

Bungay, G. W., P. 50

Bungtown Riflemen, P. 95

Bunker Hill, battle of, celebrated at Alexandria, Va., D. 105; celebrated at Boston, D. 106; celebrated in Virginia, P. 125

Burgvien, E., Gen., D. 43

Burgess, John I., D. 59

Burlingame, Anson, at Paris, D. 85

Burleigh, W. H., P. 61

Burns, William, D. 29

Burnet, J. B., wife of, D. 46

Burnside, A. E., Colonel, Rhode Island Regiment, Doc. 124

Burton, Wm., Gov. of Delaware, D. 46; proclamation, April 26, Doc. 155

Benton's six footers, anecdote of, P. 139

Busbee, George, D. 105

Bush River, Md., bridge at, burned, D. 35

Butler, B. F., Brig.-General, D. 35; congratulates his troops on their success at Annapolis, D. 40; takes possession of Annapolis, D. 42; threatens to arrest the Maryland Legislature, D. 45; notices of, D. 49, 58, 61, 66, 69, 70, 71, 74, 76, 80, 83, 91; appointed Major-General, D. 72, 73; at Fort Monroe, D. 75; visits Hampton, Va., D. 78; anecdote of, P. 56; his African descent, D. 86; on fugitive slaves, D. 86; letter to Gov. Hicks, Doc. 144; general orders at Relay House, Md., May 8, Doc. 208; proclamation at Federal Hill, Baltimore, of May 14, Doc. 243; speech at Washington, Doc. 254; report of the battle of Great Bethel, Doc. 356; letter to Gov. Andrew, Doc. 257; letter to Gen. Scott on “Contrabands,” Doc. 313; his Union sentiments in Jan., P. 9; the Picayune's pedigree of, P. 128

Butler, George H., Lieut., D. 76; is sent for the remains of Major Winthrop, D. 105

Butler, Wm. Allen, D. 73, Doc. 262

Butterworth, Sergeant, shot, D. 78

Buttrick, —, persons of the name in the battle of Lexington and the riot at Baltimore, P. 59

Byington, A. H., D. 36


Caddo Rifles, the, D. 44

Cadwallader, —, Gen., threatened by a mob, D. 26; at Fort McHenry, D. 82; arrest of, ordered, 15. 83; notice of, D; 102; his action at Fort McHenry, Doc. 301

Cady, Daniel, Judge, P. 40

“Cahawba”, steamship, D. 44

Cairo, Ill., Federal troops at, D. 42; reasons for the occupation of, D. 43; the occupation of, P. 78; guns planted at, D. 90; brass missionaries at, P. 112

Calhoun, J. C., D. 4, 56; on the Constitution, Int. 20; did not claim a constitutional right of secession, Int. 22; opinion of secession, Int. 44; “The Spotted Hand,” P. 7

Calhoun, privateer, D. 71; prizes of the D. 81

California ships threatened, D. 10; citizens of, hold a war meeting in N. Y., D. 38; Doc. 132

Call, R. K., Gov., letter to J. S. Littell, of Pennsylvania, Doc. 416

Cambridge, Mass., Union Meeting at, D. 48

Cameron, Simon, Secretary, Gov. Magoffin's reply to, D. 27; Gov. Letcher's reply to, D. 28; Gov. Ellis' reply to, D. 29; reply of Gov. Harris to, D. 30; Gov. Jackson, reply to, D. 30, 40; denies the “armistice story,” D. 52; circular in reference to appointment of army officers, D. 76; response of Gov. Rector to, D. 102; letter of. on the organization of the Federal army, Doc. 269; letter to Gen. Butler on “contraband negroes,” Doc. 314; Cassius M. Clay's reply to, P. 39

Campbell, John A., Judge, U. S. Supreme Court, resigned, D. 54; letter to Seward, Doc. 426

Camp Jackson, Mo., taken, D. 66

Canada, spirit of the press of, D. 51

Canadian opinions of the war, P. 139

Canton, Md., bridges at, burned, D. 35

Carey, —, Quartermaster N. Y. 5th Regiment. D. 89

Cary, Major, of the rebel army, D. 80

Carlisle, John S., speech at Wheeling, May 11, D. 67; in the Virginia Convention, D. 101; Doc. 328; speech in the Wheeling (Va.) Convention, June 14, Doc. 374; conversation with Henry A. Wise, P. 40

Carr, Joseph B., Col. 2d Regiment N. Y. S. V., Doc. 269; W. C. N., D. 29

Carrington, Edward C., his call of Jan. 5, 1861, D. 10; Doc. 17

Carroll, Edward, oration of, D. 17

“Caspian”, the schooner, D. 16

Cass, Lewis, D. 29; D. 43; Gen. Wool's letter to, on the necessity of reinforcing the Southern forts, Doc. 11; speech at Detroit, April 24, Doc. 145

Castle Pinckney, S. C., taken possession of by rebels, D. 7; Commander Pettigru at, D. 8

Castleton, Vt., Union Meeting at, D. 45

Catawba Indians. See Indians.

Catholics of the South refuse fellowship with those of the North, D. 97

C. Colden Murray, the bark, D. 17

Chapin, E. H., D. D., P, 62

Charleston Courier; its opinion of the rebellion, P. 149

Charleston Mercury threatens to take the forts, D. 4; discusses sea-coast defences, D. 4; suggests the seizure of forts, D. 10; urges an attack on Fort Sumter D. 16; strictures on the policy of the Federal Government, D. 21; request to the captains of Confederate ships, D. 39

Charleston, S. C., people of, refuse to allow Federal soldiers to be sent to the forts, D. 3; act of secession signed at, D. 4; palmetto flags raised in, D. 7; forts at, seized, D. 7; orders in reference to the clearance of vessels from, D. 8; citizens of, ordered into military service, D. 10; “foreign vessels” at, D. 17; arsenal at, seized by rebels, D. 8; Washington's birthday in, D. 17; United States vessels reported off the harbor of, D. 21; Doc. 49; people of, refuse provisions to Fort Sumter, D. 21; warlike preparations at, P. 10; reported panic at, P. 11; floating battery at, D. 22; bravery of the troops of, D. 51; schooner fired into at, P. 43; harbor of, blockaded, D. 67; Doc. 236; an Incident at the forts at, P. 25; plan to prevent uneasiness in, P. 44; an incident at, on the eve of the battle of Fort Sumter, P. 44; the consul at, and Seward, P. 98

Charlotte, N. C., mint at, seized, D. 37

Chatauqua (N. Y.) Volunteers, D. 83

Chesnut, James, Jr., delegate to Southern convention, D. 10; appointed to Beauregard's staff, D. 22; at Fort Sumter, D. 23

Chesnut Hill, Pa., D. 40

Chester County, Pa., D. 10

Chetwood, Hobart, Rev., D. 84

Chicago, Ill., Union. resolutions of, D. 11; Union meeting at, D, 30, 35

Child, Willard, D. 45

Childs, —, Captain, the Dayton Rifle Company, D. 33

Childs, George W., D. 56; Doc. 186

Chipp, W., D. 32

Chippewa Indians, D. 43

Chittenden, H. W., wife of, D. 46

Chittenden, S. B., D. 82; Doc. 94

Chisholm, Thomas, D. 68

Chowan Association, of N. C., D. 74

Chumasero, John C., D. 103

Cincinnati, O., workingmen's Union meeting at, D. 10

Cisco, John J., P. 8

Clancy, John, P. 14

Clark, Col. 19th N. Y. Regt., D. 95

Clarksburg, Va., citizens of, censure the course.of Gov. Letcher, D. 39

Clay, Cassius M., at Paris, D. 85, 94; letter to London Times, Doc. 340; reply of the London Times, Doc. 341; London News on letter of, Doc. 342; anecdote of, P. 39

Clay, Henry, speech of, 1850, Int. 31; his birthday the anniversary of the battle of Fort Sumter, P. 78

Clemens, Sherrard, D. 15; anecdote of his speech, 22d January, P. 21; D. 32; poem on, P. 52; speech in the House of Representatives, Jan. 22d, 1861, Doc. 22

Clerke, T. W., Doc. 135

Cleveland, O., Union meeting at, D. 27

Cobb, Howell, elected president of the Southern Congress, D. 17; his proposition in reference to the sale of cotton, D. 76; speech at Atlanta, Ga., Doc. 268

Cochrane, John, D. 46; speech at N. York, Apl. 20, Doc. 96; anecdote of Bigler and, P. 8

Cocke, Philip St. George, Brigadier-General, of Virginia, D. 58

Cockeysville, Md., rumored descent on, D. 88; Doc. 123

Cockey's Field, ballad of, P. 52

Cocks, John G., his proposition to Major Anderson, P. 129

Coddington, David S., speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 105

Coe, George S., Doc. 306

Coercion might be exercised under the Confederation, Int. 14

Coffee, Andrew Jackson, P. 138

Colcock, —, collector of Charleston, S. C., his orders in reference to departure of vessels, D. 8

Coles, —, Captain, takes possession of Potosi, Mo., D. 71

Collamer, —, Senator, of Vt., D. 42

Collier, —, Lieut. of U. S. M., D. 53

Cologne Gazette, extract from, D. 74

Colt, Samuel, his patriotic offer, D. 52

Columbia Artillery, arrived at Charleston, S. C., D. 8

Columbia, Ark., negro plot in, D. 92

Columbus, Ky., secession flag, D. 101

Comstock, —, Midshipman, D. 57

Confederate Congress. See Southern Confederacy.

Confederate Navy. See Southern Confederacy.

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Folger, —, Judge, D. 4<*>

For Bunker Hill, sung at the camp of the Massachusetts 5th, June 17, P. 125

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For we're a band of niggers, P. 115

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withdrawal of Federal troops from, demanded, D. 14; South Carolina offers to buy, D. 16; Charleston Mercury urges an attack on, D. 16; plans for capturing, D. 11; bombardment of, D. 23; explosion at, D. 25; evacuated, D. 24; how the relieving of, was prevented, D. 33; effect of the attack on, in America, D. 24; effect of the attack on, in England D. 62; English press on the fall of, Doc. 228; the killed at, P. 78, 79; another account of the killed at, P. 97; opinions of the press in reference to the movement of Major Anderson at, Doc. 9; action of the N. Y. Chamber of Commerce, in relation to the soldiers of, D. 95; ridiculous rumors about, P. 27, 44; gallantry of Peter Hart at, P. 41

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Fort Washington, Potomac river, garrisoned, D. 11

Forts and fortresses, P. 139

Fortress Monroe, D. 10

Fosdick, Richard B., P. 56

Fox, —, Capt., visit to Fort Sumter, D. 19; P. 26

Fourth of July to be abolished, P. 22

Frankfort, Ala., Union resolutions of, D. 19

Frankfort, Ky., Military Institute, patriotic old fifer at, P. 40

Frazer, Thomas, P. 122

Frederick, Md., flag presentation at, D. 60

Freeborn, steamer, captures two schooners in the Potomac, D. 73

Freedom of speech at the South P. 40

Free suffrage, J. M. Mason's letter on, D. 71

Fremont, John C., in Paris, D. 85

Frieze, Colonel, of R. I., D. 37

From the South to the North, P. 107

Frost, C., a poem by, P. 45

Fry, James B., Asst. Adj. Gen. U. S. A. D. 83; Dec. 333

Fugitive Slave Law, D. 3

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Fuller, W. J. A., speech at Union Meeting, N. Y., April 20, Doc. 114

Fun among the soldiers, P. 100


Gallatin, James, D. 32; Doc. 306

Galveston, Texas, seizure of the steamer “Star of the West,” D. 29; military companies formed in, D. 33

Garibaldi Guard leave N. Y., D. 84,

notice of, Doc. 307

Gardner, —, Capt., D. 105

Garland, A. 11., D. 72

Garnett, —, of Va., announced the secession of S. C., D. 4

Gasconade river, Col. Siegel at, D. 101

Gatlin, Major, D. 43

Gayare, Charles, D. 5

Gazzani, E. D., D. 55

General Harney, lines by Lexington, P. 141

General Parkhill, ship, seized, D. 74

Geneva, N. Y., P. 40

Georgia, desires co-operation, D. 3; address of, D. 3; resolutions of the Convention of, in response to the resolutions of the legislature of New York, D. 15; the governor of, seizes New York ships, D. 17; “bullying” in the elections of, D. 12; secession of, D. 15; Doc. 21; reasons for secession, Int. 24; Governor of, prohibits payment to Northern creditors, D. 45; troops of, for Richmond, Va., D. 49; troops of, at Pensacola, D. 68; arms of the state of, not to be carried out of jurisdiction, D. 72; correspondence between the governor of, and the banks of N. Y., D. 84; rising of slaves in, P. 9; new phase of the seizures of, P. 22; recruiting for the army of, in New York, P. 25; habeas corpus act in, P. 42 See New York, Doc. 306; Minute Men of, tender services to South Carolina, D. 5

