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List of killed and wounded of the Second Iowa infantry in the battle of Fort Donelson on February the 13th, 14th, and 15th, 1862.

Company A.--Killed, Private Richard Highram.

Wounded, Lieut.----Fisdale, slightly; Corporal Oli Ramsey, severely; Privates L. Farr, severely; James M. Patterson, severely; D. W. Underhill, slightly; Douglass Allendorf, slightly; George D. Lawler, severely; Robert Hull, severely; James Haskell, slightly; James Kerr, slightly; Samuel Evans, severely; Corporals Henry A. Serbendict, slightly; J. J. Goodwin, slightly; W. W. K. Harper, slightly; Thomas A. Stevenson, severely; Privates John Toucher, severely; John Kipple, slightly.

Company B.--Killed, Color-Corporal S. G. Paye ; Private J. Guthrie.

Wounded, Lieut. J. G. Huntingdon, in right shoulder; Privates J. B. Scott, thigh; G. W. Scott, head; A. W. Scott, leg; G. Rosenberg, shoulder; A. Drucker, shoulder and arm; George Parkinson, mouth; Corporal A. H. Clark, leg; Privates J. H. Tracey, leg; A. Seimsmith, thigh; S. Todd, shoulder; O. E. Dyke, shoulder; S. H. Spencer, leg; J. Bertichi, arm; J. Wilson, slightly; George Minney, slightly; John McCrelius, slightly; W. H. Nicholls, slightly; J. H. Howe, slightly; H. H. Post, slightly; E. M. Manning, severely; John Linden, slightly; Corporal A. H. Barnes, slightly; Privates Thomas Morrow, slightly; James Buckeratter, slightly; William Moller, slightly; Corporal R. M. Lyth, slightly.

Company C.--Killed, Capt. J. C. Slaymaker; Privates G. H. Howill, C. H. Lenhart, J. Myers, Ed. Peterson.

Wounded, First Lieut. W. F. Holmes, leg broken; Second Lieut. Alfred Bing, slightly; First Sergeant G. F. Hall, slightly; Second Sergeant A. C. McGill, slightly; Color-Sergeant A. B. Doolittle, severely; Corporals W. M. Campbell, slightly; W. P. Wade, slightly; Privates J. C. Mice, slightly; J. G. Greenwauldt, severely; G. A. Smith, slightly; Ed. Cockran, slightly; F. W. Casper, slightly; W. H. Ralston, severely; W. H. Megill, severely; James Hunter, severely; Charles Flurry, slightly; Wm. McLain, slightly; A. J. Pass, slightly; J. W. Morrison, severely; G. A. Bell, slightly; W. C. Hecker, slightly; A. F. Gore, slightly; Fred. Herbert, slightly; William Drummond, slightly.

Company D.--Killed, Sergeant Nathan W. Doty; Private G. Weeks.

Wounded, First Lieut. E. F. Ensign, severely; Second Lieut. G. L. Godfrey, slightly; Corporal Wm. Reagan, severely; Privates W. A. Brenton, severely; Casper S. Brady, severely; John W. Coombs, severely; Peter Dresser, slightly; J. H. Hodyn, slightly; Henry Lawrence, slightly; Andrew Slater, leg; Thomas Ward, arm; J. G. Williams, arm; David Yant, arm; William Cady, slightly; P. G. Noel, slightly; J. Cooper, slightly; J. Gordionier, slightly.

Company E.--Killed, none.

Wounded, Sergeant Amos Wymer, slightly; Color-Corporal John Robinson; Privates G. W. Morehouse, slightly; M. Page, severely; R. Coop, slightly; Sam. Daugherty, slightly; Robert Sloan, slightly; Robert Ready, slightly.

Company F.--Killed, Second Lieut. William C. Harper; Sergeant G. W. Morse; Privates W S. Crooks, F. G. Mets, G. B. Shuver, W. W. Vinson, John Vandorn.

