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Killed and wounded--Twenty-Fifth Massachusetts regiment, officially reported.


Co. C, James Haverstock, Worcester.

Co. E, Michael Brosnihan, do.

Co. G, Eugene Gantner, do.

Co. G, Valentine Suter, Oxford.

Co. F, Levi Ball, Gardner; Thomas Kelly, N. E. Village.


Co. A, Corporal H. E. Brooks, in ankle, Worcester; C. S. Bartlett, arm shattered, do.; S. S. Dresser, flesh wound, leg, do.; H. F. Knox, slightly, neck, Holden; D. B. Bigelow, flesh, leg, Worcester.

Co. B, Edwin F. Pond, wrist, Milford.

Co. C, Corporal J. P. Burke, head, Boston; A. D. Condon, seriously, South-Boston; Wm. Chafee; Worcester; Chas. Conklin, seriously, Hopkinton; Geo. J. Fayerweather, Westboro; Edward R. Graton, seriously, Leicester; A. H. Holman, North-Brookfield; Samuel Hall, groin, Uxbridge; J. A. McKinstry, Southbridge; T. N. Magee, Douglas; Cyprian K. Stratton, Worcester; G. W. Williams, Southboro.

Co. D, Capt A. H. Foster, eye, Worcester.

Co. E, Corporals John Howell, leg; Worcester; Dennis Sheehan, side, do.; Thomas McKeon, wrist, do.; Privates Peter Brady, stomach, do.; Ephraim Smith, shoulder, do.; James Mitchell, thigh, do.

Co. F. John A. Gilchrist, jaw, Lunenburg; Charles H. Stratton, leg shattered, Winchendon; Geo. W. Rice, leg, Fitchburgh.

Co. G, Christian Class, leg, Clinton; Christopher Lenhandt, hand, do.; Baptist Reno, breast, Douglas; Ferdinand Swan, hand, Clinton; Geo. Vetter, arm and breast, do.; Daniel Williams, left arm shot away, Milford.

Co. H, Second Lieut. N. H. Foster, left elbow, N. Brookfield; Corporal Randall Mann, supposed mortally, Leicester; George E. Kent, do.; H. H. Ware; W. H. Endith, Princeton.

Co. I, John S. Brown, head, Orange; W. L. Wheeler, do., Royalton; S. F. Jillson, thigh; A. N. Cobleigh, leg.

Co. K, Samuel Thurston, leg, Worcester; Edwin F. Pratt, leg, Holden; Frank S. Sibley, leg, Auburn.


Co. A, George F. Robinson, Worcester.

Co. B, D. H. Eames, Hopkinton.

Co. C, Corporal Samuel Healy, Boston; W. C. Hemmenway, West--Boyleston; W. C. Hardy, Worcester; Horace Merriam, Warren; Lewis Wright, do.

Co. E, Jas. Gordon, Worcester; Frank Smith, do.; Joseph Tibault, do.

Co. K, B. F. Mills, Worcester.

Twenty-Seventh Massachusetts.

Co. C, Corporal B. O'Connell, elbow.

Co. G, J. Hunt, finger.

Co. A, Private Gordon Sweet, compound fracture.

Co. B, Privates George A. Whitney, leg; Wm. Kill, abdomen, dangerous.

Co. E, Privates Geo. Duncan, leg, severely; H. Sheffield,----; Cyrus Agens, slightly; Otto Steunn, hip, flesh wound; Charles L. Clark, throat.

Twenty-First Massachusetts.

Co. D, Capt. D. S. Foster, leg.

Co. A, Private R. Weeks, thigh, severe; F. Sanderson, hand; C. W. Wadleigh, arm.

Co. B, Privates John Sheeby, leg, severe; James Kane, thigh, severe.

Co. C, Privates George Manning, thigh, dangerous; P. Leonard, leg to be amputated; A. Moody, shoulder, severe.

Co. D, Privates Addison Marsh, face; James Montgomery, thigh, dangerous; Chas. T. Green, leg, slight; Geo. Hardy, leg, slight; Amos W. Gleason, shoulder, severe.

Co. E, Sergt. Chris. A. Curtis, leg, flesh wound.

Co. G, Privates Henry Howard, thigh; J. W. Norcross, chest; G. H. Matthews, chest, dangerous; Seth H. Paine, chest, dangerous; G. D. Whitcomb, shoulder, dangerous.

Co. H, Corp. Fred Tyas, leg, slightly.

Co. K, Geo. Booth, jaw, dangerous.

Twenty-Third Massachusetts.

Co. B, Sergt. G. Morse, left side.

Co. D, Corp. John Battle, shoulder.

Co. A, Private M. West, thigh.

Co. F, Private J. B. Lake, wrist.

Co. J, Private Frank Howard, thigh.