Germans, patriotism of the, D. 29; Streiff's address to the, Doc. 377

Germany, opinions of the press of, on the war in America, Doc. 265

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Gibbs, Wolcott, D. 96

Giles, —, Judge, of Baltimore, difference with Maj. Morris, D. 69

Gilpin, —, Dr., Doc. 131

Gittings, John S., D. 71

Gleeson, John, N. Y. 69th, P. 131

Globe Bank of Providence, R. L, D. 27

G. M. Smith, prize schooner, D. 68

God and the Right, P. 73

God for our Native Land, P. 45

God Keep our Army pure, P. 104

God Protect us, P. 85

God Save our Native Land, P. 17

Golden Lead, the brig, seized, D. 17

Good-bye, Boys-I'm going, P. 142

Gosport Navy Yard, Va., D. 36; incidents of the burning of, P. 54; how it was saved from total destruction, P. 127; account of the burning of, Doc. 119

Gordon, Lieut., at Fairfax Court House, Va., D. 89

Gould, —, judge of Troy, N. Y., D. 27

Grace Church in N. Y., American flag raised on the spire of, P. 56; the flag on, a “sign of the times,” Doc. 175

Grafton, Va., evacuated, D. 82; taken possession of by the Federal troops, D. 86, 90

Gray, —, artist, N. Y., D. 56

Gray, William, of Boston, D. 35

Great Bethel, Va., battle of, D. 98; Lieut. Greble's gallantry at, P. 147; official reports of the battle at, Doc. 356; Confederate account, Doc. 360

Greatly descended men, P. 109

Great pop-gun practice, P. 99

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Green, Samuel, captured, D. 97

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Grinnell, Joseph. Doc. 5

Grinnell, Moses H. Doc. 109, 110

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Gulf City Guards leave Mobile, D. 44

Gunpowder Creek, Md., bridge at, burned, D. 35

Guthrie, James, speech at Louisville, Ky., April 18, Doc. 72

Guthrie, T. V., Col. of Ky., D. 55

Gwin, Wm. M. P. 55


Habana, steamer, purchased by the, D. 29, 129

Habeas Corpus, writ of, refused by Major Morris, D. 69, 82

Hagen, J. C., poem by, P. 121

Hagerstown, Md., flag raising at, D. 47; Federal forces at, D. 107

Haggerty, Peter, Capt., D. 76

Haldeman, —, minister, D. 85

Hall, —, Judge, charge to the grand jury at Rochester, D. 84

Hallett, B. F. D. 49

Hamilton, Alexander, Int. 18

Hamilton, Lieut.---, commander of the rebel steam-tug Aid, D. 13

Hamlin, Hannibal, a “free negro,” P. 10; vice-president of the U. S., D. 17; speech at New York, Doc. 163

Hammond, James H., candidate for vice-president of Southern confederacy D. 14

Hammond, Thomas S., rebel D. 8<*>

Hampton Roads, Va., blockaded, D. 53

Hampton, Va., rebels attempt to destroy the bridge at, D. 78; Colonel Duryea's proclamation to the people of, Doc. 296

Hardy, A. H., Commssioner from Miss. to Maryland, Doc. 1

Hardee, Colonel, P. 9; his Tactics not literary, P. 111

Harney, —, Gen., arrested, D. 44; released by the rebels, D. 51; his loyalty, D. 5; his proclamation, D. 68; notices of, D. 67, 69, 71, 78; agreement with Gen. Price, D. 74; letter to Col. J. 0. Fallon, Doc. 179; proclamation of, May 11, Doc. 237; proclamation of, May 14, Doc. 242

Harold, the brig seized, D. 17

Harper's Ferry, Md., arsenal at, destroyed, D. 30; reinforcement of the rebels at, D. 73; Lieut. Jones's official report of the destruction of public property at, Doc. 72; evacuated by the rebels, D. 103; American flag raised at, D. 104; reasons for its evacuation, Doc. 415

Harrington, —, chancellor of Delaware, D. 103

Harris, Isham G., Gov. of Tenn., his reply to Cameron, D. 39; seizes Tennessee bonds, D. 49; announces a league of that State with the Confederates, D. 61; message of May 7, Doc. 201

Harrisburg, Pa., first rendezvous for Pa. troops, D. 27

Harsen, Jacob, M. D., Doc. 311

Hart, Peter, at Fort Sumter, P. 41

Hart, Roswell, D. 103

Hartford, Conn., D. 28

Hartwell, —, Capt., of Mobile, Ala., D. 44

Harvard Medical School, D. 52

Havana, Southern Commissioners at, P. 42; the Confederate flag in, P. 55

Havemeyer, Wm. F. Doc. 104

Hawkins, Rush C., Colonel, Ninth Regt., N. Y. S. V. D. 93; Doc. 339

Haxsey, Thomas B., D. 75

Hayne, Col., received by President Buchanan, D. 14, 16

Heartt, Jonas C., D. 27

Height of Impudence, Parson Brownlow's definition of, P. 26

Henry, Alexander, of Pa., Doc. 178

Henry---, mayor of Philadelphia, his speech to a mob, D. 26; address to Lieut. Slemmer, U. S. A., D. 100

Herrick, Moses, wounded, D. 46

H. I. Spearing, bark, D. 86

Hicks, Gov. of Md., declines to receive Miss. commissioner, D. 3; refuses to convene Md. legislature, D. 7; supported by the citizens of Baltimore, D. 9; his address to the people of Maryland, D. 11; Doc. 17; his letter to the Alabama commissioner, D. 12; urges the withdrawal of troops from Maryland, D. 38; message to Md. legislature, D. 48; notices of, D. 82, 50, 58, 59, 70, 71; proclamation calling for arms. D. 96; reply to tho Miss. comm'r, Dec. 1; proclamation to the people of Maryland, April 18, Doc. 76; proposes Lord Lyons as a mediator, Doc. 133; letter to Gen. Butler, April 23, Doc. 144; message of, April 27, Doc. 159; letter to. from the citizens of Weverton, Md, Doc. 175; proclamation of, May 14, Doc. 245; proclamation of, ordering the surrender of arms to the State, Doc. 347

Hill, —, Capt., refused to surrender Fort Brown, Texas, D. 18

Hill, Colonel, rebel, D. 105

Hillman, the steamer, D. 49

Historical Parallels, P. 95

Hitchcock, Roswell D., D. 73, 94; remarks at the New York Bible Society, Doc. 263

Hoag, Joseph, his Latter-day Prophecy, P. 124

Hoffman, J. T., Doc. 135

Hog and Hominy, P. 96

Hollidaysburg, Pa., military of, leave for Harrisburg, D. 28

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, P. 33, 87

Holt, Joseph, notice of, D. 10; correspondellco with Gov. Ellis, of N. C. D. 12; Doc. 18; expels General Twiggs, D. 18; letter to J. F. Speed, D. 86; on the pending revolution, Doc. 283

Holt, 11. D., M. D., D. 28

Homer, Lient., at Mobile, Ala., D. 19

Homespun Party, in Miss., P. 25

Hooper, Johnson F., secretary of the Southern Convention, D. 17

Hope, James Barron, P. 145

Hornby, Me., Ethan Spike on the secession of, P. 22

Hotaling, Samuel, D. 39; Doc. 104

Hotchkiss & Sons of Sharon, Ct., D. 42

Houston. Sam., proclaims the secession of Texas, D. 18; defines his position, D. 74; speech at Independence, Texas, May 10, Doc. 266

Howard, O. O., Col. Third Maine Regiment, Doc. 344

Howe, Elias, Jr., notice of, D. 92

Howe, S. G., M. D., D. 96

Howe, W. W., P. 30

How the B's stung the Chivalry, P. 143

Hubbard, C. D., Doc. 328

Hubbard, —, artist, N. Y., D. 56

Hudson, H. N., Rev., D. 43

Hudson, N. Y., meeting at, D. 35

Hughes, John, Archbishop of Now York, letter to the Union meeting, New York, April 20, Doc. 89

Hull, Solomon L., Doc. 108

Hunt, Washington, speech at the Union meeting, Doc. 90

Hunt, Wilson G., D. 91

Hunter, —, Senator of Va., D. 49

Huntington, —, artist, N. Y., D. 56

Hyde, P. W. D. 45

Hymn for a Flag Raising, P. 140


Iatan, Mo., secession flug at, D. 91

If any one attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot, Doc. 27

“Ike” Sumter, a poem by, P. <*>5

Illinois, troops of, seize arms in the St. Louis Arsenal, D. 44; war enthusiasm of the people, D. 45

Independence, Mo., action near, D. 107

Indiana, alacrity of the troops of, D. 58 6th Regt. left Cincinnati, O., D. 86; troops at Philippi, D. 91

Indiana Zouaves, notice of, D. 95; leave Cumberland, Md., D. 100

Indian Trust Fund, D. 5

Indians. the Catawba tribes tender to Gov. Pickens, D. 16; notice of, D. 43; stationed at Harper's Ferry, D. 77; Cherokees in the Southern army, P. 126, 127

Ingraham, D. P., Judge, D. 40

Ingraham Henry, D. 27

Ink, Blood, and Tears, the taking of Fort Sumter, P. 90

Ireland, union with England, Int. 16

Irish Regular, anecdote of an, P. 57

Irishmen, among the rebels, D. 103

Ironton, Mo., lead seized at, D. 76

Irvine, Colonel, D. 83

Irving, Jim, notice of, P. 150

Ithaca, N. Y., volunteers from, D. 56

It is great for our Country to die, P. 105

Ives, T. P., commissioned in the revenue service, D. 71


Jacobus, J. J., Mrs., P. 136

Jackson, Claiborne F., Gov. of Mo., his reply to Cameron, D. 30; secession sympathies of, D. 55; calls for 50,000 troops, D. 101; evacuates Jefferson City, Mo., D. 104; notices of, D. 47, 107; proclamation, June 12, Dec. 363

Jackson, Andrew, The Three Swords presented to, P. 138; notices of, Doc. 113, 115

Jackson, J. W., the assassin, D. 79

Jackson, Nathaniel J., Col. First Maine Regiment, Doc. 320

Jay, C. W., D. 15

Jay, John, notice of, D. 46; The Great Conspiracy, an address delivered at Mount Kisco, N. Y., July 4, Doc. 378

James River, Va., blockaded, D. 53

Jamestown, steamer, seized, D. 32

Jameson, Charles D., Colonel Second Maine Regiment, Doc. 256

Jamieson, D. F., D. 3

Janvier, Francis De Haas, P. 14

J. C. Swan, steamier, seized, D. 76

Jefferson City, Mo., evacuated by the rebels, D. 104

Jefferson D.” P. 123

Jefferson Territory. See L. W. Bliss.