Wounded, Corporals Samuel Hoofman, groin; James Sprague, neck; Privates F. M. Armstrong, groin; Alonzo Bradford, thigh; Chas. S. Coger, arm; J. H. Duffield, shoulder and neck; H. D. Duffield, slightly; James Carr, slightly; Ed. Goddard, arm; H. C. Hawk, thigh; John S. Marriott, shoulder and arm; John Morrow, slightly; Geo. Smith, slightly; Andrew Shrives, head; F. B. Wilson, head and hip; William W. Walker, slightly.

Company G.--Killed, Sergeant John Dunn; Privates J. M. Duckworth, A. J. Patterson, A. G. Niduy, J. A. Rhodes, William A. Drake.

Wounded, First Lieut. J. B. Weaver, slightly; First Sergeant P. L. Stoner, severely; Corporals A. G. Johnson, severely; John Jones, severely; J. A. DeSmith, slightly; H. D. St. John, slightly; Privates J. W. Pyrth, severely; Samuel Fouts, severely; George West, severely; J. W. Patterson, severely; J. H. Stevens, severely; Hiram Sloan, severely; Elijah Kinuck severely; John W. Hurless, slightly; H. H. Jones, slightly; Thomas Colliver, slightly; William Buchanan, slightly; C. McMichals, slightly; Ephraim Farrington, slightly; John D. Scott, slightly; Elisha Wallace, slightly; Leander Jeffreys, slightly; Sergeant J. W. Scott, slightly; Corporal Peter J. Sharp, slightly.

Company H.--Killed, Corporal Samuel H. Mealey.

Wounded, Color-Corporal Henry Effner, severely; Privates Andrew Eaton, severely; Sebastian Scoffmir, severely; George B. Farley,. slightly; Wesley Compton, slightly; Wm. A. Fodford.

Company I.--Killed, First Sergeant W. L. Journey; Private Edward Banks.

Wounded, Color--Corporal Henry Cluncher, severely; Privates Thomas Paine, severely; Jas. H. Danner, severely; D. McKean, severely; R. Parsons, severely; F. Ruport, severely; Jerome Foley, severely; Corporal William Ganger, slightly; Privates H. A. Smiley, slightly; W. T. Harrison, slightly; Gottliff Shendel, slightly, George Cook, slightly.

Company K.--Killed, Capt. C. C. Cloutman; Corporal James Berkley; Privates James Blake, William Kirkpatrick, John Hampton, W. H. H. Whitney; brass band, S. H. Phillips.

Wounded, Privates E. G. Vaugn, severely; David Cook, severely; James West, arm broken; Corporal S. S. Sheever, leg broke; Sergeant B. H. Hammitt, severely; Privates A. S. Thompson, severely; Thomas Gallagher, slightly; W. H. Goodall, slightly; T. D. Holmes, slightly; David Sergent, slightly; Sergeant T. M. Cook, slightly.

Recapitulation.--Killed, forty-one; wounded, one hundred and fifty-seven--total, one hundred and ninety-eight.