Twenty-Fourth Massachusetts.

Co. G, Private A. W. Littlefield, thigh.

Wounded-Fifty-First New-York Volunteers.

Co. A, Sergt. James Hamilton, throat.

Privates Wm. Cody, leg; Wm. Smith, shoulder, slight; Robert Sliter, thigh, severe; Daniel C. Davidson, side.

Co. I, Private Henry Falley, head, severe.

Ninth New-York Volunteers.

Co. A, Lieut. G. W. Debevoise, throat.

Privates Marcus May, hand; G. H. Luam, elbow; Jeremiah Donovan, head.

Co. E, Lieut. Vansyck, thigh.

Privates J. H. Skinner, head; Jas. Judge, thigh; Wm. B. Vansyckle, hip; H. Millinette, chin and shoulder.

Co. G, Lieut. Alima P. Webster, arm.

Privates James Early, shoulder; Neal Cannon, side; Richard Scanlon, shoulder; Glancy M. Wheeler, leg.

Ninth New-Jersey Volunteers.

Co. H, Serg. Augustus Armstrong, head.

Co. A, Private John J. Eckle, three fingers off.

Co. B, Privates Wm. W. Lebrane, finger off; Ferdinand Disbro, compound fracture.

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Lewis Wright (1)
G. W. Williams (1)
Daniel Williams (1)
George A. Whitney (1)
G. D. Whitcomb (1)
W. L. Wheeler (1)
Glancy M. Wheeler (1)
M. West (1)
R. Weeks (1)
Alima P. Webster (1)
Warren (1)
H. H. Ware (1)
C. W. Wadleigh (1)
N. E. Village (1)
George Vetter (1)
William B. Vansyckle (1)
Vansyck (1)
Fred Tyas (1)
Joseph Tibault (1)
Samuel Thurston (1)
Gordon Sweet (1)
Ferdinand Swan (1)
Valentine Suter (1)
Cyprian K. Stratton (1)
Charles H. Stratton (1)
Otto Steunn (1)
William Smith (1)
Frank Smith (1)
Ephraim Smith (1)
Robert Sliter (1)
J. H. Skinner (1)
Frank S. Sibley (1)
Hiram Sheffield (1)
Dennis Sheehan (1)
John Sheeby (1)
Richard Scanlon (1)
F. Sanderson (1)
George F. Robinson (1)
George W. Rice (1)
Baptist Reno (1)
Edwin F. Pratt (1)
Edwin F. Pond (1)
Seth H. Paine (1)
B. O'Connell (1)
J. W. Norcross (1)
G. Morse (1)
A. Moody (1)
James Montgomery (1)
James Mitchell (1)
B. F. Mills (1)
H. Millinette (1)
Horace Merriam (1)
J. A. McKinstry (1)
Thomas McKeon (1)
Marcus May (1)
G. H. Matthews (1)
Addison Marsh (1)
George Manning (1)
Randall Mann (1)
T. N. Magee (1)
G. H. Luam (1)
A. W. Littlefield (1)
P. Leonard (1)
Christopher Lenhandt (1)
William W. Lebrane (1)
J. B. Lake (1)
H. F. Knox (1)
William Kill (1)
George E. Kent (1)
Thomas Kelly (1)
James Kane (1)
James Judge (1)
S. F. Jillson (1)
James Hunt (1)
John Howell (1)
Henry Howard (1)
Frank Howard (1)
A. H. Holman (1)
W. C. Hemmenway (1)
Samuel Healy (1)
James Haverstock (1)
W. C. Hardy (1)
George Hardy (1)
James Hamilton (1)
Charles T. Green (1)
Edward R. Graton (1)
James Gordon (1)
Amos W. Gleason (1)
John A. Gilchrist (1)
Jonathan Gardner (1)
Eugene Gantner (1)
N. H. Foster (1)
D. S. Foster (1)
A. H. Foster (1)
George J. Fayerweather (1)
Henry Falley (1)
W. H. Endith (1)
John J. Eckle (1)
James Early (1)
D. H. Eames (1)
George Duncan (1)
S. S. Dresser (1)
Jeremiah Donovan (1)
Ferdinand Disbro (1)
G. W. Debevoise (1)
Daniel C. Davidson (1)
Christopher A. Curtis (1)
Charles Conklin (1)
A. D. Condon (1)
William Cody (1)
A. N. Cobleigh (1)
Charles L. Clark (1)
William Chafee (1)
J. P. Burke (1)
John S. Brown (1)
Michael Brosnihan (1)
H. E. Brooks (1)
N. Brookfield (1)
Peter Brady (1)
Boyleston (1)
George Booth (1)
D. B. Bigelow (1)
John Battle (1)
C. S. Bartlett (1)
Augustus Armstrong (1)
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