Jefferson, Thomas, Int. 15, 19

Jenifer, Lieut., U. S. A., D. 39

Jersey City, N. J., Union meeting at, D. 28

Johnson, Andrew, in effigy D. 4; insulted at Lynchburgh, Va., D. 38; narrow escape of, P. 43

Johnson, Bradley F., D. 65

Johnson, —, Col. 1st Reg't N. J. S. M., D. 55

Johnson, Herschell V., voted against the secession of Ga., D. 15

Johnson, Reverdy, Int. 44; D. 60; speech at Frederick, Md., Doc. 199

Johnson, R. W., D. 72

Jones, Amanda T., P. 74

Jones, Col., Mass. 6th Reg't, D. 53

Jones, —, judge U. S. District Court of Alabama, adjourned his Court forever, D. 13

Jones, J. Wesley, speech to the soldiers of the Mass. Fifth, P. 82

Jones, R., Lieut., at Harper's Ferry, D. 30, 34, 54; official report of tho destruction of the arsenal at harper's Ferry, Doc. 72

Jones, Thomas, Gen., D. 39

Jones, William, Capt., hung, P. 38

Jouett, James E., Lt. U. S. N., P. 21

Journal of Commerce, (N. Y.,) its apology for J. B. Floyd, P. 11

Julia Mildred, P. 65

Junkin, Dr., President of Washington College, Ky., resigns, P. 99


Kallman, Colonel, D. 105

Kane, Marshal, refuses to deliver arms, D. 71

Kapp, Frederic, speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 106

Keese, J. Lawrence, killed, D. 62

Keitt, L. M., delegate to Montgomery Congress, D. 10

Kelly, Colonel, takes possession of Grafton, Va., D. 82, 86; wounded at Philippi, D. 91; notice of, D. 101

Kensett, J. F., D. 56

Kent, chancellor, P. 26

Kentucky, really of the Governor of. to Secretary Catneron, D. 27; the position of, considered by the “National Union,” D. 30; where will she go? P. 38; the Border counties of, D. 55; neutrality of, D. 74; resolved not to secede, D. 78; address to the people of, by John J. Crittenden and others, D. 97; Leonard Strieff's address to the Germans of, Doc. 377

Kentucky, a poem, by “estelle.” P. 108

Kentucky, by Mrs. Sophia H. Oliver, P. 134

Kennedy, John P., notice of, D. 9; an appeal to Maryland, Doc. 378

Kenyon, W. S., D. 32

Kerrigan, J. E., his connection with the attack on the Brooklyn Navy Yard, P. 21

Kershaw, —, Colonel, D. 51

Ketcham, Hiram, speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 98

Keynton, John, P. 18

Key West, forts at, to be seized, D. 10; Lincoln's proclamation in reference to D. 65

Kilpatrick, Judson, Capt., D. 98; report of the battle of Great Bethel, Va., Doc. 358

Kilburn, B. W., of Littleton, N. H., P. 71

Kimball, Auguste Cooper, P. 3

King cotton, a poem, P. 72

King, John E., D. 32

Kingston, N. Y., Union meeting, D. 32

Kingwood, Va., Union meeting at, D. 56

Kirkland, Charles P., speech to the officers and soldiers of the 14th Regiment, N. Y. S. V., Doc. 413

Kirkland, C. P., Jr., Doc. 156

Knights of the Golden Circle, D. 94

Knoxville, Ky., riot at, D. 69

Koch, Ignatz, Doc. 108


Ladd, Luther C., killed at Baltimore, D. 53

Lafayette, Ind., first troops left, D. 29

Laisser, Aller, P. 13

Lake Borgne, La., D. 95

Lamon, —, Col., his interview with Gov. Pickens and Beauregard, D. 20

Lander, —, Col., at Philippi, Va., Doc. 335

Land of the South, P. 108

Lane, Joseph H., appointed Brig.-Gen. in the U. S. A., D. 105

Lane, Joseph, his orthography, P. 24

Lang, Louis, D. 56

Latham, —, Senator, D. 66

Latham, G. R., Doc. 328

Law and Order.--in the North and in the South, P. 49

Law, George, letter to the President of the U. S., D. 43; Doc. 147

Lawrence, George W., D. 60

Lawrence, Mass., Union meeting, D. 25; war contributions of, D. 28

Lawrence, —, Col., D. 38

Lawyers — meeting of the Bar of New York, Doc. 135; New Orleans Bar in arms, P. 54

Leavenworth, E. W., wife of, D. 46

Lee, Robert E., D. 46; appointed commander-in-chief of rebels, Virginia, D. 39, 65

Lee, Capt., U. S. N., P. 113

Leigh, C. C., D. 43

Lefferts, Marshall, Col. Doc. 81, 318, 319

Leland, Charles Godfrey, P. 5, 15

Leonard, A. F., song by, P. 108

Letcher, John, Governor of Virginia, condemns the action of South Carolina, D. 12; his reply to Cameron, D. 28; recognizes the independence of the Confederate States, D. 29; attempts on Harper's Ferry, D. 30; his experience with the patented of the “bullet-mould,” D. 36; censured by the citizens of Western Virginia, D. 39; releases the Northern ships, D. 43; announces the transfer of Virginia to the Southern Confederacy, D. 45, 47, 55, 121; proclamation of April 17th, Doc. 70; proclamation of April 24th, Doc. 146; proclamation of April 25th, Doc. 154; proclamation of May 3d, Doc. 184; is orders for the destruction of railroad bridges, &c., Doc. 344

Letters of Marque, D. 71, 78; Jefferson Davis' proclamation offering, Doc. 71; Charleston Mercury on, Doc. 71; confederate act relative to, Doc. 195; Davis' instructions for, Doc. 272

Let us alone, the reason why the North will not, P. 124

Leverett, Charles Edward, P. 91

Lewis Cass, revenue cutter, D. 16; the seizure of, Doc. 28

Lewis, Colonel, of Pa., D. 67

Lexington, Ky., Union in, D. 89

Liberty, Mo., arsenal at, seized, D. 36

Lincoln, Abraham, “will be forced from Washington,” D. 5; his life not “worth a week's purchase,” D. 89; arrival at Washington D. 17; declared president of the U. S., D. 17; inauguration of, D. 18; how his inaugural is received, D. 19; refuses to receive the Southern commissioners, D. 22; receives the Virginia commissioner, D. 24; issues a proclamation calling for 75,000 troops, D. 25; Its effect in the country, D. 25; Jeff. Davis' reply to theo proclamation of, D 26; denounced by Breckinridge, D. 35; consultation with Mayor Brown, D. 37; “an usurper,” D. 39; his proclamation laughed at, D. 50; supported by the “Toronto Globe,” D. 51; interview with Maryland legislative committee, D. 57; address at the flag-raising at Washington, D. 76; response of Gov. Rector to. D. 101; notices of, D. 54, 56, 58, 59, 65; an account of his journey from Harrisburg, Pa., to Washington, Doc. 32; conspiracy to assassinate, Doc. 34; inaugural of, Doc. 36; how his inaugural is received by the people, Doc. 39; speech to the Virginia commissioners, April 13, Doc. 61; proclamation of April 15th, calling for 75,000 troops, Doc. 63; opinions of the press of his proclamations, Doc. 64; proclamation of, announcing the blockade, D. 82; Doc. 78; George Wm. Brown's statement in regard to, Doc. 123; letter from George Law to, Doc. 147; proclamation blockading North Carolina and Virginia, Doc. 161; proclamation of May 8, Doc. 185; letter to the Md. authorities, Doc. 193; proclamation relative to Key West, Tortugas, and Santa Rosa!, Doc. 232; described by “Once a Week,” P. 12; will “not compromise,” P. 20; his position described by the “Charleston Mercury,” P. 21; one of his stories, P. 23; “Old Abe in a terrible fix,” P. 25; receives a five dollar note of the Union Bank of South Carolina, to help pay expenses, P. 27; he “keeps his own counsels,” P. 39; “The Beast,” P. 42; his answers to the Baltimore and Virginia committees, P. 54; rebel misrepresentations of, P. 54; “First Catch the Rabbit,” P. 55; absurd stories about, P. 57; all ready “to run,” P. 70; his way to enlist soldiers, P. 81; of Quaker proclivities, P. 83; a rebel fragment concerning his cabinet, P. 83; see “Abe's Saturday.” P. 96; compared with Jeff. Davis, P. 128; his “foreign relations” in the confederate army, P. 42, 131

Lindsay, John, the first citizen of “Independent” Virginia, P, 99

Littell, J. S., letter of Gov. R. K. Call, of Florida. to, Doc. 416

Little Bethel, Va., battle of, D. 98

Little Rhody, P. 87

Little Rock, Ark., arsenal at, D. 17

Liverpool, Eng., rebel flag in, P. 114

Liverpool Times, article on United States, D. 38; on affairs in America, Doc. 132

London News, protest of. against The recognition of a Southern confederacy, D. 19; Doc. 41; article in the., defining the positions of the United States and the Southern Confederacy, D. 66; article from, on the war tn America, D. 85; Doc. 311

London Times, article on the disunion movement, D. 16; Doc. 25; Russell, the correspondent of, D. 87

Loomis, A. W., D. 25

Lord, Daniel, Doc. 135

Loring, A.. Major, D. 94

Louisiana, Flag and seal of, P. 12; troops of, take possession of the United States marine hospital, below New Orleans, D. 13; secession of, D. 16; vote of the State on secession, D. 20; ordinance of secession, Doc. 26

Louisville, Ky., Union meeting, D. 32

Louisville Journal, quotations from the, P. 23

London and Hampshire Railroad, Va., train attacked on, D. 105

Lovering, W. C., Captain, D. 35

Lovejoy, Owen, anecdote of, P. 20

Low, John H., D. 28

Lowe. T. S. C., reconnoitring by, D. 108

Lowell, Mass., patriotism of, D. 30

Loyal Delaware, P. 122

Lucy Larcom, poem by, P. 32

Lumpkiner, how he would fight a Yankee, P. 94

Lunt, George, P. 63

Lushington, Franklin, P. 13

Luther's Hymn, P. 85

Lynch, —, Bishop of South Carolina, celebrates the fall of Sumter, D. 25

Lyon, Caleb, speech at the Union meeting, New York, April 20, Doc. 94

Lyon, Nathaniel, Gen, answer to the St. Louis police commissioners, D. 59; captures Camp Jackson, near St. Louis, Mo., D. 66; takes possession of Potosi, Mo., D. 71; seizes the steamer J. C. Swan, D. 76; his parallel, P. 95; takes possession of Jefferson City, D. 104; pursues Gov. Jackson, D. 104; at the battle of Booneville, D. 107; proclamation of June 17 to the people of Missouri, Doc. 404; proclamation to the people of Missouri, June 18, Doc. 412; notices of, D. 106, 107, 363

Lyons. George, Colonel, Eighth Regiment. N. Y. S. M., Doc. 143

Lyons. Lord, to settle the national dispute, D. 39, 101; instructions in reference to British subjects, D. 103; offered as a mediator, Doc. 133

Magoffin, Beriah, Gov., of Ky., his reply to Sec. Cameron, D. 27; proclamation of, April 24, D. 42; notice. of, D. 74; supposed correspondence with Jeff. Davis, P. 125; proclamation of, April 24, Doc. 144; epigram on, P. 149; proclamation of, May 20, Doc. 264

Magrath, —, Lieutenant, D. 17

Magruder, —, Captain, U. S. A., D. 102; Colonel, rebel, D. 105

Maine, the shipowners of, D. 60; First Regiment of Volunteers, D. 87; list of officers of the, Doc. 320; Second Regiment of, D. 86; Second Regt. of Vols., D. 71; Doc. 256; Third Regiment of, D. 96; list of officers of, arrival at New York, &c. Doc. 344

Mallins, S. Vale, Corporal, D. 10

Mallory, —, Colonel, his slaves not returned, D. 80

Manhattan, the bark, compelled to lower the secession flag, D. 28

Manley, Ann, the heroine, P. 38

Mann, Dudley, interview with George Peabody in London, D. 76

William B., Col., Penn., Doc. 311

Manierre, B. F., D. 94 ---, Judge, of Chicago, D. 35

Manning, —, appointed to Beauregard's staff, D. 22

Mansfield, —, General, D. 78, 102

Marion Artillery, of Charleston, S. C., D. 51

Marmaduke, J. B., Colonel, D. 107; Doc. 410

Marr, John Q., killed at Fairfax Court House, Va., D. 89; Doc. 322

Marseillaise, The, D. 72

Marsh, Luther R., Doc. 135

Marshall, Charles H., Doc. 93

Marshall, Thomas M., D. 25

Martha J. Ward, ship, seized, D. 17

Martial law, definition of, P. 26

Martinsburg, Va., Union meeting, D. 68

Marriage in the poor-house of Toledo, Ohio, P. 39

Mary Clinton, ship, captured, D. 87

Maryland, disunionism in, D. 7, 8; Governor Hicks' address to, D. 11; added to the military department of Washington, D. 33; citizens of, visit President Lincoln, D. 38; Legislature o f, meet, D. 45; secession in, defeated, D. 50; Legislative committee of, D. 57; the Legislative committee of, to President Lincoln, D. 57, 58; asks a cessation of tile war, D. 66; report of the commissioners of the Legislature of, relative to their visit to Montgomery, Ala., D. 100; a “unit for the South,” P. 59; report of the commissioners of, appointed to confer with President Lincoln, Doc. 190; President Lincoln's letter to the convention of, Doc. 193; the Legislature of, sympathizes with the South, Doc. 233

Maryland, a ballad, by “R.,” P. 93

Maryland Guard at Richmond, D. 96

Mason, Caroline A., P. 87

Mason, J. M., extraordinary letter of, on suffrage, D. 71; speech at Rich mond, Va., to the soldiers of Md., D. 96; Doc. 346; on the election i n Virginia, Doc. 254; reply to R. C. Winthrop, P. 21