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David Yant (1)
Amos Wymer (1)
James Wilson (1)
F. B. Wilson (1)
J. G. Williams (1)
William (1)
W. H. H. Whitney (1)
James West (1)
George West (1)
G. Weeks (1)
J. B. Weaver (1)
Thomas Ward (1)
Elisha Wallace (1)
William W. Walker (1)
W. P. Wade (1)
W. W. Vinson (1)
E. G. Vaugn (1)
John Vandorn (1)
D. W. Underhill (1)
J. H. Tracey (1)
John Toucher (1)
S. Todd (1)
A. S. Thompson (1)
P. L. Stoner (1)
Thomas A. Stevenson (1)
J. H. Stevens (1)
John.H. D. St. John (1)
James Sprague (1)
S. H. Spencer (1)
Gustavus A. Smith (1)
George Smith (1)
H. A. Smiley (1)
Robert Sloan (1)
Hiram Sloan (1)
J. C. Slaymaker (1)
Andrew Slater (1)
G. B. Shuver (1)
Andrew Shrives (1)
S. S. Sheever (1)
Peter J. Sharp (1)
David Sergent (1)
Henry A. Serbendict (1)
A. Seimsmith (1)
John D. Scott (1)
J. W. Scott (1)
J. B. Scott (1)
G. W. Scott (1)
A. W. Scott (1)
Sebastian Scoffmir (1)
F. Ruport (1)
G. Rosenberg (1)
John Robinson (1)
J. A. Rhodes (1)
William Reagan (1)
Oli Ramsey (1)
W. H. Ralston (1)
J. W. Pyrth (1)
H. H. Post (1)
S. H. Phillips (1)
Edward Peterson (1)
S. G. Paye (1)
James M. Patterson (1)
J. W. Patterson (1)
A. J. Patterson (1)
A. J. Pass (1)
R. Parsons (1)
George Parkinson (1)
Thomas Paine (1)
M. Page (1)
P. G. Noel (1)
A. G. Niduy (1)
W. H. Nicholls (1)
J. Myers (1)
G. W. Morse (1)
Thomas Morrow (1)
J. W. Morrison (1)
G. W. Morehouse (1)
William Moller (1)
George Minney (1)
J. C. Mice (1)
F. G. Mets (1)
W. H. Megill (1)
Samuel H. Mealey (1)
C. McMichals (1)
William McLain (1)
D. McKean (1)
A. C. McGill (1)
John McCrelius (1)
John S. Marriott (1)
E. M. Manning (1)
R. M. Lyth (1)
John Linden (1)
C. H. Lenhart (1)
Henry Lawrence (1)
George D. Lawler (1)
William Kirkpatrick (1)
John Kipple (1)
Elijah Kinuck (1)
James Kerr (1)
W. L. Journey (1)
John Jones (1)
H. H. Jones (1)
A. G. Johnson (1)
Leander Jeffreys (1)
John W. Hurless (1)
J. G. Huntingdon (1)
James Hunter (1)
Robert Hull (1)
G. H. Howill (1)
J. H. Howe (1)
Samuel Hoofman (1)
W. F. Holmes (1)
T. D. Holmes (1)
J. H. Hodyn (1)
Richard Highram (1)
Frederick Herbert (1)
W. C. Hecker (1)
H. C. Hawk (1)
James Haskell (1)
W. T. Harrison (1)
William C. Harper (1)
W. W. K. Harper (1)
John Hampton (1)
B. H. Hammitt (1)
G. F. Hall (1)
J. Guthrie (1)
J. G. Greenwauldt (1)
A. F. Gore (1)
J. Gordionier (1)
J. J. Goodwin (1)
W. H. Goodall (1)
G. L. Godfrey (1)
Edward Goddard (1)
William Ganger (1)
Thomas Gallagher (1)
Samuel Fouts (1)
Jerome Foley (1)
William A. Fodford (1)
Ephraim Farrington (1)
L. Farr (1)
George B. Farley (1)
Samuel Evans (1)
E. F. Ensign (1)
Henry Effner (1)
Andrew Eaton (1)
O. E. Dyke (1)
John Dunn (1)
J. H. Duffield (1)
H. D. Duffield (1)
J. M. Duckworth (1)
William Drummond (1)
A. Drucker (1)
Peter Dresser (1)
A. Drake (1)
Nathan W. Doty (1)
A. B. Doolittle (1)
J. A. DeSmith (1)
Samuel Daugherty (1)
James H. Danner (1)
S. Crooks (1)
James Cooper (1)
R. Coop (1)
John W. Coombs (1)
T. M. Cook (1)
George Cook (1)
David Cook (1)
Wesley Compton (1)
Thomas Colliver (1)
Charles S. Coger (1)
Edward Cockran (1)
Henry Cluncher (1)
C. C. Cloutman (1)
A. H. Clark (1)
F. W. Casper (1)
James Carr (1)
W. M. Campbell (1)
William Cady (1)
James Buckeratter (1)
William Buchanan (1)
W. A. Brenton (1)
Casper S. Brady (1)
Alonzo Bradford (1)
James Blake (1)
Alfred Bing (1)
J. Bertichi (1)
James Berkley (1)
G. A. Bell (1)
A. H. Barnes (1)
Edward Banks (1)
F. M. Armstrong (1)
Douglass Allendorf (1)
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