Massachusetts, Legislature of, tenders aid to the Federal Government, D. 15; military begin to concentrate, D. 28; the Episcopal church in, D. 66; the war spirit in, D. 48; soldiers of, all cobblers, P. 81; tribute to the patriotism of, P. 67, 71; how she is enabled to send troops, P. 70; First Regiment of, D. 60; left Boston, D. 104; officers of the, Doc. 377; arrive at Washington, D. 107; Fourth Regiment of, landed at Fortress Monroe, D. 85; Doc. 119; anecdote of, P. 28; Fifth Regiment of, D. 38, 92; flag presentation to, on the march, at Washington, P. 82; Sixth Regiment of Militia passed through Now York, D. 32; attacked in Baltimore, D. 33; the murdered solders of, D. 53; anecdote of, P. 57; Eighth Regiment of, D. 35; at Annapolis, D. 40; exploits of the members of, P. 80; anecdotes of the, P. 55; list of officers, Doc. 81; letter and resolutions of the 8th Regiment of, in reference to the 7th Regiment N. Y. S. M., Doc. 318

Maury, M. F., his treachery, P. 40

May, R. L., Lieut, U. S. N., Doc. 236

Mcclellan, George B., appointed major-general, D. 65, 72; in Western Virginia, D. 81; proclamation to the people of Western Virginia, May 26, Doc. 293; address to the army, Doc. 293; vote of thanks to, D. 101

McClelland, cutter, papers relating to the scizure of, Doc. 27, 28

Mcclintock, John, Dr., at London, D. 7<*>; Doc. 269; speech in Paris, D. 85

Mcconihe, Isaac, D. 27

McCook, A. D., Colonel First Regiment, Ohio troops, D. 77; Doc. 271

McCook, —, Dr., D. 25

McCook, —, Midshipman, D. 73

Mccullough, Ben, notices of, D. 22, 74; a favorite of Buchanan, P. 24

Mccurdy, R. H., D. 32; Doc. 82

Mcdougall, —, Senator, D. 66

Mcdowell, Irwin, Gen., in command in Virginia, D. 82, 83, Doc. 321; proclamation, in relation to damages caused by the war, Doc. 333; his Headquarters, P. 101

Mcewin, —, Mrs., heroic action of, P. 130

Mcgowan, John, Capt., commander of Star of the West, D. 11; his report of the attack on the Star of the West, Doc. 21

Mcgowan, —, appointed to Beauregard's staff, D. 22

Mcguire, J. C., papers of, Int. 20

Mcknight, James, Capt., of Ringgold Artillery, D. 27

Mclane, Rev. Dr., D. 38

Mclane, Major, D. 74

Mclaughlin, Augustus, D. 96

Mclaughlin, Charles, P. 56

Mclenan, Alexander, Rev., anecdote of, P. 54

Mcquade, James, Col., 14th Regiment N. Y. S. V., Doc. 415

Mcquoid, C. C., D. 36

Mcqueen, —, of S. C., D. 5

Mcqueen, John, Doc. 8

Mcspedon, William, captures a secession flag, D. 77

Meagher, Thomas Francis, D. 72

Means, —, appointed to Beauregard's staff, D. 22

Memminger, C. G., delegate to Southern Congress, D. 10; presents a young ladies' flag to Southern Congress, D. 17; Secretary of the Treasury, Southern Confederacy, D. 17; speech of, in the Southern Congress, Feb. 9, Doc. 30

Memphis, Tenn., secession at, D. 4; Union meeting at, D. 7; American flag buried at, D. 85, P. 84; postal facilities with, suspended, D. 70

Merryman; John, arrested, D. 82; Taney's opinion in the caso of, D. 92

Mexico, troops of, to attack Texas, P. 26

Michigan, First Regiment, enters Alexandria, Va., D. 79; Third Regiment Volunteers, D. 102; exploit of the soldiers of, near Alexandria. P. 113

Michigan City, Ind., Union meeting at, D. 29

Middletown, N. Y., Union meeting at, D. 29, 36

Miliedgeville, Ga., rejoicings at, on account of the secession of the State, D. 15

Military departments of the United States, D. 46, 65, 83; Doc. 155, 310

Miller, Col., 4th Regt. N. J. S. M., D. 55

Miller, Willis L., Mrs., P. 106

Minnesota, flagship, sailed from Boston, D. 61

Mississippi, commissioner of, at Baltimore, D. 3; commissioners of, at Raleigh, D. 3; delegates of, advise secession, D. 11; convention of, organized, D. 12; secession of, D. 13; troops, of, at Harper's Ferry, D. 73

Mississippi River, the North will not give up the control of, Int. 40; free navigation of, guaranteed by the Southern Confederacy, D. 17; steamers abandoned on, D. 47; blockade of the, D. 82

Mississippi, the frigate, injured, D. 77

Missouri, State convention of, D. 11; secession in, D. 55; the sovereignty of, D. 59; troops organize under Gov. Jackson, D. 78; First Regiment of, D. 102; Second Regiment of, Doc. 408, 411; movements of Gov. Jackson in, D. 102

Mitchell, O. M., speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 103

Mobile, Ala., secession of South Carolina celebrated at, D. 4; secession majority in, D. 5; arsenal at, seized, D. 10; U. States supplies seized at, D. 19; effect of Lincoln's war proclamation in, D. 25; women of, D. 58; harbor of, blockaded, D. 82; secession celebration at, Doc. 20

Molly's Dream, P. 128

Monocacy Bridge, Md., attempt to destroy, D. 68

Monroe, James, Int. 15

Montague, Lt.-Gov., of Va., D. 14

Montgomery, A., Capt., D. 43

Montgomery, Ala., secession flag raised at, D. 13; Southern convention met at, D. 16; list of delegates to the Southern convention at, Doc. 29

Moody, Granville, Rev., anecdote of, P. 71

Mooney, T. J., chaplain of the 69th Regiment N. Y. S. M., P. 149

Moore, —, Gov., of Louisiana, calls for additional troops, D. 41, 44, 49

Moore, H. A., P. 88, 104

Moore, —, British Consul at Richmond, his unlawful action, P. 56

Moran, John, Quartermaster, D. 35

Morgan, Edwin D., Gov., of New York, issued a call for troops D. 32; letter to the bank officers of New York, Doc. 306; notice of, P. 22

Morgan, George G. W., P. 13, 85

Morgan, Tracy R., D. 67

Morgan and Company, of Nashville, Tenn., good example of, P. 38

Morris, George P., P. 86

Morris, W. W., Major, letter to Judge Giles of Baltimore, Doc. 239

Morris, Thomas A., Gen., proclamation at Philippi, Va., D. 96; Brig.-Gen., Doc. 333; proclamation to the citizens of Western Virginia, June 8, Doc. 348

Morris' Island, Charleston harbor, batteries at, D. 8, 20

Morrisanla, N. Y., Union meeting at, D. 40

Morrison, —, Capt., of the cutter Lewis Cass, D. 16

Morrison, James M., Doc. 306

Morrison, J. G., Jr., raises the U. S. flag at Harper's Ferry, Md., D. 104

Morss, Josephine, P. 15

Mortinier, Henry, of Md., Dec. 175

Morton, A., flag-raising in New York, at the store of, P. 44

Morton, —, Gov., of Indiana, D. 47

Moses, C. Lee, Capt., reply to J. P. Benjamin, P. 182

Moss, J. W., chairman of Wheeling (Va.) convention, D. 69

Motley, John Lothrop, causes of the war, D. 78; Doc. 209

Mount Vernon, Ind., D. 30

Moulton, R. G., See Whitworth guns, D. 77

Munroe, Timothy, Col. Mass. 8th militia, Dc. 81

Murphy, W. D., D. 57

Myers, Theodore Bailey, D. 76, 91

My Country, P. 8


Naar,---Judge, of N. J., D. 15

Nagle, Colonel, D. 95

Napoleon I., Int. 41

Napoleon, Ark., Government stores at, seized, D. 39

Napton, Col., 8d Regt. N. J. S. M., D. 55

Nashville, Tenn., first cannon cast at, D. 51; act of heroism at, P. 130

National Guard Marching Song, P. 19

National Union, newspaper of Ky.; opinion of secession, D. 30

Naval Brigade at Fort Monroe, D. 98

Navigation laws, Int. 26

Neal, John, P. 119

Nebraska put in a state of defence, D. 52

Needham, S. h., died, D. 47, 53

Negroes, actions of the Delaware, P. 113; in the rebel army, D. 49; to be watched, D. 84 See “The cockade Black Diamonds,” P. 78

Negro insurrections in Alabama, P. 12

Newark, N. J., German Union meeting at, D. 26-29

Newcastle, Duke of, order in reference to privateers. Doc. 108, 418

Newcomb, O., patriotism of the family of, P. 44

New England Society, meeting of, at New York, D. 4

New Hampshire, response to the President's call for troops, D. 28; patriotism of the banks of, D. 28; First Regiment of volunteers. D. 82; departure of the, Doc. 294

New Jersey, banks of, D. 80; legislature of, D. 51, 60; troops leave Bordentown, D. 55; militia of, arrive at Washington. D. 59; list of officers of the 1st, 2d, 8d, and 4th regiments of, Doc. 191

New Orleans, La, secession of S. Carolina celebrated at, D. 4; Southern rights meeting at, D. 5; mint at, seized, D. 16; patriotic woman in. P. 26; opinions of the press of, D. 41, 138; U. S. vessels seized at, D. 78; ships scized at, D. 44; Confederate resolutions in reference to the seizure of the mint at, Doc. 27; the women of, D. 41, 56; steamers seized at, D. 49; privateering at, D. 68; Mrs. Sarah Sanford tarred and feathered at, D. 69; military review at, Doc. 164; condition of society in, D. 86; abolitionists to be driven from, P. 60; the last American flag in, P. 144

Newport News, cannonade at, D. 93

Newport (R. I.) artillery, account of the, P. 94

Newspapers — compelled to display the American flag, D. 26, 27, 28

New Version of an Old Song, respectfully dedicated to the “London Times,” P. 120

New York, patriotic resolutions of the legislature of, D. 14, Doc. 21; vessels of, seized at the South, D. 17; 26; volunteers of the Western counties, D. 67; the War Bill of, D. 29; troops of, called out, D. 32; patriotism of the people of, D. 37; response of the Georgia Convention to the legislature of, D. 15; address to the women of, Doc. 158

New York Bible Society, meeting of the, May 19, D. 73, Doc. 262

New York (East) Methodist Conference, prayer used at the, D. 28

New York ladies' relief Union, D. 48

New York University, flag-raising at, D. 54

New York Yacht Club, D. 51

New York Evening post, D. 14

New York Chamber of Commerce, action of, relative to the soldiers of Forts Sumter and Pickens, D. 95; resolutions of the, April 19, Doc. 77; blockade resolutions of, Doc. 78

New York Home Guard organized, D. 89

New York city, enrolment of Union volunteers at, D. 9; seizure of arms at, D. 16, 17; meeting of the merchants of, D. 82; Union meeting at, D. 35; Doc. 82; action of the Common Council of, D. 39; war sermons preached in, D. 38; the bench and bar of, D. 40, Doc. 135; meeting of British residents at, D. 43; meeting of the citizens of the 17th Ward in, D. 45; meeting of French residents, D. 48; munitions of war at seized, D. 48; state of feeling in, after the siege of Fort Sumter, P. 27; Doc. 61; threatened burning of, D. 55; Doc. 185; correspondence between the governor of, and bank officers, relative to the proclamation of the governor of Georgia, Doc. 306; the Home Guard at, Doc. 362; Democratic office-holders, P. 8; “fourteen hundred” policemen required in, to keep down bread riots, P. 24; conditions of peace placarded in, P. 54; reign of terror in, P. 56; mercenary motives of, P. 55; mob law triumphant in, P. 70

New York State Militia, Second Regiment of, D. 74; Doc. 264; Third Regiment of, D. 92; Fifth Regiment of, Doc. 163 left N. Y., D. 49; Sixth Regiment, departure of, D. 37; Seventh Regiment of, leaves New York, D. 34; Doc. 80 at Annapolis, D. 40 arrived at Washington, D. 45 notices of, D. 46, 47, 83 how it got to Washington, Doc. 148 religious services at Washington, P. 57 enters Virginia, D. 78 officers of the, Doc. 81 ancedote of a member of the, P. 27 return to New York, D. 87; Eighth Regiment left N. Y., D. 42 list of officers of the, Doc. 142; Ninth Regiment enlist for three years, D. 83; Doc. 801; Twenty Regiment left N. Y., D. 37 notice of, D. 35; Thirteenth Regiment leaves New York, D. 42 notice of, D. 70, 85 list of officers of, Doc. 141 expedition to Easton, Md., D. 96 ancedote of a soldier in the, P. 126; Fourteenth Regiment leave New York, D. 73; Doc. 260 ancedote of a blacksmith in, P. 112; Nineteenth Regiment, D. 94, 95; Twentieth Regiment, D. 60 departure of the, Doc. 198; Twenty-fifth Regiment, D. 39, 42, 52; Twenty-eighth Regiment, D. 51, 58 attacked by rebels, D. 90; Doc. 178; Sixth-fifth Regiment, D. 46; Sixth-ninth Regiment leaves New York. D. 42 list of officers of, D. 73; Doc. 141 enters Virginia, D. 78 capturo cattle, D. 95; Seventh-first Regiment left New York, D. 37 letters from the, Doc. 156 notice of, D. 46; Seventh-ninth Regiment, D. 90 list of officers of, Doc. 329

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Nina, guard-boat, D. 6

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North, the Union feeling of the, January 2, P. 9; the predicted sufferings of the, P. 9; the fighting resources of the, P. 58; subscriptions to the war in the, P. 59; the soliders of the, described by the Southern press, P. 70; war spirit of the, illustrated, P. 81; religious spirit of the, P. 81; peril of Southerners at the, P. 139

North and South how they will appear when rejoined, P. 89

North American Review, Int. 20

North British Review, on the future of the United States, D. 86

North Carolina, instructions of, to the State convention, D. 3; decides to secede, D. 17; ports of, blockaded, D. 48; First Regiment of volunteers, D. 58; secession of, D. 73; public feeling in, P. 9; insurrectionary schemes in, P. 16; ordinance of secession of, Doc. 263; ports of, blockaded, Doc. 161

North Dutch church in New York, flag-raising at, D. 50

Northern army, Southern opinions of, P. 39

Northern bravery, Southern ideas of, P. 137

Northern Central Railroad, Pa., attempt to destroy the, D. 68

Northern war contributions, D. 60

Northern debts not to be paid, D. 74; repudiated by the South, D. 94

Northmen, Come out, P. 5

Northrop, Col., rebel army, D. 84

Northrup, H. D., D. 38

Norton, Frank H., P. 3

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Ocean Eagle” captured by privateer, D. 71

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Ode to the North and South, P. 102

O'Donnell, William, P. 56

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Ogdensburg, N. Y., Union at, D. 33; war spirit of, P. 81

O'Gorman, Richard, Doc. 135; speech at N. Y., April 20, Doc. 102

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Olden, Gov., message of, D. 51; notice of, D. 60

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Old South Church, Boston, Mass., flag raised on, D. 53

Old Virginia, an extempore, P. 82

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Oh! let the Starry Banner Wave, P. 62

“On! Brothers, on!” P. 45

Once a Week, its account of Abraham Lincoln, P. 12

On Fort Sumter, P. 19

Onondaga, N. Y., Regiment, D. 56

Opdyke, George, D. 32

Original Ode, sung at the Union convention Charleston, S. C., July 4, 1831, P. 30

Orr, —, appointed commissioner from S Carolina, D. 6

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Our Braves in Virginia, P. 65

Our Country, a poem, P. 63

Our Fatherland, P. 17

Our flag, by W., P. 75

Our National flag, P. 51

Our orders, from the “Atlantic Monthly,” P. 123

Our Star-Gemmed Banner, P. 5

Out and fight, P. 15


Packard Abner B., Doc. 119

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Park, John C., D. 49

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Paris, meeting of Americans in, D. 85

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Passaic, N. J., flag-raising at, D. 75, 142

Patriotic contributions, Doc. 197

Patriotic Song, P. 140

Patten, George F., D. 60

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Patterson, Colonel, D. 61

Patton, —, commissary of the 7th N. Y. Regiment Militia, adventure of, P. 77

Pawnee, U. S. gunboat, D. 22

Paxton, James W., Doc. 328

Peabody, Charles A., Doc. 135

Peabody, Ephraim, P. 63

Peabody, George, D. 76

Peace Convention organized at Washington, D. C., D. 17; its plan of adjustment, D. 18; plan o the, submitted to the U. S. Senate, Feb. 27, 1861, Doc. 35

Pendergrast, —, Commander, D. 94

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Pensacola, Fla., forts at, D. 10; Navy Yard at, scized, D. 14; state of affairs at, May 9, D. 66; rebel troops at, D. 68; the great Dry Dock at, D. 77; state of the rebel army at, Doc. 186; an incident of the surrender of the Navy Yard at, P. 148

“Pensacola” --To my son, P. 145

Percival, James G., poem by, P. 105

Perit, Peletiah, D. 32

Petersburg, Va., secession pole destroyed at, D. 5

Pettigru, —, Commander, at Castle Pinckney, D. 8

Pettigrew, J. S. of S. C., P. 8

Pettus, —, Gov. of Miss, proclamation of, organizing the militia of the State, D. 19

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Phelps, Royal, D. 32; Doc. 109

Phelps, J. Wolcott, Col., D. 65; Doc. 231; at Hampton, Va., D. 78

Philadelphia, banks of, tender money to the Federal Government, D. 25; Union pledge at, D. 26; war feeling in, D. 34; citizens of, address a letter to Gen. Scott, D. 52; to be burned, D. 55; Buena Vista volunteers of, D. 57; Confederate prizes arrive at, D. 73; troops at Baltimore, D. 74; submarine boat at, D. 72; Doc. 258

Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad, D. 37

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Phillips, Wendell, address on the “Political Lessons of the Hour,” D. 15; his discourse of April 21, Doc. 125

Phoenix Iron Works, New Orleans, D. 57

Pickens, —, Gov., proclaims S. C. an independent State, D. 5; authorizes seizure of forts, D. 7; notices of, D. 8, 20, 22; Sanctions the attack on the “Star of the West,” D. 13; notice of, D. 14; repudiates Northern debts, D. 94; reply of, to Major Anderson, in reference to the Star of the West, Doc. 19

Pickens Cadets, of Charleston, S. C., D. 17

Pierce, E. W., Gen., appointed Brigadier-General, D. 83; Doc. 356; at Great Bethel, Va., D. 98; letter on battle at Great Bethel, Doc. 360

Pierpont, F. H., Gov. of Western Va., D. 57, 67, Doc. 328

Pierpont, John, Rev., P. 150

Pierrepont, Edwards, Doc. 114

Pike, Albert, song by, P. 106

Pillow, Gideon, Gen., Prentiss' reply to, P. 28; Brownlow's answer to, P. 129; Epigram on, P. 149

Pinckney, —, Colonel N. Y. 6th Regiment, ancedote, of, P. 71

Piqua, O., patriotism of, D. 29

Pittsburg, Pa., indignation meeting at, in reference to the removal of arms, D. 6; Union resolutions of, D. 6; Union meeting at, D. 25; war excitement at, D. 30; contraband notice at, D. 55

Piracy — defined by Judge sprague, of Mass., D. 71

Plattsburg, N. Y., P. 81

Plymley, Jonathan, on contraband, P. 68

Point of Rocks, Md., D. 96

Poisoning troops, D. 101

“Political Lessons of the Hour.” Wendell Phillip's Address, D. 15

Poore, —, Capt., commander of the Brooklyn, D. 84

Porter, George M., D. 57

Porterfield, S. A., Col., proclamation of, to the people of North-Western Virginia, Doc. 324, 344

Portland, Me., Union at, D. 16; attempt on powder-house at, D. 52

Postal affairs, Southern opinions of, D. 80; mails suspended in the seceded States, D. 82; Confederate orders in reference to the post-office, D. 90 See Confederate post-office.

Potosi, Mo., taken possession of, D. 71; account of the taking of, Doc. 253

Potter, Alonzo, Bishop--letter to a secessionist, Doc. 292

Pratt, George W., Col. 20th Regiment N. Y. S. M., D. 60; Doc. 198

Pratt, —, Gov. of Md., D. 87

Prayer, Bardwell's, at the opening of the Tenn. legislature, D. 65

Prayer for the Times, Doc. 280

Prentice, George D., P. 17; his retort to Gen. Pillow, P. 2<*>

tells where Kentucky will go, P. 3<*>

his reply to George Lake, P. 99

Prentiss, —, Gen., interview with Col. Tilghman, D. 60; Doc. 194; reply to Col. Wickliffe, D. 95

Prentiss, —, Rev., of S. C., D. 18

Presbyterians, loyalty of the, D. 74

Price, Sterling, Maj.-Gen. (rebel), proclamation of, June 4, Doc. 33<*>

his plan to maintain peace, D. 74; destroys telegraphs in Mo., D. 104; notices of, D. 78, 93, 107

“Privateer no. 1” captured, D. 104

Privateers, to be employed by the South, P. 95; activity of, in New Orleans, D. 68, P. 131; where they will carry their prizes, P. 126; England's action upon, D. 91; Duke of Newcastle's order, Doc. 413; account of the capture of the “first privateer,” Doc. 375

Prizes, D. 78, 76

Proctor, Edna Dean, P. 3

Prophecy, see Joseph Hoag.

Prophecy of the Dead, P. 74

Pro Patria, inscribed to the Second New Hampshire Regiment, by T. Bailey Aldrich, P. 141

Proudfit, J. W., a rebel, demands accommodation in N. York, P. 97

Providence, R. I., the banks of, D. 27

Pryor, Reger A., takes a draught of poison at Fort Sumter, P. 27

Putnam, George, D. D., D. 50

Putnam, Lieut, U. S. A., D. 83


Quakers, war spirit of the, P. 28

Quimby, Col., D. 84

Quinn, Michael, U. S. N., D. 77

Qui transtulit sustinet, P. 103


Rafina, Father, raises the stars and stripes, D. 40

Railroad bridges destroyed, D. 58

Raleigh, N. C., “alive with secessionists,” D. 57

Rand, Edward sprague, Jr., P. 48

Randolph, James T., D. 69

Rapin's History of England, Int. 17

Rappahannock River, Va., blockaded, D. 73

Raymond, Henry J., speech at the Union meeting, N. Y. Doc. 100

Reagan, John H., postmaster-general Confederate States, Doc. 825

Rebels leave Washington, D. 47

Rebels, a poem, P. 66

Rebellion, a new way to settle it, P. 83

Reconstruction, P. 24

Rector, H. M., Gov. of Ark., D. 39, 43; reply to Lincoln, D. 101; P. 44

Rector, W. F., proclamation of, denying the authority of the Federal Government at Fort Smith, D. 92; Doc. 388

Redemption, by W. F. L., P. 104

Regiments in Buckram, P. 79

Reid, J. D., D. 35

Relay House, Md., Federal troops at, D. 58

Religious press, spirit of the, D. 54; on the state of the country, Doc. 181

Religious spirit of the Northern army, P. 81

Renshaw, F. B., Lt., a traitor, D. 43

Repudiation, Lines on, P. 148 See Southern Repudiation.

Requier, A. J., P. 66

Reuch, Dewitt C., killed at Williamsport, Md., D. 93

Reveries of war, by C. J. H., P. 107

Rhett, R. B., Jr., proposes a southern confederacy, D. 6; delegate to Southern Congress, D. 10

Rhode Island, tribute to, P. 67, 71; “She will secede,” P. 26; uniform of the regiments of, D. 45; First Regiment of, D. 37; Marine Artillery of, D. 34, 54; troops of, pass through New York, D. 44; regiment of, build a floating bridge, D. 97

Rice, Alexander H., speech at Roxbury, Mass., D. 61

Richards, W. C., P. 46, 53

Richmond, Va., secession at, D. 7; effect of Lincoln's war proclamation in, D. 25; Custom-house, &c., seized at, D. 32; the rebel army at, D. 48; Confederate Congress at, D. 74; the British Consul at, P. 56; the Southern capital, P. 143; reign of terror in, P. 56; ancedote of a young lady in, P. 113

Ringgold Flying Artillery at Reading, Pa., D. 27

Rives, W. C., delegate to Southern Congress, D. 49; speech of, at Atlanta, Ga., P. 95

Rives, W. H., Dr., of Ala., P. 94

Robert McClellan, the revenue cutter, surrendered, D. 16

Robins, Harry, the wife of, P. 148

Robinson, —, Judge, of Troy, N. Y., D. 27

Robinson, —, Judge, of Virginia, offers the command of the Southern army to Gen. Scott, P. 41

Robinson, William, D. 6

Rochester, N. Y., abolition meeting at, D. 14; flag-raising at, D. 103; regiment from, D. 84

Rock Island, Ill., D. 51

Romeyn, W. H., D. 32

Romney, Va., rebels surprised at, D. 101

Roosevelt, J. J., Doc. 135

Ross, —, speech in the U. S. Senate, Feb. 14, 1803, Int. 41

Rossiter, T. P., P. 118

Rousseau, —, speech in the Ky. Senate, May 21, D. 91; Doc. 329

Roxbury, Mass., flag presentation at, D. 50; war meeting in, D. 61; patriotism of the ladies of, P. 97

Ruffin, Edmund, a “blood-thirsty ruffian,” P. 27

Ruggles, Samuel B., speech to the 20th Regiment N. Y. S. V., D. 102; Doc. 365

Rule Slavcownia, P. 88

Runyon, Brig.-Gen., D. 55

Russell, Lord, John, on the blockade, D. 83; notices of, D. 91, 301, 303; letter of, to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, Doc. 337

Russell, S. P., P. 18

Russell, W. H., correspondent of the “London Times,” D. 87; letters to the London Times on American affairs, April 30 and May 1, Doc. 814; his important suggestions to Col. Hardee, P. 94

Russia, position of, D. 105

Rust, A., D. 72


Sackendorf, Otto, speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 107

Sag Harbor, patriotism of the citizens of, D. 42

Salem Zouaves, the, D. 61; anecdote of the bravery of the, P. 40

Sanders, George N., advises the secession of the border States, P. 21; his method to prevent anarchy, P. 28; his despatch concerning the secession of Rhode Island, P. 26

Sandford, Maj-Gen., tenders the whole force of New York militia for the support of the Government, D. 14; placed in command of New York troops at Washington, D. 76; relieved by Gen. McDowell, D. 82

Sanford, Edward H., Captain, patriotic action of the wife of, P. 43

Sanford, Sarah, tarred and feathered, D. 69

San Francisco, Cal., Union meeting at, D. 66; incident in the marshal's office at, P. 109

Santa Rosa Island, Lincoln's proclamation in reference to, D. 66

Sargent, John, D. 48

Saunders, S. M., D. 43

Savannah, Ga., Fort Pulaski at, scized by State troops, D. 9; New York ships at, seized, D. 17; port of, blockaded, D. 83; American flag degraded at, P. 70

Savannah Republican criticizes Governor Brown, of Ga., D. 72

Sawyer's rifled cannon, experiment at the Rip Raps, Va., D. 104

Saxe, —, Marshal, his average of the casualties in war, P. 95

Schaffer, Chauncey, D. 46

Schell, Augustus, P. 8

Schenck, Robert C., appointed Brigadier-General, D. 85; notice of, D. 102; speech at the Union meeting, New York, April 20, Doc. 93; official report of the ambuscade at Vienna, Va., Doc. 405

Schenectady, N. Y., D. 10; Union meeting at, D. 35

Schwarzwaelder, —, Colonel 5th Regt., N. Y. S. M., Doc. 163

Scotland, union with England, Int. 16

Scott Life Guard, First Regiment of, left New York, D. 92; notice of, Doc. 337

Scott and the Veteran, a poem, P. 102

Scott, Robert S., offered a place in Lincoln's Cabinet, P. 9

Scott, T. Parkin, D. 29

Scott, Winfield, General, notices of, D. 9, 14, 22; preparing to meet secessionists in Washington, D. 10; rumored resignation of, D. 33; his telegraph to Senator Crittenden, D. 37; notices of, D. 38; P. 71; congratulatory letter to, D. 52; the South does not doubt his loyalty to the United States, D. 53; his residence in New Jersey, D. 84; Southern opinion of, D. 87; general orders for the protection of railroads in Maryland and Pennsylvania, Doc. 78; “where he stands,” Doc. 121; his views, Doc. 122; letter to, from citizens of Philadelphia, Doc. 178; threatens to resign, P. 9; his advice concerning Sumter, P. 25; his resignation celebrated at Natchez, Miss., P. 28; anecdote of, P. 28; is offered the command of the Confederates, his reply, P. 41; “The Arch Traitor,” P. 42; a Virginia estimate of, P. 57; scurrilous letter to, P. 97

Scripture, a new version of, P. 96

Scudder, J. W., D. 28

Seceding States draw their quota of arms in advance, D. 13

Seceding Virginia, a poem, P. 116

Secession, is it revolution? Int. 9; granted right, Int. 9; not authorized by State sovereignty, Int. 15; as a revolution, Int. 22; why the North should not recognize, Int. 37; establishes a foreign power on the continent, Int. 38; cost of Territories claimed by, Int. 39; Mississippi version of, D. 3; S. A. Douglas's opinion of, P. 41; ordinances, of Alabama, Doc. 19; of Georgia, Doc. 21; of Arkansas, Doc. 259; of Louisiana, Doc. 26; of Texas, Doc. 27; of North Carolina, Doc. 268; of South Carolina, Doc. 2; of Virginia, Doc. 70

Secession song, “Dixie Land,” P. 137

Sedgwick, H. D., P. 119

Send them home tenderly, P. 50

Seneca's Mills, Md., fight at, D. 103

Sensation press compared with the Southern press, D. 92

Servile insurrection, a part of the Northern programme, D. 81; notice of, D. 92; a significant circular in reference to, P. 144

Seventh Regiment, N. Y. S. M., papers relating to the, Doc. 818

Sewall's Point, Va., fight at, D. 73; official account of, Doc. 261 rebel account, Doc. 261

Seward, F. W., notice of, D. 52

Seward, William H., his Union speech in the U. S. Senate, D. 14; speech at N. Y., Dec. 22, Doc. 4; correspondence with the Confederate commissioners, D. 19; Doc. 42; refuses to receive the South Carolina commissioners, D. 21; correspondence with Faulkner, D. 59; Doc. 191; notices of, D. 4, 15, 54, 59, 72, 76, 81; Confederate commissioners' final letter to, Doc. 49; letter to Governor Hicks, in reference to the proposed mediation of Lord Lyons, Doc. 133; letter on treason, Doc. 258; anecdote of, P. 98; his head to be placed on a pike, P. 9; notice of, P. 20

Seymour, Almira, P. 15

Shannon, P. C., D. 25

Sharp-shooters, recommendation for the establishment of, P. 84

Sherman, —, Gen., of Texas, D. 33

Sherman's battery passes through Philadelphia, D. 42; at Baltimore, D. 61

Shepley, —, Chief Justice, of Maine, D. 16

Shillaber, B. P., P. 84

Ship Island, fort at, destroyed, D. 75

Shiras, Major, U. S. A., D. 96

Shivers, —, Captain, D. 44

Shop and Freedom, P. 1

Sibley, Hiram, D. 35

Sickles, Daniel E., Colonel, D. 57

Siegel, —, Colonel, at Gasconade River, D. 101

Sigourney, Lydia H., P. 4, 82, 84, 91

Sill, —, Deacon, of Old Saybrook, Conn., D. 72

Simpson, Joseph P., Doc. 116

Sioux Indians, D. 43

Sixtieth Psalm, new version of, P. 96

Skowhegan, Me., the ladies of, P. 28

Slaight, N. C., D. 28

Slave representation, Int. 35

Slave-trade, prohibition of, by the Confederates, P. 23

Slaves, fugitive, Int. 45; returned from Fort Pickens, P. 79; a tax upon the, D. 75; to be murdered by the abolitionists, D. 81; assist in erecting new fortifications, D. 92; contributions of, to the Confederate loan, P. 94

Slavery, interference with, the great greivance of the South, Int. 30; the South opposed to, Int. 32; dissertation on, Int. 33; the increase of, Int. 45; strengthened by the action of the North, Int. 46; the “corner-Stone” of the Southern Confederacy, Doc. 45; the increase of, Doc. 45; the conservatism of, P. 130

Sleeper, J. S., D. 50

Slemmer, Lieut., D. 100

Slocum, J. S., Major, R. I. Regiment, Doc. 124

Smalley, —, Judge, charge to the Grand Jury of New York, D. 14

Smead, Abner, Lieut., expelled from the U. S. Army, D. 24

Smidt, John C. T., Doc. 135

Smith — a regiment of the name P. 57

Smith, Abel, Col. 13th Regiment N. Y. S. M., Doc. 143; expedition of, Easton, Md., D. 96

Smith, Albert N., Lieut., Doc. 162

Smith, C. H., speech at Union meeting, New York, Doc. 117

Smith, Caleb M., D. 76

Smith, Edwin M., D. 52

Smith, Emeline S., P. 51

Smith, Marshall B., D. 75; P. 133

Smith, —, Rev., of Wheeling, D. 62

Smith, Samuel, captures a secession flag, D. 77

Smythe, Henry A., D. 77

Snyder, Lieut., U. S. A., narrow escape of, at Fort Monroe. P. 56

Song for battle, by C. B., P. 105

Song for the Times, by L. F., P. 64

Song for the Union, read at a meeting at Detroit, P. 46

Song of Columbia's Daughters, P. 51

Song of the Irish Legion, P. 73

Song of the Southern women, P. 65

Songs of the rebels, P. 19, 35, 64, 91, 106, 136, 145

Sons of Northern sires arising, by G. S. H., P. 89

Soule, Pierre, P. 54

South opposed to slavery, Int. 32; sentiment of the, D. 85; insecurity of life in, P. 10; the programme of, P. 22; celebrations at the, in honor of renowned victories, P. 28; difficulty of travelling in, P. 60; unreliability of the news at, P. 61; the invasion of, ridiculed, P. 79; “Divine Providence with,” P. 82, 132; cannot do without whiskey, P. 84; must prepare for hard times, P. 101; unconquerable “in her own territory,” P. 111; for what it fights, P 112; grumbling at the, P. 114; treatment of Northerners in, P. 131; Divine Providence with the, P. 132

South Carolina, members of, retire from Congress, D. 5; cause of the revolution, Int. 24; convention of, met, D. 3; is for civil war, D. 3; secession ordinance passed, Int. 5; D. 4; proclaimed independent, D. 5; commissioners to the Federal Government, D. 6; troops tendered to, D. 7; convention of, orders the fortification of Charleston D. 8; act defining treason in, D. 9; commissioners of, leave Washington, D. 9; delegates to the Southern Congress, D. 10; convention adjourned, D. 11; seizes the funds of the Federal Government, D. 12; the “hasty action of,” condemned by Governor Letcher, D. 12; offers to buy Fort Sumter, D. 16; ratified the Confederate Constitution, D. 20; Episcopal Bishop of, D. 25; First Regiment of, Doc. 139 left for Virginia, D. 41; fast day in, D. 49; troops of, at Richmond, D. 51; troops at Harper's Ferry, D. 73; repudiates Northern debts, D. 94; secession ordinance of, Doc. 2; declaration of causes which induced the secession of, D. 4; Doc. 3; letter of the Congressmen of, taking leave of the Congress, Doc. 8; correspondence between commissioners, and Buchanan, Doc. 11; Palmetto Guard, Marine Artillery, and German Artillery of, Doc. 177; College Cadets of, D. 53; Doc. 181; an address of the people of, assembled in convention, Dec., 1860, to the people of the slaveholding States, Doc. 896; spirit of the young men of, P. 8; commissioners, threats of the, P. 9; subscribers to State loan, P. 9; to be a “black Republic,” P. 10; William Aiken and the State loan of, P. 12; to abolish Fourth of July, P. 22; versus Alabama, P. 28; Epigram on, P. 70

Southern army, greatly descended men in the, P. 109

Southerners and Spartans, P. 22

Southern Confederacy, proposed in South Carolina Convention, D. 6; candidates for President and Vice-President of, D. 14; officers of the cabinet of the, D. 17; organize an army, D. 19; commissioners of, refused an audience, D. 21; new flag of the, P. 23; call for troops of the, D. 29; purchase steamer Habana, D. 29; troops of, taking the field, D. 41; Virginia admitted to the, D. 58; league with Tennessee, D. 61; fast-day in the, D. 69, 102; bonds of the, D. 72; Arkansas admitted to, D. 72; agents of, in Europe, D. 76; Commissioners of the, in England, P. 130; constitution of the, Doc. 29; powers of Congress of, Doc. 30; correspondence between the Commissioners of, and Secretary Seward, Doc. 42; final letter of the Commissioners of, to Secretary Seward, Doc. 49; post-office of, Doc. 325 a confederacy of “Pickens and Stealings,” P. 28; Treasury notes of the, P. 41; Commissioners of the, snubbed in Havana, P. 42; national hymn of the, P. 88; area of the, P. 130; “Cousin Sally,” a name for, P. 148; the Army Bill of, Doc. 40; the army of, D. 48; the armies of, P. 137; contributions to the loan of, P. 94; uniform of the army of, P. 98; Confederate Congress, Act of, declaring a state of war, D. 60; Doc. 195; adjourned to Richmond, D. 74; prohibit the exportation of cotton, D. 81; Act of the, to raise an additional force, &c., Doc. 219; resolution of, for a fast, Doc. 243; Act of, prohibiting the payment of debts due the North, Doc. 265; Act relative to the exportation of cotton, Doc. 292; commended for the declaration of war, P. 94; Confederate navy, the first gun for the, D. 57

Southern Confederacy, the editor of, gives his opinion of the secession election, D. 12

Southern convention organized, D. 16; agrees to a constitution, D. 17; list of delegates to the, Doc. 29

Southern Marseillaise, D. 5

Southern Monitor, newspaper, D. 26

Southern press, opinions of an “United North,” D. 54; recommends reticence, D. 62, 92; on the issues of the war, P. 67; “let the devil take the hind-most,” P. 68; ridiculous rumors published in, P. 70; opinions of the, P. 115 See “Regiments in Buckram.”

Southern repudiation, D. 35, 45; P. 38, 42, 143, See Preface.

Southern rights, D. 47

Southern Song of Freedom, P. 92

Southern war-cry, P. 136

Spalding, Henry F., D. 77

Sparks, Jared, Ll.D., Int. 14

Sparrowgrass, P. 95

Spartans and Southerners, P. 22

Speed, J. F., Holt's letter to, D. 86

Spies at Washington, P. 143

Spinola, F. B., Senator, speech at Union meeting, N. Y., April 20, Doc. 112

Sprague, Wm., Judge, of Boston, opinion of piracy, D. 71; charge of, Doc. 255

Sprague, Wm., Governor of R. I., notices of, D. 27, 37, 54; P. 94; his “Rhode Islanders,” Doc. 124; “A secessionist,” P. 26; lines inscribed to, P. 46

Sprague, J. T., Major U. S. A., D. 81; letter on affairs in Texas, Doc. 282

Spring, Gardiner, D. D., prayer at the Union meeting in New York, Doc. 82

Springfield, Ill., Union meeting, D. 35

St. Johns, Wm. B., Capt., expelled from the U. S. army. D. 24

St. Louis, Mo., police of, demand the removal of U. S. troops, D. 59; orders given to search for arms, &c., D. 72; mistake of Col. Kallman's regiment in, D. 105; how the arms were taken from the arsenal at, Doc. 147; riots in, D. 66; Doc. 233

St. Nicholas, steamer, D. 35

St. Paul's Church, N. Y., American flag displayed from, D. 33

Stand by the flag, P. 74

Stanton, Henry B., P. 40

Stanton, —, Gen., D. 10

Star of the West, steam transport, left N. Y., D. 11; fired upon in Charleston, D. 13; arrived at N. Y., D. 14 see Major Anderson, Doc. 19; Capt. McGowan's report concerning the, Doc. 21; seized at Indianola, Texas, D. 29; Doc. 119; put in commission in Confederate navy, D. 57

“Stars and Bars” advocated, D. 20

Stars in my Country's Sky, P. 4

Star-Spangled Banner never to be surrendered by the South, D. 20; sung at the Union meeting, N. Y., April 20, Doc. 117

State sovereignty does not authorize secession, Int. 15

Steam-gun, description of Winans', P. 98

Steele, John B. D. 32

Stephens, A. H., speech at Milledgeville, Ga., Nov. 14, Doc. 219; quotation from, Int. 46; voted against the secession of Georgia, D. 15; elected Vice-President of the Southern Confederacy, D. 17; “Corner-Stone,” speech of, at Savannah, Ga., March 21, D. 19; Doc. 44; personal appearance of, P. 24; offered a place in Lincoln's cabinet, P. 9; speech at Richmond, Va., April 22, D. 40; Doc. 134; speech at Atlanta, Ga, April 30, D. 51; Doc. 175; speech at Atlanta, Ga., May 23, Doc. 270; notice of, D. 76

Stephens, Linton, his action on the secession of Georgia, D. 15

Stetson, C. A., his generosity, P. 28

Stevens, John A., D. 32; Doc. 306

Stenben Volunteers, of N. Y., D. 78

Stewart, Charles, Com., letter to G. W. Childs, D. 56; Doc. 186

Stewart, A. T., P. 55; his reply to J. P. Sprague, of Memphis, Ten., P. 100

Stiles, J. W., Colonel, Ninth Regiment, N. Y. S. M. Doc. 301

Stockbridge, Mass. D. 35

Stoddard, R. H., poems by, P. 4, 29, 72, 135, 142

Stokes, James H., Capt., Doc. 147

Stone, Charles, Capt., notice of, to organize militia of the District of Columbia, D. 9; notices of, D. 83, 103

Stone, Wm. O., D. 56

Storrs.----, Dr., of Brooklyn, D. 50

Stoughton, E. W., Doc. 135

Stowe, Harriet Beecher, P. 89

Strafford, Dr., of Md., D. 69

Streiff, Leonard, address to the Germans of Kentucky, Doc. 377

Strong, Charles E., wife of, D. 102

Strong, George, wife of, presents a stand of colors to the Sixth Regiment, N. Y. S. V., Doc. 367

Struve, Gustavus, speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 108

Stryker, Thomas J., of Trenton, N. J., D. 15

Sturgis, Capt., D. 43

Submarine batteries in Virginia, P. 128

Submarine beat at Philadelphia, D. 72

Suffolk Bar, Boston, Mass., D. 49

Sullivan's Island, earthworks on, D. 8

Sumter, Fort, the investment of, D. 18; intercourse with, cut off, D. 21; the question of reinforcing, P. 25; the condition of, Doc. 26; P. 8; rumored relief of, P. 22; Capt<*> to, P. 26; to be taken “without a fight,” P. 24; the fight at, P. 1; the killed at, P. 101; shot and shell expended during the bombardment of, P. 77; correspondence preceding the attack on, Doc. 51; the bom<*>ardment of, Doc. 52; opinions of the press on the bombardment of, Doc. 57; feeling in New York after the siege of, Doc. 61; Anderson's official report of the bombardment of, Doc. 76; the sermon preached by the guns of, P. 83; anecdote of the soldiers in, P. 12; an incident of, P. 115; a poem, by an American, P. 33; “Ink, Blood, and Tears,” P. 90 See Fort Sumter.

a ballad of 1861, P. 36; a poem by “Ike,” P. 85

Swift, Warren, Rev., enlisted, D. 33

Syracuse, N. Y., women of, D. 46; Regiment of, D. 84


Talbot, Lieut., U. S. A., D. 21

Talbot, William, of Md., D. 58

Taliafero, —, Gen., D. 36; Doc. 121

Tallmadge, Grier, Capt., U. S. A. D. 76; Doc. 296

Taney, Chief Justice, at the inauguration of Lincoln, D. 18; his opinion in the case of John Merryman, D. 82, 92; statement in the case of Gen. Cadwallader, Doc. 301

Tappan, M. W., Col. First Regt. N. H. troops, D. 82; Doc. 294

Tappen, Charles B., D. 39

Tariff, the, Int. 27

Tarr, Campbell, Doc. 328

Tarring and feathering at New Orleans, D. 69; at East Fairhaven, P. 40

Taunton, Mass, citizens of, present Major Anderson as word, D. 35

Taylor, Alfred W., Col. First Scott Life Guard, Doc. 337

Taylor, Bayard, poems by, P. 32, 102

Taylor, Colonel, U. S. A. See The Traitor's Plot, P. 39

Taylor, Thomas House, D. D., D. 38

Telegraph, seizures of the, D. 73; destroyed by rebels in Missouri, D. 104; first message from a balloon, D. 108; the absurdities of the, P. 57

Tennessee, address to the citizens of, D. 30; address to the people of, by Niele S. Brown and others, Doc. 71; declaration of independence of, and League with the Southern Confederacy, D. 61; Doc. 201, 203; repudiation by the legislature of, See Preface, P. 143; anecdote of a traveller in, P. 23; Second Regt. of Volunteers arrived at Richmond, D. 74; Doc. 265

Terry, Alfred A., Col. First Conn. Regiment, D. 66, 68; Doc. 237

Texas, Convention of, passed an act of Secession, D. 16, 18; ordinance of secession of, Doc. 27; Twiggs' treachery in, D. 17, 18; the military complications in, D. 19; troops from, arrive at N. Y. D. 22; threatened by Mexico, P. 26; U. S. troops in, captured, D. 43

The Ballad of Cockey's Field, P. 52

The battle Cry, P. 140

The battle of Morris Island, a cheerful tragedy, P. 2

The Bones of Washington, P. 127

The call for Volunteers, P. 53

The Camp War-Song, P. 103

“The charge on the Twelve Hundred;” or the Fairfax Stampede, P. 141

The cockade Black Diamonds, P. 78

The Crisis, by J. G. Whittier, P. 123

The departure, P. 53

The First Defeat of the rebels, Doc. 59

The flag of Fort Sumter, P. 2

The Gathering, P. 63

The Great Bell Roland, P. 29

The Heavenly Omen, P. 72

The Hempen Cravat, by R. H. Stoddard, P. 142

The Holy war, P. 89

The Illumination of the City of Richmond, P. 36

The Leader, paper in Canada, extract from, D. 51

The Major and his Men, P. 51

The March of the Seventh, by R. S. O., P. 48

The Married Volunteer, P. 121

The Massachusetts Line, by the author of “The New Priest,” P. 122

The Massachusetts Regiments, P. 15

The Nation's call, P. 104

The Nation's Voice, P. 133

The, New Birth, April 15th, 1861, P. 30

The New Nation, from the N. Y. Courier and Enquirer, P. 77

The New Year and the Union, by G. W. Prentice, P. 17

The Nineteenth of April, 1861, by L<*> Larcom, P. 31

The Northern Volunteers, P. 46

The Old Rifleman, P. 64

The ordered Away, P. 136

The Rattlesnake Banner, P. 135

The Rattlesnake's Fangs, an article on the Baltimore riot of April 19, Doc. 79

The Republic, by W. O. Bourne P. 75

The rising of the North, P. 123

The rising of the people, poem, delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University, by Elbridge Jefferson Cutler, P. 151

The secession flag, P. 15

The Sentinel of the Seventy-first, P. 29

The Seventh, P. 17

The Seventy-ninth, by Thomas Frazer, P. 122

The Shadow and the Substance, P. 128

The Sixth at Baltimore, P. 34

The Soldier's Hymn, P. 140

The Southern Malbrook, a song of the Future, P. 135

The Southern Volar teer's Farewell to his wife, P. 133

The Spotted Hand, a tale, P. 7

The Star of the West, a ballad, P. 92

The Starry Flag, a National song, by John Savage, P. 149

The stars and Bars, P. 66

The stars and stripes, P. 14, 16

The stripes and stars, P. 8

The Traitor's Plot, P. 39

The two Eras, April 19, 1775, and April 19, 1861, P. 34

The Union, right or Wrong, P. 86

The United States flag, P. 18

The Uprising of the North, P. 121

The Voices of the Hour, P. 117

The Volunteer, P. 103

The war Storm, P. 35

The will for the Deed, P. 87

The Yankee Volunteers, P. 63

The Yard-Arm Tree, P. 86

The Zouave's battle Song, P. 74

Thomas, Gen., D. 108

Thomas, John L., D. 69

Thomas, —, Judge, of Boston, D. 49

Thomasson, H. F., D. 72

Thompson, George W., Judge, D. 82; proclamation, at Wheeling, Va., May 28, Doc. 295

Thompson, —, judge, speech at Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 113

Thompson, Joseph P., D. D., notices of, P. 13; D. 38

Thompson, John R., P. 65

Thompson, W. P., D. 82

Thompson, —, Secretary, commissioner from Mississippi, D. 5; resigned, D. 12

Thouvenel, M., Doc. 191

Through Baltimore, the Voice of Pennsylvania Volunteers, P. 32

Ticknor, Frank, M. D., P. 64

Tilghman, Lloyd, Col., interview with Col. Prentiss, D. 60; Doc. 194

Tilton, Theodore, P. 29

“To arms!” by M. P. Lowe, P. 50

“To arms!” by H. A. Moore, P. 88

Tobacco, a Confederate gun charged with, P. 79

To Ellsworth, by John W. Forney, P. 89

To Massachusetts soldiers, P. 2

Tompkins, Chas. H., Lieut., charge at Fairfax Court House, Va., D. 89; official report of the surprise at Fairfax Court House, Va., Doc. 821

Tompkins, —, Col. Rhode Island Artillery, D. 34

Tompkins, S. W. B., Col., Doc. 264

Too good to be lost, P. 94

Toombs, Robert, his telegram, D. 5; his arrest spoken of, D. 12; correspondence with Mayor Wood, D. 16; Doc. 26; Secretary of State, S. C., D. 17; Address to the people of Georgia, Dec. 23, 1860, Doc. 7

Toronto Globe, extract from, D. 86

article on the impatience of the North, D. 51

To the American people, by Bayard Taylor, P. 61

To the British Rifle Company, P. 13

To the flag of the Southern American secessionists, flying in a British port, P. 120

To the Men of the North and West, P. 4

To the Third Regiment of Maine, by W. C. Baker, P. 142

To the Tories of Virginia, P. 147

To the Washington Artillery, P. 137

Townsend, Fredbrick, Col. 3d Regiment N. Y. S. V., Doc. 337

Townsend, Martin J., D. 27

Tracy, Charles, address to the officers and soldiers of the 14th N. Y. S. V., Doc. 414

Thappman, William, escapes to Europe, D. 101

Treason, what it is in South Carolina, D. 9; defined by Judge Ogden, D. 60

Trenton, N. J., Union resolutions of, D. 15

Trescott, —, his diplomatic history, Int. 13

Trimble, —, Gen., of Baltimore, his clearance papers, P. 80

Trimble, J. R., Colonel, Doc. 134

Trinity Church, N. Y., American flag displayed from, D. 33

Tripp, —, Capt., D. 30

Troy, N. Y., Union meeting at, D. 27

Tucker, —, Attorney-Gen., D. 14

Tucker, St. George, of Va., his Dissertation on Slavery, Int. 33

Twiggs, David E., Gen., surrenders U. S. property in Texas, D. 17; expelled from U. S. service, D. 18; his treachery approved, D. 22; a favorite of Buchanan, P. 24; in command of Louisiana dept. D. 86; appointed Major-General in the Confederate army, D. 90; notice of, D. 95; amount of property lost by the treason of, Doc. 35; his letter to Buchanan, P. 131

Tyler, B. O., Captain, U. S. A., D. 83 ----, Captain, U. S. A., D. 66 ----, Captain of Boston volunteers, D. 66

Daniel, Colonel 1st Connecticut Regiment, D. 105; Doc. 245 ----, Corporal, incident of his experience at Baltimore, P. 109 John, notice of, D. 4 president of the Peace Convention, D. 17 his residence Hampton, Va., D. 78 secession flag taken from the house of, D. 91 Robert, D. 26

Tyng, Stephen H., D. D., D. 73, 94; Doc. 263

Tyrone, Pa., Union meeting at, D. 27; military of, leave for Harrisburg, D. 28


Underwood, —, Lieutenant, D. 7

Under the Washington Elm, Cambridge, April 27, 1861, P. 33

Union meeting, at N. Y. Doc.--

committee of finance Doc. 93

Union Defence Committee of New York, Doc. 319

United North, Southern opinions of, D. 54

United States, prosperous condition of, in 1860, Int. 5; Constitution of, “a suitable basis for that of the Southern Confederacy,” D. 6; fast-day in the, D. 10; the fleet of, off Charleston, D. 21; is the government of, tyrannical? Int. 22; list of conspiracies against, P. 25; vessels of the navy of, provided with engines to throw hot water, &c., P. 59; declaration of war against the, by the Southern Congress, D. 60; London News on the position of, D. 66; vessels of, seized at New Orleans, D. 78; the future of, D. 86; address to the people of, by citizens of Kentucky, D. 97; men and Confederates, P. 24; sanitary commission of, D. 96; troops encamp in Baltimore, D. 68 apportionment of, D. 68; Doc. 237 enter Virginia, D. 78 movements from St. Louis, D. 102 attempt to poison, D. 78

United States army, the oath of allegiance administered to, D. 65; geographical arrangement of, D. 84; Charleston Mercury's opinion of the, D. 87

United States Congress, an extra session of, called, D. 25

United Turner Rifies leave New York, D. 102

Up Brothers, all, P. 16

Utica, N. Y., Union meeting at, D. 35


Van Buren, W. H., M. D., D. 96

Vance, J. C., Captain, D. 78

Van Dorn,----, Colonel, D. 43; seizes the Star of the West, Doc. 119; captures U. S. troops at Saluria, Texas, Doc. 146

Vanity Fair, Joseph Lane's letter to, P. 24

Van Riper, Benjamin, D. 28

Van Wyck, Charles H., D. 86

Vermilyea, —, Rev. Dr., Doc. 110

Vermont, 1st Regt. of, D. 65; Doc. 231; at Hampton, Va., D. 78; experiences of the, at Fortress Monroe, D. 97; a private account of the operations of the, at Newport News, Va., Doc. 348

Victoria, Queen, proclamation of neutrality of, Doc. 245

Vicksburg, Miss., artillery ordered to, by the rebels, D. 14

Viele, Egbert L., Captain, D. 48

Vienna, Va, ambuscade at, D. 106; reports of the surprise at, Doc. 405; rebel account of the affair, Doc. 407

Vinton, Francis L., D. D., prayer at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 95

Virginia attempts to establish reserved rights, in 1787, Int. 17; resolutions of 1798, Int. 18 See Western Virginia,

disuniouists in, D. 8; regrets an attempt at secession, D. 20; commissioners from, are received by the President, D. 24; State Convention of, pass the secession ordinance, D. 29; military and naval commander of, D. 39; transferred to the S. C. D. 45; Unionists flee from, D. 47; ports of, blockaded, D. 48; delegates to the Southern Congress, D. 49; the stay law of, D. 50; ladies of, in Washington, D. 50; “to prepare for the conflict,” D. 55; admitted to the S. C. D. 58; wants a dictator, D. 61; to be divided, D. 67; Eastern part of, not unanimous for secession, D. 68; Union convention of, met, D. 69; military department of, D. 73; troops of, at Harper's Ferry, D. 73; military maps of, seized, D. 74; P. 125; rebels of, captured, D. 75; rebels of, capture live stock near Georgetown, D. C., D. 77; Southern opinion of the invasion of, D. 81; First Regiment, volunteers, D. 82; troops of, at Grafton, Va., D. 86; address of the central committee of North-western, D. 90; affairs in North-eastern, D. 92; persons prohibited from leaving the State, D. 93; mode of levying troops in, D. 93; the convention of Western, D. 101; ports of, blockaded, Doc. 161; to the North, P. 4; message to the Southern States, P. 66; description of the flag of, P. 81; the battle-ground of the South, P. 84; “the first citizen of,” P. 99; Bunker Hill day celebrated in, P. 125; President Lincoln's speech to the commissioners of, Doc. 61; ordinance of secession of, Doc. 70; opinion of the secession of, Doc. 71; ordinance for the adoption of the Provisional Government of the Southern Confederacy, Doc. 154; account of the march of the Federal army into, D. 78; Doc. 274; New York Times on the advance into, Doc. 275; Southern Press on the occupation of, Doc. 276

Virginia Sentinel, The, advocates reticence, D. 46

Voluntary subscriptions in the North for the War, P. 59

Volunteer nurses — instructions to the, Doc. 310

Volunteered, a poem, P. 61

Vosburgh, Abram S., Col., N. Y. 71st S. M., death of, D. 74, 77


Wade, Benj., Senator, speech at Cleveland, O., D. 27

Wainwright, J. Howard, P. 74

Wakeman, Burr, D. 39

Walden, James, P. 17

Walker, L. Pope, Secretary of War, S. C. D. 17, 65

Walker, Robert J., speech at the Union meeting, N. Y. Doc. 88; speech of, at Brooklyn, N. Y., April 22, D. 42; Doc. 139

Walker, T. R., D. 35

Wallace, —, Col. of the Indiana Zouaves, D. 95; at Romney, Va., D. 100

Wallace, William Ross, P. 18, 62

Wallis, S. T., Doc. 123

Wallis, S. Teakle, P. 59

Walrath, Col., D. 84

Wandel, Jesse, generosity of, P. 41

War, casualties in, average of, P. 95

War in America, the London News on the, D. 85

War Questions to C. M. Clay, P. 62

War-Song, P. 19

War-Song, by T. P. Rossiter, P. 118

War-Song of the Free, P. 86

Ward, J. H., Capt., U. S. N., at the bombardment of Acquia Creek, Va., D. 88; report of the action, Doc. 320

Wardrop, D. W., Col., of Mass., D. 105

Warner, Andrew, Col., Doc. 362

Warren, Richard, Speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 108

Warsaw, Mo., Southern Rights meeting held at, D. 47

Washburne, —, Lieut-Col., at Great Bethel, D. 98

Washington, D. C., secessionists to seize, D. 8; trouble anticipated at, D. 9; notice of, D. 10; military preparations at, D. 22; threatened raid on, D. 29; the capture of, advocated, P. 42

flag-raising at, D. 54, 76; council of, resolutions of, D. 51; scheme to attack, D. 59; Richmond Whig on the probability of capturing, D. 74; movement of troops at, D. 100; movement of troops from, D. 102; attack on, “never intended by the rebels,” D. 58; Doc. 188; the “terrible condition” of, described by Southern women, P. 55; “Raleigh Banner” urges the attack on, P. 59, 60; incident of camp life at, P. 129

Washington Artillery of Charleston, S. C., Doc. 181; D. 53; of New Orleans, Dr. Palmer's address to the, Doc. 300; D. 83

Washington Elm, at Cambridge, meeting at the, D. 48

Washington, George, rumored removal of the remains of, P. 127, 128; poem on the removal of the remains of, P. 127

Washington Home Guard, of Alexandria, Va., D. 77

Washington, John B., taken at Fairfax Court House, Va., D. 90; incident of his capture, P. 111

Washington Navy Yard, traitors arrested at, 47

Washington Oath, the, Doc. 158

Washita, Fort, D. 43

Watkins, W. W., D. 72

Waul, General, of Texas, D. 18

Waverly, N. Y., Union at, D. 35

Wayne Guards, the, of Erie, Pa, D. 26

Webber, —, Rev., D. 57

Weber, Max, Col., 20th Regiment, N. Y. S. V., D. 102; Doc. 366

Webster, Fletcher, D. 37

Weed, Thurlow, Doc. 5

Welch, —, Rev., D. D., D. 83

Weld, H. Hastings, Rev., P. 133

Weld, L. L., poem by, P. 103

Weller, M. L., Rev., a soldier in the rebel army, P. 131

Wells, T. D., D. D., D. 38

Wesendonck, Hugo, speech at the Union meeting, N. Y., Doc. 107

Wesleyan Mission Society of London, Dr. McClintock's speech at, D. 76

Westbrook, G. W., P. 16

Westbrook, Theodore R., D. 32

Westchester, Pa., meeting for the enrolment of volunteers at, D. 10; Union meeting at, D. 25

Western Pennsylvania Regt. passed through Philadelphia, D. 41

Western Virginia, the first belligerent issue in, D. 78; declaration of independence, D. 105; advance of the Federal army into, Doc. 296; address of the Central Committee to the people of, Doc. 325; General Morris' proclamation to the people of, Doc. 348; declaration of the people of, represented in convention in Wheeling, June 17, Doc. 403; on the seizure of Sherrard Clemens, P., 52

Weston and Williams, of Richmond, repudiate their debts, P. 43

Weston, S. H., Rev. Dr., preaches at Washington, P. 57; address to the officers and men of the Sixth Regiment N. Y. S. V., Doc. 366

Wetmore, Prosper M., D. 32

Weverton, Md., D. 50; letter from the citizens of, to Gov. Hicks, Doc. 175

Wheat, James S., Doc. 328

Wheatland, Buchanan's residence, P. 9

Wheeling, Va., Union meetings at, D. 39, 57; meeting of merchants at, D. 44; fast-day at, D. 62; meeting at, D. 67; Union Convention met at, D. 69; Convention of Western Virginia met at, D. 101

Whiskey, a necessity of life at the South, P. 84

White Cloud, the Indian Chief, D. 43

Whitehall, N. Y., D. 42

Whiting, Sam., Capt., P. 118

Whitney, Addison O., killed at Baltimore, D. 53

Whitney, Eli, Int. 30

Whittier, John G., P. 85, 123